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I've been wanting to make my own creamy cilantro dressing ever since we tried the one from Trader Joe's last year.
Trader Joe's Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, in both Chocolate Mousse and Maple Brown Sugar flavors, represents a bit of a new wave in the yogurt world. Keep a few of these Whole Milk Yogurt cups in your fridge for when your sweet tooth beckons. By now you know the story of Greek yogurt - most of the liquid has been strained out, making its texture more like that of sour cream. Store-bought dressings are convenient, but making your own brings a whole new level of flavor and freshness that's hard to beat. They're treats, for sure, because really, who doesn't need a treat every now and then?

It's smooth and creamy, super rich and an ideal balance of yogurt-y tart and honey sweet. Each eight ounce serving has eight grams of protein, and contains live, probiotic cultures including s. Yogurt is a great alternative for achieving creaminess and it works fantastic in this dressing.
You see, to save both time and money, many yogurt manufacturers skip that all-important straining process, instead choosing to add thickeners to regular yogurt to achieve a similar, creamy texture. We will, though, make a great case for them as comfort food, real food, and real rewards when you're craving a treat. It's great on salads, wraps, drizzled on tacos for an extra flavor boost, and as a fun veggie dip.

Starting with whole milk results in thicker and creamier yogurt, richly flavored and deeply satisfying.
And two, real Greek yogurt is significantly higher in protein than its yogurt relatives, specifically because of that straining process. The Maple Brown Sugar version is just that, a blend of real maple syrup and brown sugar that's nicely sweet and intensely flavored, a delightful foil to the tangy yogurt.

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