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The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Suggestions: Start with 1-2 softgels per meal and slowly build up to the recommended dose of 3-6 softgels per meal. For best results take before meals with a glass of water (8 oz) or as directed by a health professional. A small percentage of people who start taking PGX may experience increased gas or bloating. A few days ago I was able to catch up with an emergency medicine colleague after she had finished working a hellish shift. The anal glands are two sacs inside the anus of dogs and cats located at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. Under normal circumstances, pets express their anal glands during routine defecation without incident. Patients with anal gland abscesses may have an abnormal opening(s) to one or both sides of their rectum.
Veterinarians may treat anal gland abscesses medically or surgically depending on whether the anal gland has ruptured or not. Pets with recurrent anal gland abscesses benefit from surgical removal of the affected sacs. Perhaps the most important step pet parents can take help reduce the likelihood of their pets developing anal gland problems, including abscesses, is to not allow routine expression of anal glands.
Overweight and obese animals tend to have recurrent issues because they are not able to empty their anal glands as efficiently as ideal weight animals.
This American-made product contains high-quality fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics designed to promote anal gland health. Apple pectin is a complex carbohydrate, specifically a soluble fiber, found in the walls of plant cells. This unique combination of all-natural ingredients helps promote anal gland heath by increasing the bulk and firmness of a pet’s feces. Anal gland problems are some of the most common reasons pet parents bring their fur babies to veterinarians for examination. Glandex® is available as naturally flavored (100% beef liver) powder pet parents give with their pet’s food once a day used label instructions. PET PARENTS – For a 10% discount of Glandex® products, please use promo code CriticalCareDVM and click here.
Subscribe now to receive informative posts from board-certified veterinary specialists directly in your email inbox. Skinny Fiber is PACKED with some of the world’s most POWERFUL weight management ingredients to help get your body into weight management mode, and keep the weight off for good. Many people are confused about Carbohydrates, and they are also generally misinformed as to the role they play in a healthy human diet. Whilst not winning awards for the worlds healthiest diet plan, due to liberal inclusion of artery clogging processed fats, the effect on bodyfat levels was undeniable.
Carbohydrates provide the pure energy needed in our daily lives, both for normal body functions such as heartbeats, breathing and digestion and for extra exercise such as cycling, walking and running.
In the past few years, simple carbohydrates have become known as the 'bad' carbs, while complex carbs seem to be designated as the 'good' ones.
Simple carbohydrates are more easily processed (and so require little work from the body to digest) and contain just one sugar molecule or two sugar molecules linked together. The body has to work harder to break down the links in the chain, so the thermic effect is a little higher, meaning the net available calories (total calorie content of food MINUS calorie expenditure used during digestion = net available calories) is reduced.
Most experts recommend that 50 to 70 per cent of the total calories in our diet should come from carbohydrates. The four food groups (milk group, meat group, bread and cereals group, and the vegetable and fruit group) had put a greater emphasis on the consumption of fresh produce, meat and dairy products.
This worked well for retailers too, as most processed grains have a long shelf life, which in turn preserves their investment in stock.
So now we know that both types of carbohydrate have a different effect in the human body due to its structure, and this will affect how the body is able to use the fuel. What other macronutrients (protein or fats) are consumed simultaneously to the carbohydrate source (so as part of a sandwich or a cake) or whether the carbohydrates are ingested alone (eg: rice cakes). Carbohydrates are first and foremost a source of immediate energy for all of your body’s cells.

