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Imagine a future where human civilization will not have any fears from deadly diseases of AIDS, SCID and cancer, where our cities will be free of any kind of pollution and where we can travel distances of thousands of Km in just a few seconds. For second option- a new technique called drug targeting can be used, in this approach we will supply drugs that will target human sexual organs and makes them sterile. Bioenergy is providing a green fuel which is inexpensive, highly combustible and non-polluting. Biophysics– it is defined as multidisciplinary science in which we apply the methods and theories of physics to solve the questions of biology.
Biomechanics– biomechanics can be simply defined as the analysis and research of the living mechanics or it can be simply said as the application of the principals of engineering to the biologicsl systems. Today clean air is not less then a dream and situation is getting more and more tragic in case of pollution because no technology is taking responsibility to fight with the disaster excluding one i.e.
Probiotics– These are supplements in diet which contain beneficial yeasts of bacteria.
Biomechanics helps us to make setting between metal organs with human body so that human beings get rid of abnormalities or dis-functioning of organs. The beauty of the gene is that it destroys only newly formed blood vessels and not the established ones.
As more and more research is going on in these advanced technologies, their data needs to be assimilated and stored in a proper manner; this is the work of bioinformatics. So as a conclusion we can say that biotechnology is a new color of world which will keep our civilization alive for trillions of years. The Countdown site is devoted to exploring the mysteries of Bible prophecies about the “last days” which presage the end of this world as we know it, and to keeping a watchful eye on the “signs of the times” that the Bible indicates will foreshadow these events. Countdown features news articles, blog posts, and editorials that address current events, trends, culture, and technological advances, in light of biblical prophecy. Well as this is rubbish and just an art of science fiction, with the technologies available to us these days.
These legs are the new advanced technologies like biomechanics, biophysics, bioenergy, nanobiotechnology, bioinformatics, bioremediation, probiotics, bioindustries (bioleaching, biotextiles etc). Population is the major cause of other problems like pollution, poverty, hunger, diseases etc. This can be simply done by supplying these drug probes in the diets, after a particular legal age. Biomechanics helps us to understand the behavior of human body and functioning of cells and tissues in space.
For example- hydrogen fuel, the chemical extraction of hydrogen fuel is very tedious but a new method has been developed by, Weizmen institute of biosciences.
In biophysics those questions entertained which are similar as in biochemistry but here they are asked at molecular levels.
So in biomechnaics principals of the thermodynamics, quantal mechanics and fluid mechanics are used and cells, tisues etc considered as mechanical entities to develop a proper understanding regarding their functioning, So that we can make possible manipulations in organs. According to the most popular definition probiotics are the live microbes which are beneficial in terms of health for the host when provided in specified doses or amounts. Other lethal diseases like AIDS and cancer can also be controlled completely in near future by nanomedicines.
So nanodevices have been constructed, making drug delivery more effective and less painful.
Moreover, it is a nanoparticle and not a virus; there is less chance of it being rejected by the human immune system. For example- lack of money will be solved due to promotion of new industries to produce and utilize new substances of new technologies.
Bio-communication is a branch of nanobiotechnology, in which we use carbon nanotubes and other nano materials to replace silicon and semiconductors from microprocessors.
So, biotechnology is a rebel because it is breaking the rules of nature by making a civilization immortal. On the other hand , biotechnological approaches are used either to rapidly multiply animals of desired genotype or to introduce specific alterations in their genotype to achieve certain useful goals, in order to achieve the latter more efficiently, as well as to assist in conventional breeding efforts, the entire genome of animals are being characterized and sequenced using biotechnology tools. Over 25 years ago, kholer and Milstein described their outstanding work on the fusion of immune spleen cells with myeloma cells to produce hybridomas that secrete monoclonal antibodies, this hybridoma technology, for witch these authors were awarded a Nobel Prize, has infiltrated virtually all areas of biology and medicine and has set the scene for impressive advances in the field of cell biology and immunodiagnostics. Contamination, hybridomas from different species, human hybridomas, commercial scale production of monoclonal antibodies, large scale animal cell culture, culture parameters, scale up of anchorage- dependent cells, suspension culture. The human genome project and other international efforts have recently completed the initial work of sequencing and mapping virtually all of the 25,000 to 35,000 genes in the human cell.
