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Als Anbieter von Bio-Cookies nehmen wir am Kontrollverfahren nach der EG-Öko-Verordnung teil. Je moet maar eens naar het buitenland reizen om daar vast te stellen dat de biolandbouw er op een heel andere manier georganiseerd wordt dan bij ons. DIY Bio: A Growing Movement Takes on Aging - h+ Mediah+ Media h+ Magazine Current Issue Transhumanism Futurism Optimism AI Bio Nano Neuro Virtual Reality Opinion Reviews Print Issues h+ Events Event List Event Calendar h+ Jobs h+ Press Learn More Humanity+ H+ Newsletter Transhumanist FAQ Support H+ Magazine Contact Us Sign In Remember Me Lost Password Lost Password Please enter your username or email address. Es ermöglicht uns den sorgenfreien Genuss hochwertiger Lebensmittel mit gutem Gewissen.
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De EU heeft sowieso al een speciaal reglement opgesteld waaraan biolandbouwers zich moeten houden. Es garantiert qualitativ hochwertige Zutaten, die nicht mit starken chemischen Mitteln bearbeitet wurden. The Gene Patents Masters of Synthetic Life A movement is growing quietly, steadily, and with great speed.
In basements, attics, garages, and living rooms, amateurs and professionals alike are moving steadily towards disparate though unified goals.
They come home from work or school and transform into biologists: do-it-yourself biologists, to be exact.

These biohackers build their own laboratory equipment, write their own code (computer and genetic) and design their own biological systems. Whereas typical laboratory experiments can run from tens-of-thousands to millions of dollars, many DIYers knowledge of these fields is so complete that the best among them design and conduct their own experiments at stunningly low costs.
With adequate knowledge and ingenuity, DIYbiologists can build equipment and run experiments on a hobbyist‘s budget. The package includes milling machines, gel boxes, semiconductor manufacturing processes, fabratories, robot armies, wetlab protocols… everything. Package maintainers from the DIYbio and open manufacturing communities assist others in bringing in projects into the system. The participants in this project have created a professional grade gel box, available fully assembled or as free design documents. Plus, they want you to design new features like a built-in light filter or a mount for your digital cam.
Tyson Anderson, a specialist in the US Army, was struck by the lack of technological infrastructure during his time in Afghanistan. Anderson, a transhumanist as well as a DIYbiologist, was trying to discuss the implications of the Singularity with the friends he had made there. He realized it was difficult to conceive of a technological paradise in a world with limited electricity.
He looked to DIYbio to make a difference, and is now engineering bioluminescent yeast to construct sugar-powered lamps for his friends in Afghanistan. Because there is much overlap between the DIYbio and transhumanist communities, it‘s not surprising that many emerging projects focus on both.

DIYh+ is a fusion of DIYbio and h+, coordinating projects that allow willing individuals to experiment with practical human enhancement. The community, ideally, should strive to foster an open and safe way for responsible adults to learn about do-it-yourself human enhancement. As the popular distrust of doctors grows, people will want to understand and monitor their own body.
This hacker‘s paradise has not yet come to pass, but it is, perhaps, our exciting future.
The knowledge required takes time and effort to acquire, and even then, so-called textbook knowledge is being revised almost daily. Hobbyist biology is still in its infancy, and it will take a great deal of work before it reaches its potential. Squabbles over sponsorship, intellectual property, and cumbersome regulations often prevent progress along more conventional lines.
Large, unwieldy bureaucracies and regulatory agencies find it difficult to keep pace with the breakneck speed of technological progress.
Thought-monopolies make it unwise to promote new ideas while waiting for tenure, despite the fact that many central dogmas of biology change. Individuals willing to intelligently circumvent convention may find themselves stumbling into uncharted areas of biology where they may make new discoveries.

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