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Other dietary sugars such as sucrose and lactose (both disaccharides) are broken down further by different carbohydrase enzymes. NOTE: Ita€™s important you recall the main digestive enzymes, the food types they break down and where they are produced. The term “fish” is paraphyletic as all the animals included in it have the same ancestry and it excludes all the animals in the superclass tetrapod (the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians). Their skeleton can be made of either bone (bony fishes) or cartilage (cartilaginous fishes). Most fish species use the gills located on both sides of their pharynx for breathing by exchanging gases. The relative size of their brain to the body is much smaller compared to most other vertebrates.
Fins: They have various small and large fins located both on their dorsal and ventral sides.

Scales: Their bodies are covered in tiny to large scales that originate from the skin or mesoderm. Marine fishes are known to lay high number of eggs that are usually released in the open water. Numerous fresh water and saltwater species are edible and are an important part of human diet. Water contains various gases, including oxygen and carbon dioxide, in their dissolved form.
The water enters their bodies from only a single direction with its movement being continuous.
All species have touch senses under their scales that help them in detecting water vibrations. The IUCN Red List enlisted around 1,173 species as threatened with extinction in the year 2006.

Proteins are long chains of amino acids, and protease enzymes break them into peptides (smaller chains of amino acids molecules) and eventually into individual amino acids, which are small and easily absorbed in the small intestine. It digests complex fat (or lipid) molecules into simple, soluble fatty acid and glycerol molecules.
The oxygen-poor water is pushed by the gills through the openings on both sides of pharynx. Pisces (also ichthyes), the traditional term for these aquatic creatures is considered to be a typological rather than a phylogenetic classification.

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