Utilization and practical application of embryonic stem cell in cell replacement therapy are still in their infancy and need further exploration and extensive investigations, experimental confirmations and clinical trails before they will be made available as an ideal cell substitute for the treatment of a number of degenerative disorders.
Expertise is necessary; handling, chemical contamination, microbial contamination, cross contamination. The idea of modifying products to suit specific applications and engineer them to make more viable, inspired man to reach the pinnacle where Biotechnology stands today.

To make such a thing possible we need to refine our own rules, regulations and technologies. It took birth due to the demands of modern life, si it must satisfy the needs of modern era, only then it can be seen as successful science. A new branch called bioremediation is coming forward; in this branch we use biological agents to remove non-degradable pollutants from the atmosphere like xenobiotics.
For example, pancreatic cells are encapsulated into nanoparticles that are sent into the blood stream where they continue to secrete insulin without being attacked by antibodies.
Then we can use nanopulses which lead changing in structures within the cells and trigger the cell to commit suicide by activating the needed enzymes. These activities have been arbitrarily grouped under Animal biotechnology since they either utilize animal cells to generate products or apply biotechnological tools to enhance the usefulness of animals to human welfare.
The cells of two different embryos of different strains were combined together at an early stage of development to form a single embryo that subsequently developed in to a chimeric adult, exhibiting characteristics of each strain. And the beginning of the animal tissue culture can be traced to 1880 when Arnold showed that leucocytes can divide outside the body. Genetic engineering is being employed to developed transgenic animals resistance to produce certain valuable biochemical’s and to excrete them in milk, urine or blood from witch they can be isolated and purified (animal biotechnology, the last case is also called molecular farming). In molecular biology, the analysis of the regulation of gene expression makes use of the evaluation of a specific genetic change at the level of the whole animal. This research will provide new strategies to diagnose, treat, cure, and possibly prevent human diseases.
Once first successful clinical studies will be achieved and evaluated, embryonic stem cells based cell replacement therapy will revolutionize medicine in the near future offering therapeutically alternatives for treatment of serve degenerative disorders. Environmental control; workplace, incubation, pH control, containment and disposable of biohazards.
For example- a nanoparticle packed with the gene Raf-1, forces blood vessel cells to destroy themselves.
The product from animal cell cultures are primarily used for human health care and many of them are related to the immune system.
In animals, transfection specifies the introduction of a DNA segment, either naked or integrate into a vector, into an animal cell.
The mutual contribution of development biology and genetic engineering permitted rapid development of the techniques for the creation of transgenic animals.
Later in 1903, jolly studied the behavior of animal tissue explants immersed in serum, lymph or ascites fluid.
In medical research, transgenic animals are used to identify the functions of specific factors in complex homeostatic systems through over- or under- expression of a modified gene (the inserted transgene).
In the pharmaceutical industry, targeted production of pharmaceutical proteins, drug production and product efficacy testing.
But till now when we listen the term biotechnology, few conventional words strike to our minds like fermentation, genetic engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, plant tissue culturing and off course the lengthy research papers. Ore gets splitted, release oxygen and produce gaseous zinc, which is then condensed into powder. Therefore, we shall consider the immune system in some detail before we the various other aspects of animal biotechnology.
It may be pointed out that the same phenomenon is known as transformation in all others organisms.
The potential of genetic engineering to improve agricultural animals has been much discussed since Palmiter and colleagues first demonstrated that the phenotype of a mouse could be changed by the addition of a transgene in 1982. Harrison cultured frog tadpole spinal chord in a lymph drop hanging from a cover slip into the cavity of a microscopic slide; this is regarded as the turning point in animal tissue culture. It is Green biotechnology, when it concerns about agricultural processes and White biotechnology when comes to industrial processes. It is then reacted with water and other biological sources containing hydrogen, which will give us hydrogen fuel. The conference will feature a special startup program consisting of an entrepreneurship course by Harvard University, pitch and networking sessions.Labiotech is a Media Partner with for the forum.
