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Whether you deal in plastics manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication or commercial cleaning, your B2B company has to find a way to manage its books. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and drawbacks of hiring an outside company to manage your accounting needs!
For the companies who outsource their books, the decision means saving time and money, getting access to high-quality bookkeeping services and, in many ways, minimizing the risks typically involved with relying on in-house staff.
It’s no surprise that outsourcing work to an outside provider, versus hiring a full-time employee, saves you money.
Think of the weekly hours it will take to manage in-house bookkeeping staff—taking away from the time you can spend on business- and relationship-building activities more directly aligned with your company’s mission. Third-party service providers specialize in the work they do, so they’re the perfect resource for getting projects done. Service providers face higher liability than in-house staff, which makes them less of a risk for your business—they’re more likely to follow through on their obligations because they have more to lose if they don’t.
Even with all the benefits of outsourcing, some companies still prefer to keep things in-house, and they’d say with good reasons.
No matter how good a service provider is, there’s no substitute for being physically present in your office. Everyone’s aware of the language barriers associated with call centers, where you call a customer service line and talk to someone across the globe.
When you manage employees in-house, you have more control over how things are run, from training to day-to-day processes. Looking at the pros and cons of outsourcing your accounting functions, which way do you lean for your B2B firm?
Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay, a credit card processing firm, and also serves on its Board of Directors.
In understanding the potential causes of falls we need to consider both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
That is those factors specific to the individual patient – intrinsic-which may put them at increased risk.
Those environmental factors (extrinsic) where simple planning and actions on our part may significantly reduce risks and promote patient safety. On admission a Falls Risk Assessment must be undertaken within 4 hours and the outcome discussed with all members of the multi-disciplinary team.
Factors specific to the individual patient – intrinsic-which may put them at increased risk.
Those environmental factors (extrinsic) where simple planning and actions on our part may significantly reduce risks and promote patient safety (links to proactive Patient Safety Rounds).
Tools and techniques used within Productive Series could assist teams in this process to identify extrinsic factors. Patient Safety Rounds linked to the national Safety Express Programme can assist in reducing falls by educating patients and relatives about keeping safe both in hospitals and at home.
Accessibility: Since the infrastructure of public clouds is shared, information is easily accessible.
Increased utility: Since they are easily accessible, public clouds have a wide range of uses and can be utilized for numerous activities. Private clouds are managed by a third-party organization and tailored for a specific client, based on their needs. Security: There is an increased level of security since private clouds can only be accessed by designated people. Control and flexibility: You have the ability to control what your cloud looks like and how it is used. Cost: Since private clouds are created and designed for a specific corporation, there is an associated cost with designing and maintaining them. Time: Private clouds take more time to implement (but once they are created, there is little to no difference in speed of processing). Security: We pride ourselves in our multi-level security system, designed to deliver the highest levels of protection to our customers.
Access: Since you probably don’t live at your office, onthenetOffice allows its users to access their information from anywhere in the world, instantly and securely.
Speed: Through Kaviza’s “VDI in a box, onthenetOffice can set up your entire network of Virtual Desktops, with multiple servers, in less than two hours. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If your home or business establishment is located in Aurora, you also have a plethora of carpet cleaning services to choose from.
UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARPET CLEANING METHODS There are various carpet cleaning methods available in the market and if your home or business establishment is located in Aurora, you also have a plethora of carpet cleaning services to choose from. This is a relatively new method of carpet cleaning and may or may not be offered by your Aurora carpet cleaning service provider.
Considering the role standardized testing has acquired in education systems internationally, one can safely assume that a vast majority of Canadians have experienced these tests as students. This article will explore the history of standardized testing, recent developments within standardized testing, creation of test questions, and applicability.
This relatively rational statement could be considered a definition of the battle lines that have been drawn up between those who are proponents of standardized tests and those against them. The intent in standardized testing is to have large numbers of students write a single test, then to compare any single score against all others to see how an individual’s score compares to the large sample. There are other forms of standardized testing that are available other than multiple-choice questions, for example, essay writing. Proponents of standardized testing point to large-scale use of the tests that go beyond the individual student or even the school.
