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The only thing it doesn't cover up well is my acne scarring, but I'm not too concerned about that. I wish there were more shade options for this foundation, but I like how well this covers up most of my skin problems.I have dry skin with an oily T zone and this foundation made me extremely shiny in that area.
I'm not sure how well it would work for anyone with an oily T zone or oily skin in general.
There's SPF in this product which is always a good thing, but not sure if the probiotic stuff even works.

Definitely is hygienic, there's a dropper-like opening at the top of the tube that allows consistent dispensing of the foundation without allowing bacteria or other stuff to get inside easily.
3 dots on each cheek, 2 on my forehead, 2 on nose, and 2 on chin, then I blend everything out.
Flawless coverage and my skin didn't feel greasy or cakey like it often can with other liquids. I bought a bottle the next day and have even noticed that my normal redness has been reduced even when not wearing this foundation (I use it almost everyday).

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