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I put my hand on his back and pushed down all the winter hair – and it was then that I felt the weight loss. The vet thought his diarrhea was related to his weight loss caused by the sand in the gut, but he felt that the snotty nose and bad smell was probably not related to the sand in the gut..
1)  Soak beet pellets and serve them REALLY WET with some type of Sand Clear product twice a day.  I was told to give Slick a normal sized horse ration of the Sand Clear to get him started. 5)  I always give him Equion… but I doubled the dose to help with nutrient absorption and vitality.
I wanted him to be out of the rain and in the barn where I could help him through the worst of it. The antibiotics were also helping with the infection.  The mucus was gone and so was the smell. And, he still had his infection – supporting him with the Prascend over time would help with the infection, we hoped. The vet came back out to check Slick’s sinuses and while doing so, Slick started to choke. This is the ugly but useful job I did in retrofitting Bodhi’s shelter to fit little Slick.

In this way, I could make sure he got his meds, that he was eating, I could check the firmness of his stool and that he was using his shelter and staying warm. And right now, he is looking great!  He is all plump again.  I see no signs of the infection.  He is his horrible self again! Cushings can take hold, especially if the horse is compromised.  I think the Prascend has made him much more comfortable.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Click image to shop this one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry that benefits the Drop in the Bucket Fund! Nyaope (also known as whoonga or wunga) is a highly addictive, dangerous and destructive street drug, unique to South Africa.
Many people in a large number of low and middle income countries now experience a 'double burden' of malnutrition.
A study indicates that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes reduce their exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. Some of these bacteria are friendly, protective probiotic bacteria that act as your first line of defense against the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that enter through your mouth and nose.

Made in Canada using a unique cold-pressed technology, CulturedCare Probiotic Gum delivers a deliciously fresh and powerful dose of BLIS K12 patented probiotic.
Sweetened with xylitol and stevia leaf extract, CulturedCare Probiotic Gum is safe for diabetics and does not contribute to tooth decay. I used my girly Makita to drill in the board that had been on the ground – yes, I admit it, we had a sheet of plywood out in one of the fields. Chewing just one piece of CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 daily will populate your mouth with these infection-fighting probiotics and help protect your throat, mouth, nose and ears.
It is based upon years of research in the labs of Professor John Tagg, a scientist in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

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