The most recent impetus to standardized testing was the Industrial Revolution and the movement to increased schooling where students were moved out of the work force and into schools. Alfred Binet (1857-1911) and Theodore Simon (1872-1961) developed what is now commonly known as an IQ Test, beginning in the late 1800s and culminating with the Binet-Simon scale in 1905. The test contained problems arranged in order of difficulty in a range of subjects but had as the basis items assessing comprehension, reasoning, and judgment (Reynolds, Livingston, & Willson, 2009). Everett Linquist invented the American College Test (ACT) in 1959 as a competitor to the SAT.
These standardized tests that attempt to predict success or aptitude seem to be successful.
Public education is funded by taxpayers who want and have a right to know if they are getting value for their investment. The primary conundrums in standardized testing of achievement lie in the validity and applicability of the test results. Even though standardized testing attempts to minimize confounding variables by requiring students to write in similar situations, it may be that some students are writing in situations that are significantly different from other students, for example, it might be too bright or too dark or even too cold or too hot. Students who are poor test takers because of nerves associated with tests may not be able to show what they can accomplish in the high-stakes atmosphere of standardized testing. Perhaps the primary concern with achievement standardized testing is that testing should be based on curricular outcomes that are mandated by the provincial or state governing bodies.
Further, if a concept is taught to all students in a class and all students answer the question correctly, that question will not be used in the future as it does not spread the students’ scores so that fine-grained norm-referenced numbers can be associated with each student. A student’s socio-economic status is highly correlated to standardized achievement test scores. The history of standardized testing suggests that the impetus for large-scale testing has been based on noble aspirations, primarily that of having the right person in the right place, whether that place is the correct job in the military or the correct form of education.
While the cloud based data system has already ripened to become a part of the different digital marketing solution available for marketers, it does has its downsides and beneficial features. For some businesses, this means an in-house accountant or accounting department, depending on the company size.
What’s more, service providers have to constantly hone their skills to keep up with the competition, ever increasing the quality of their work. Furthermore, dealing with the contracts or agreements of outside providers can be much easier than dealing with the hiring negotiations, employee management and other human resources issues involved with employees. Here are some of the reasons why B2B brands opt out of outsourcing, keeping all their financial records close. You will need to communicate your needs and challenges across distance, maybe even across time zones.
But language barriers don’t end there—even when you work with an accounting firm, different languages can make it hard to explain your company processes or structure. While ideally a service provider would train its staff thoroughly and according to your preferences, there’s always the possibility that something gets lost. When you send all your financial information and records to an outside provider, you let loose insider knowledge on one of the most valuable parts of your company. She has more than 15 years experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, sales management and marketing.
And remember that patients, carers and relative are not passive recipients and should be empowered to contribute.
Public clouds are generally free or available as pay-as-you-go services; you pay hourly for the resources you use. This is particularly advantageous to organizations that wish to get their information out to the public quickly and easily.

Because systems are shared, it is easy for people outside of your organization to access your information. Some companies have specific needs and wants; public clouds are not customized to your company’s individual needs since they are meant to be utilized by the general public.
This is of great importance if your business handles or deals with sensitive information (e.g.
Customers using this type of cloud have control and ownership of the cloud even if it is implemented by a third-party.
Our team of experts takes your business into account when designing your private cloud and develops it to your specifications. There are all kinds of carpet cleaning processes and each of these have their own pros and cons. But then all of these service providers offer a varied range of services and use many different forms of methods to get the work done.
She also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs on the topic, helping people handle these tasks better and more efficiently. These individuals point to many problems with how these tests are created and administered, as well how the results are used. More and more students’ lives are becoming influenced by standardized testing, as a societal push for educational accountability has led to a dramatic increase in the use of these assessments across districts and nations (Guskey & Jung, 2013). They are assessments OF learning that are too infrequent, broad in focus, and slow in returning results to inform the ongoing array of daily decisions. The results are then posted on a bell curve that indicates where a score sits within descriptive statistical standards. These are to be delivered in the same way to all students so that no students are advantaged or disadvantaged.
Common changes to standardized testing allow certain students to have more than the allotted amount of time.
This form of testing currently has the disadvantage of needing markers to assess the essays.
Standardized testing allows comparison between provincial education systems or even national education systems. One of the easiest and arguably the cheapest way to test large numbers of those children was with a standardized exam.
