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Bio fertilizer growth management products that motivate the plant to produce its own beneficial hormones naturally. IT boosts the Top Quality of your soil by Enhancing the task of advantageous bacteria and fungi in your fields.
It improves the physical-chemical characteristics of soil, increasing the microbial and enzymatic fertility; it increases the roots growth and carries out revitalizing actions in exhausted soils. The amino acids are helping the absorption and the trans location of the activator in cells where it strengthens the normal biochemical processes.
PSO6 Azofix contains Azospirillum which is an associative symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria. It assimilates atmospheric Nitrogen & fixes in soil and helps to reduce nitrogenous fertilizer application. Crops like sorghum, cotton & sugarcane reported betterment of yield on Azospirillum inoculation. Bio fertilizers — Buy Bio fertilizers, Price , Photo Bio fertilizers, from SKS Bioproducts, Company.
The agricultural sector focuses on research methods to find effective bio fertilizers which can promote crop yield and at the same time do not cause damage to the ecosystem.
Harmful chemicals used as pesticides and fertilizers accumulate in the food chain and are toxic to the habitat.
Algae Bio-fertilizers represent a large group of microorganisms which are beneficial in enhancing soil productivity.

BGA synthesizes and liberates plant growth promoting substances such as auxins and amino compounds which stimulate plant growth. By improving vitamins and mineral uptake and also bodily Hormone Production via your plants' Roots or Leaves, Growth Promoters products help Enhance Flowering, Fledgling, Fruit set, Fruit Size, Maturity, and Over All Yield This aids you deliver Enhanced Crop Quality.. This Enhanced microbial task delivers many perks to the soil such as boosting soil physical homes and increasing mineral availability. Because Bio fertilizer is one sort of biologically energetic representative, it can increase the material of quick-acting, as well as decrease the loss as well as fasten and enhance the absorption and utilization of Plant Growth.
It makes available to the plants amino acids usable for the protein synthesis and gives strength to plants accelerating their growth. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has caused tremendous harm to the environment.
Cyanobacteria can be helpful in agriculture as they have the capability to fix atmospheric nitrogen to soil.
Large scale commercial production of crops faces several issues such as soil acidification, diseases and pest attacks. Water scarcity, pollution, greenhouse gases and natural disasters have significantly reduced the area of agricultural land. They serve the purpose by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and synthesizing plant growth promoters. They help retain essential nutrients and water in the soil which is required for the proper growth of the plants.

The agricultural importance of BGA in rice crops is related directly with their ability to fix nitrogen and other beneficial effects for plants and soil. Ltd offer optimal grade Plant Issue Culture, PSB, Bio Agri Products, Bio Fertilizer and Bio Pesticides.
Additionally, it could enhance dirt framework, promote the development of crops and boost crop durability.. An answer to this is the biofertilizer, an environmentally friendly fertilizer now used in most countries.
Bio-fertilizers are effective replacements for chemical fertilizers and are more cost effective.
When chemical fertilizers are used they change the soil composition causing contamination and pollution.
Possibility of using liquid preparations and powdered extracts has been reported to have positive effects on cereal crops including increased crop yield, improved nutrient uptake and resistance to pests. Nitrogen content of the soil is the second major factor affecting plant growth after water. The main sources of biofertilizers are bacteria, fungi, and cynobacteria (blue-green algae).

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