The foundation of animal cell and tissue culture were laid at the beginning of the present century, when cell could be shown to survive and divide in-vitro (jolly, 1903). However, in case of animals, transformation has long been used to describe the change of normal, i.e. DNA microinjection, the first technique to prove successful in mammals, was first applied to mice and than to various other species such as rats, rabbits, sheep, birds, pigs, and fish. Subsequently in 1913, carrel developed a complicated methodology for maintain cultures free from contamination, especially by bacteria, subsequently, suitable culture media were developed and the techniques of cell culture were refined. See our event calendar for more details. Why Lithuania?This article originally appeared on Life Sciences Baltic by Jacinta Sherris.
The true beginning of animal cell and tissue culture was however, made by Ross Harrison (1907), by using frog as a source of tissue.

One day it may be possible to treat an unborn child for a genetic disease even before symptoms appear. Identification of cell type; expression of markers, histology, cytology geometry and microenvironment. Scientists are hoping the mapping of the human genome will lead the way toward cures for much disease and that the success of current clinical trails will create new opportunities and challenges.
If you clearly understood the definition of biotechnology given above, you can figure out that when you convert milk to yogurt or cheese it is nothing but biotechnology, where a living organism (bacteria), makes the product. Originally from London and studied for a BSc (Hons) Zoology from the University of Reading, UK. For about 50 years, mainly tissue explants rather than cell was used for culture technique, although later after1950s, mainly dispersed cell culture were utilized. Previous work includes having written for The Spark University Newspaper and the Wellcome Trust. In transient transfection, the introduced gene is gradually lost from the daughter cells of tranfected cells. Ruddle, there has been rapid development in the use of genetically engineered animals as investigators have found an increasing number of applications for the technology.
Selective planting of crops and breeding of animals, has been practiced since Neolithic revolution.
But in case of stable transfection, the introduced gene is retained and expressed in all the cells derived from the tranfected cells.
The process of fermentation, a natural process based on biological activity of single celled microorganism was first used by Egyptians to bake breads and make wine. The progress of biotechnology in late eighteenth century and dawn of nineteenth century include some crucial discoveries like vaccination, crop rotation to increase yield and land use.
Required fields are marked * is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry. It is used by over 45,000 people monthly to keep a watch on the business and innovations of biotechnologies. In 1953, structure of DNA was proposed, that stirred the research in molecular biology and genetics. Join them for free and enjoy reading our stories!« Let?s change how people get informed about Biotechs in Europe. With the discovery of restricted enzyme, it became possible to insert foreign genes to bacteria in 1973. This technique enabled production of human insulin from bacteria and is also considered as the birth of modern biotechnology. Intensive research in this field has not only assured a ray of hope for various life threatening diseases but has also enhanced the quality of life. Red biotechnology deals with pharmacogenomics, designing organisms to produce antibiotics and vaccines, clinical research and trials, gene therapy and diagnostics. DNA, the genetic material, is manipulated by Gene therapy either to replace the defective genes or to supplement normal genes using treatments like Ex-vivo (from outside body) or In-vivo (inside the body).  Gene splicing, a tool of genetic engineering allows scientists to transfer gene from one organism to another. This alteration of genetic make-up of organism led to the development of recombinant DNA, which proved a milestone for production of insulin needed for type-2 diabetes. Some genes of human insulin are transferred to E-coli bacteria, from which further production of insulin is achieved.
HGP  Pharmacogenomics and Medicines: The study of pharmaceuticals and genetics, Pharmacogenomics, makes it possible to design and produce drugs to suit the specific genetic requirements of specific patients. With this technology it is also possible to determine the dosage of drugs appropriate to a patient as genetic information enables to know the response of body to the drug.
Unlike conventional drugs, that treat symptoms in a broad way, the biologics are used specifically.
This also triggered hopes of success in developing human clone, which then was just a part of farfetched scientific fictions. In this technique, a nucleus is removed from one cell and is placed inside an unfertilized egg and can be allowed to grow identical to the donor of original nucleus.
Stem cells are cells in their initial stage, when they are not yet specialized to develop into some particular cell. These unspecialized cells can renew themselves for long periods of time through cell division and under certain biochemical conditions can be made to differentiate, i.e. Thus new cells can be inserted in place of damaged ones to treat the injury and the characteristic self renewal property allows generation of tissues to replace tissues in affected areas.

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