These intelligence tests were created in response to the French government wanting to develop special education classes for students who were not benefiting from the newly instituted regular compulsory education program.
Louis Terman (1877-1956), who was teaching at the time at Stanford University, noted the success of these exams and their potential applicability in America. Reynolds, Livingston, and Willson (2009) state, “As a general rule, research has shown with considerable consistency that contemporary intelligence tests are good predictors of academic success” (p. McEwen (1995) suggests that Alberta’s introduction of achievement testing for Grades 3, 6, and 9 was done in response to a worldwide wave of educational reform that wanted more accountability in education. Validity relates to how accurately the test results actually reflect the students’ knowledge about the subject. The testing conditions may cause students to perform poorly such as when students might miss questions not because they do not know the material but for something as simple as the testing centre had poor lighting that caused headaches in students, or because the testing room was too cold and did not allow certain students to focus. Their anxiety becomes the determining factor of how well they do the test, not whether they know the material. Standardized tests have to make a one-size-fits-all test that will not fit all because as Popham (1999) says, “… standardized achievement tests will invariably contain a number of items that are not aligned with what’s emphasized in a particular setting” (p.
When deciding which questions to use, test creators, in essence, try to find questions that only the top 50% of the students will get right. That is, if all students did well on the test then there would be no bell curve and the associate connection with where each student sits on the curve.
This is probably due to the tests being skewed to reflect learning that children gain at home. The requirement for a score spread in the exams means that questions that are answered by a majority of students will probably be removed because they do not discriminate enough.
That is, standardized testing may be best at determining aptitude or future ability in an individual and also good at examining a school district’s efficaciousness. It is a great resource to get bite-sized educational pieces similar to the content featured in our seminars.
For others, it means finding a qualified bookkeeping service to which it can outsource its financial record management. You don’t have to deal with the typical headaches involved with recruiting, hiring, retaining and overseeing staff because that’s what the service provider will handle.
This means when you go to a bookkeeping service, you can trust that your accounting will be handled well. There may be times when your questions don’t get answered right away because of the lags involved.
For some companies, feeling at the mercy of a service provider is not an enticing substitute for managing its own staff. Could hiring an accounting company free you up to put more energies into pursuing your business goals? For a flat monthly fee you get access to your private cloud from any device, anywhere in the world.
There are all kinds of carpet cleaning processes and systems available in the market and each of these have their own pros and cons.
Plus it is fast, simple and inexpensive, making it a popular choice among home and property owners. In other circles standardized testing represents true assessment whereby individual performances can be compared to other performances in a meaningful manner. Their value is much debated by educators, academics, and politicians, but what is clear is that their use seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Standardized tests are given to large groups numbering at least in the thousands, sometimes millions.
The information that the students are to show they know is asked of them in the same format that is usually multiple choice.
Some students with certain learning needs are now allowed to have more time than other students to complete the exam.
The rationale behind this is that the curriculum asks that students know certain information.
The tests tried to identify students who needed focused education in order to maximize their education. He spearheaded the creation of the Stanford-Binet Test which remains, in its fifth iteration, the most popular IQ testing vehicle in existence. This testing of servicemen helped build up a record of statistical evidence for IQ testing. At the Grade 12 level, diploma exams were reinstated in 1984 after being removed for a few years. An indicator system is a tool to focus reform and to improve accountability by providing better information about the education system’s performance. Standardized tests use a minimum number of questions and getting even one or two wrong due to environmental reasons will affect the individual student’s results. Questions that are answered correctly by more than 60% of the students are usually removed from the test. These types of questions are popular in standardized testing because they support the common theory of testing whereby the highest achieving students answer the questions correctly. Put more simply, there have to be questions that are only answered by about 50% of the students in order for comparisons to be made. Aptitude testing for admission into colleges and universities seems to be especially effective as quantitative research has established links between such testing and later success at post-secondary institutions. Standardized tests seem to be weaker at being able to correctly indicate how much a specific student has learned. Independent review of key stage 2 testing, assessment and accountability, final report, as written for the Department of Education. Instead of using a hard drive, data storage is made using the cloud or the internet network.