Your body is always hungry for energy, whether you are sleeping, strolling, jogging or even in a coma – your body requires fuel. The rising and falling of blood sugar in any person is the determinant of their energy levels and hunger. Think about it - How long after that huge dish of pasta are u actually scouting for late-night nibbles? You would never splurge on premium high performance petrol and oil for power a Fiat Panda through a once weekly 2 mile commute, would you? In terms of satiety (feeling full) you’d choose 500g of food over 65g any day, wouldn’t you?
Carbohydrates are important, but not as important as the current government guidelines would have you believe. An average carbohydrate intake should be between 90-130 grams per day with the majority coming from vegetables, salad and fruits.
Higher amounts of carbohydrates are needed with increased muscle mass and increased physical activity levels.
When you take it with a glass of water, PGX absorbs the water and gently expands in your stomach. They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships. Pregnancy and lactation: Pregnant or lactating women should discuss PGX with their health professional. People with diabetes must monitor their blood glucose and adjust their medication accordingly, as PGX helps control blood glucose and may lessen the need for insulin or diabetes medications over time. These symptoms tend to last 3-7 days but can be eliminated by gradually working up to the recommended dose and by drinking lots of water when taking PGX. In our conversation, she told me she had treated three patients with abscessed anal glands during her shift. The anal glands lie between the internal and external anal sphincters, the muscles that keep feces inside the rectum until a pet defecates.
This hole(s) represents where the abscess has ruptured, and infected discharge is draining. For unruptured abscesses, a veterinarian will need to perform minor surgery under general anesthesia. Therefore, pet parents should keep their fur babies in a proper body condition to help reduce the incidence of anal gland impaction. As a clinician, a product like Glandex that is formulated with safe and effective all-natural ingredients affords me a non-drug option to promote anal gland health in my patients.
The best way to give Glandex® is to sprinkle it directly on top of the pet’s dry food. This new wave of carb-phobia in response to the previous decades of carb abundance has left the vast majority of slimmers utterly confused. Carbs are a necessary part of any diet, but eating them requires a certain level of understanding.
Once eaten, both are turned into a blood sugar called glucose, which is then used to fuel our bodies for rest or play. Examples include table sugar, sweets, honey, fruit, fruit juice, jam, chocolate etc, also refined grains such as white bread, cakes and white pasta fall into this category. Another benefit to eating complex is the fact that their energy provision is delivered over a longer period in comparison to simple carbs, due to the more sustained nature of their digestion. They contain fibre, which is hugely necessary in the diet for many reasons, and complex carbs can be very nutrient dense compared to their calorie content.
But changes in food industry and farming meant that grains were becoming more profitable per square metre than cows. Because they are so easily digested, your body will use carbohydrates for energy above all else.
Just how much depends on your body composition, dieting history and activity levels, so we’ll get onto that later. When this is full, they enter the bloodstream and venture out towards the muscles of the body to provide them with the fuel to move. Generally, carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed slowly can help to control insulin response and energy levels. Low blood sugar (often caused by an overzealous insulin response in high carb eating people, but common also in low calorie dieters and diabetics) causes lack of energy, dizziness, hunger and cravings for more carbohydrates to re-raise blood sugar.

And how long after your high fat high protein turkey dinner at Christmas are you really ready for pudding? Incidentally, a wholegrain bread roll may contain around 2g of fibre, the equivalent calories worth of cauliflower contains 24g. But you should assess what you require your body to perform, and adjust your intake of fuel accordingly. Persons with type I and type II diabetes should work closely with their prescribing doctor.
This formula contains Soothe Digest, a herbal blend that relieves symptoms of indigestion such as gas and bloating. These sacs normally fill with a smelly substance that can be thick and dark, clear and watery, and even chunky at times. If an abscess has not yet ruptured, the affected pet will have a variably-sized, warm, painful swelling near its rectum. During surgery, the doctor will open the abscessed gland to facilitate drainage of the infected fluid.
Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in pineapples (Ananas comosus) that help digest proteins. The added bulk provided by Glandex® helps facilitate normal emptying of your fur baby’s anal glands. Pet parent can also mix this product with a small amount of warm water to create a tasty gravy your pet will love! Occasionally, anal glands become severely impacted, resulting in the formation of an abscess. But many people (particularly those who have frequently relied on high-carb low-fat diets have developed an over sensitive insulin response.
Her stories gave birth to this week’s post in which I share some tidbits about anal gland abscesses.
Although rare, temporary and permanent nerve damage can happen, resulting in lack of bowel control. Accordingly, partnering with a board-certified veterinary dermatologist may be uniquely helpful to identify an underlying issue that predisposes a patient to anal sac impaction. Pineapple has been used for centuries in Central and South America to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation. The natural anti-inflammatory and probiotic ingredients further support a healthy digestive tract and subsequently healthy anal sacs.
For dogs only, Glandex® is also available as a tasty peanut butter flavored chew treat with the same all-natural ingredients as the powder. If you’re ready to finally take control of your weight AND your health, NOW is the time to make it happen!
But we should really be looking at the lower calorie, nutrient dense sources of carbs rather than the types high in body-sugar, low in actual nutrition. For these patients, the medical team will thoroughly lavage (rinse) the anal sac to clear away infected material.
Thus, pet parents should consider partnering with a board-certified veterinary surgeon who has extensive training and experience performing this delicate procedure.
The tubes that connects each anal gland to the anus (called ducts), as well as the resultant openings in the rectal wall (called puncta), are very narrow. A small tube (called a duct) that opens just inside the anus connects each sac to the outside. Persistent scooting is, perhaps, the most common clinical sign observed in pets with impacted anal sacs. All patients with anal gland abscesses should receive an antibiotic (typically for 1 week without complications). Several interventions are available, including maintaining a healthy body weight and all-natural supplements, to help reduce the likelihood of anal gland problems.

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