Even with the costs involved in farming out work, the financial savings are still significant. Backups and other security measures are not consistent across the board, so the user is responsible for ensuring their data is not completely lost if the cloud is attacked. Disaster backup and recovery are also included in this low cost, and we guarantee that there will be no unpredictable fees tacked onto your account. Therefore, it is better to understand these completely before you hire an Aurora carpet cleaning service provider for your job. They can communicate valuable information about students’ achievement status to other decision makers (pp. Multiple choice is the format of choice because as Stiggins (2008) suggests, “It is relatively easy to develop, administer, and score in large numbers” (p.
Whether the students know this information is the purpose of the exam, not whether the students can read. They state that standardized tests are an inexpensive way to check that schools and teachers are accountable, that students and therefore the public are getting the education that public dollars are paying for.

Standardized testing as we know it today began in earnest in China as a form of aptitude testing, trying to ascertain who would be best at a particular job. These standardized tests were an attempt to streamline education so that society would gain maximum benefit from each citizen, a noble sentiment. Fishman and Pasanella (1960) reviewed SAT predictive validity in the 1950s, finding that the median correlation between student first-year success and the SAT score was a significant 0.61. The goals, or intended benefits, of implementing indicator systems are to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the educational enterprise, to improve education, and to provide a mechanism for accountability (p.
A 1983 study of alignment between textbook content and the standardized test found that, “In no case was even 50 percent of a test’s content satisfactorily addressed in any textbook” (Popham, p.
Popham indicates this is a problem because “… items on which students perform well often cover the content that, because of its importance, teachers stress” (p.
For example, if a question asks about a “field of work” such as law or medicine, students whose parents are in such professions may understand the concept from conversations at home.
Before you decide to use a cloud base data center, make an educated decision whether it is fit for your business needs.
In a previous post, we briefly introduced you to the various types of clouds available to you: public, private and hybrid.
It only cleans the top one-third of the carpet fibers and is incapable of reaching deeper down. Standardized tests by this measure are intended to examine the whole education system and therefore individual scores may be not as significant. Fletcher (2009) states that, “The earliest record of standardized testing comes from China, where hopefuls for government jobs had to fill out examinations testing their knowledge of Confucian philosophy and poetry.” These exams started in about 100 CE but were firmly established during the Sui Dynasty in 605 CE. After the war he published a book, A Study of American Intelligence, based on the results in World War I. Recently Kobrin, Patterson, Shaw, Mattern, and Barbuti (2008) found a correlation of 0.29, a respectable correlation between SAT scores and First Year Grade Point Average (FYGPA). Students who are in the top 50% of the class answered the questions correctly because they are in the top 50% of the class.
However, students whose parents work in the service industry or work at the local grocery store may not. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Dallas, TX.
Many marketers are too keen about using the cloud technology owing to the growing trend, but it takes an understanding before you make an informed business decision regarding your data storage and management system.What is cloud technology?The word cloud is used as a metaphor to represent the internet. In today’s post, we will give you an in-depth look at public and private clouds, including some pros and cons of each, in order to give you a better understanding of why onthenetOffice’s cloud system is a good solution for your business.
Deep steam cleaning This method is quite effective to get the soil out from deep down inside the carpet. Plus the chemicals being used for cleaning as well as dirt is left behind to accumulate in the deeper levels of the carpet fiber. Further, in order for the test to be fair in the sense of all students having the same chance to answer each question correctly, all questions must be the same. Also, reading the questions to the students may give them an advantage or disadvantage other students do not have. They attempted to predict aptitude by discerning the best candidates for the Chinese civil service. Answering the question correctly may not be a function of what was learned at school but rather what has been learned out of school. By the cloud technology means an internet-based technology where to store and manage business data. Whether you’re on the fence or fully settled, it’s good to have a solid understanding of what outsourcing means. It also allows for the use of high temperatures, pressures and chemical concentrates for cleaning as well as facilitates a longer resting time for the cleaning agents to cut through the grime.
Therefore, absorbent pads are a more suited option for an emergency clean up job which later should be backed up with a deeper and more effective cleaning activity. Therefore, the second and third requirements of standardized testing are no longer strongly in effect. Antagonists to standardized achievement testing suggest that it is not fair to check on student achievement that is not in the curriculum. In contrast to a physical data center consisting of hardware and machineries for data storage, all data will be stored and accessible through the internet. These are the reasons why almost every carpet cleaning service in Aurora will recommend and offer this format of cleaning. Absorbent compound This is a dry form of carpet cleaning and is considered to be quite simple to administer. The cloud technology involves the process of cloud computing where one can use various applications in order to manage and coordinate data on the internet.The majority of business firms is gearing towards using a cloud-based data storage and gradually eliminating their in-house IT structures for data management and storage.
In fact, this method offers one of the fastest turnaround times possible with any cleaning activity.
There is a proliferation of various cloud data service providers helping businesses find other options and solutions for data storage systems.
The carpets need a long time to dry out which means that if you need emergency cleanings services, they just won’t be possible. Internet users may have encountered traditional cloud services like the Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Amazon Cloud Drive.
Plus, heavy duty equipment is required to carry out the cleaning process that makes this system to be an expensive choice for your cleaning needs. But this method is unable to clean deep down into the carpet and might even cause excessive dirt in the interior environment where the carpet is being used.
Other forms of hybrid cloud applications are SugarSync and Dropbox.Business firms need cloud-base data storage solution that can provide them bigger bandwidth depending upon the volume of their business data. Also, this cleaning method has a tendency to leave behind powder residue in plush pile carpets which might build up over time. Popular providers for cloud data centers are Amazon Web Service, Garantia Data, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure and SAP. But before considering which cloud data provider will be fit for your business, your ultimate consideration is whether the cloud solution is best for your business.
This gives opportunities for marketers to identify data values for business instead of focusing on managing their data center.Cloud computing technology provides a cost efficient means of data storage maintenanceIn-house IT infrastructure maintenance can be very costly, especially involving the costs for hardware license renewals and other IT related expenses.
Using the cloud services provides a less costly means of storing company data minus the regular IT expenses for machineries and employees.
This makes data storage solution more affordable to small to medium businesses that cannot afford to pay for IT expenses for data centers.
Payment options are flexible and you need to pay only for the quantity of the bandwidth used for storing data.Quick data accessibility for coordinated activities of organizational departmentsThe moment your data is registered on the cloud, it becomes easier to access it anywhere you may be.
The management team and employees can also collaborate more efficiently by exchanging the data in the cloud. It also has an automatic software integration feature that allows you to easily customize apps according to preferences.Liberation to tweak on the cloud app’s API to automate operational tasks This allows you to manipulate the API of your cloud provider in order to monitor and automate the scalable operations of your business. This makes you efficient in using data in real time when needed and to access all the functionalities available on the data console. Pay as you go systemUsing the cloud technology provides for a pay as you go system that lets businesses rent and pay only for using a cloud storage data infrastructure to the extent of their usage. It requires no capitalization, which is a big advantage to small business owners or start-up businesses with a limited cash flow.
The cost can be included as operational expenses without the need to allot a budget for upgrading hardware and software license renewal fees.The cons of cloud technologySafety and security issuesThis is the biggest downside of cloud computing. Business firms are highly concerned about storing valuable business data outside of their network, especially when it is stored in the cloud by third party providers offshore.
Cloud data center providers, however, have taken measures in order to strengthen their firewall protection, upgrade their antivirus programs and security processes to protect client’s data.
For marketers, the choice will based mostly on which provider is capable and reputable in their capabilities of providing reliable security features in their data storage system.Technical glitchesEven the most reliable cloud data center providers will experience some glitches in their server despite their high standard of maintenance.
Having said this, marketers must be prepared for outages and possible technical glitches when using a cloud data center. A faster internet connection is also needed in order to efficiently connect in accessing data and potential internet connectivity and network problems may also arise.Workload incompatibility on the cloudNot all workloads are compatible with the cloud technology. This is significant when your workload may involve specific security requirements that cannot be shared with other data storage. You may as well evaluate your business workloads, whether they are fit for a cloud server or they are better to stay within your internal data storage network.If you need to revolutionize your digital marketing campaigns in the cloud computing era, Digital Warriors have a holistic package that can help grow your business. We offer IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development services. About 60% of marketing firms have engaged big data technology to improve their digital marketing strategies..
I have complied a simple set of information, templates and tools that you can use to consistently generate thousands of dollars.

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