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Good bacteria or probiotics is a subject that must be understood for you to maintain your health or that of your child but admittedly, rather a dull subject compared to some of my other posts….. Assists in the elimination of waste by improving the frequency and size of bowel movements.  A buildup of waste is the cause of 90% of symptoms, conditions and disease.
There are a multitude of factors that contribute to a lack of good bacteria (also called ‘poor intestinal flora’).  Each one contributes to our toxic load, that is, the amount of food, chemicals, allergens and inhalant pollutants that a person can be exposed to before symptoms appear.
I’d love to hear your stories of how acidophilus improved your health or that of your child.
This entry was posted in Food, Health, Healthy Eating, Nutrition and tagged cellulase, Coping with Food Intolerances, Dick Thom, dysbiosis, good bacteria, lactase, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Meredith Deasley, probiotics, The Resourceful Mother, The Resourceful Mother's Secrets to Healthy Kids, toxic load on body by Meredith. Pocas mujeres notan que estan embarazadas en esta etapa, pero algunos de los sintomas como nauseas o fatiga comienzan a hacerse cada vez mas notorios. Seguramente el vértigo ya se hace presente, al igual que una creciente sensibilidad ante los olores y sabores. Hello All,Today I want to talk to you all about how American diet, culture different from the European diet and culture from my perspective.Recently I traveled to France.
This adventure is about Portland and Seattle.In Portland I had really bad allergies(people with allergies of grass and other plants you should bring medication with you).
When your stomach is firm and flat does the world seem a kinder, brighter place where you can slip effortlessly into jeans, flattering black dresses do actually flatter you and bikinis become less frightening? Cut down on top bloaters such as wheat and replace them with rice or oats, which are usually better tolerated. Avoid constipation by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids. Try a course of probiotics (acidophilus), which can help rebalance the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. Pineapples are great for beating bloat, too, as they contain the wonder-enzyme bromelain that helps digestion, alleviates wind and can soothe your stomach.
Cut down on alcohol and salty foods, which can cause fluid retention and inflate that bloated tummy further. Eat plenty of natural diuretics to help beat water retention, including celery, onion, parsley, coffee (yes, really, but include in moderation because of the caffeine content), tea, aubergine (eggplant), garlic and peppermint. Check you’re eating enough protein like fish, lean meat or tofu (don’t overdo the beans or pulses as they can make matters worse), as nutrition experts say protein can also reduce fluid retention. Address those PMS symptoms and if you’re plagued with bloating each month, try a supplement. Slow down at mealtimes, stop eating on the run and aim to savour your food and chew everything thoroughly.
Stress can cause havoc with your digestive system so aim to set aside plenty of time for quality rest and relaxation and develop some great strategies for nipping stress in the bud.
Homemade sauerkrautKeep massaging until the cabbage is quite soft and limp, almost the consistency it is after being stir-fried or steamed. It’s easy to make sauerkraut!Put the lid on the jar, and leave it out at room temperature for about 4 days. Take off the lid once a day to release any gasses that may build up from the fermentation process. You’ll notice the color of the cabbage has changed after massaging it, and it will keep changing over the next few days as it ferments. This is a great video by fermentation guru Sandor Ellix Katz that shows you just how easy it is to make sauerkraut. The interchangeable blades allow you to slice at different thicknesses, julienne, and shred. DISCLAIMER: The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I love sauerkraut, but the canned stuff is pasteurized so all the friendly bacteria are dead, and it’s usually got way too much salt in it.
Also important, every day while it’s fermenting, more than once a day when you see lots of bubbles take the lid off and then put it back on.
Thanks so much, those are really important questions you’ve asked and it adds to the information that other people are sure to want to know too.
A tip: lay the bags of kraut flat in the freezer and then they can be stood up and they take very little room.
After inviting friends over for a demonstration I send them home with an illustrated recipe.
Amber M says: February 10, 2012 at 3:15 pmI hope you do not mind, I linked to this entry in a cabbage entry of my own! If your friend loves it with the mustard added, maybe the two of you have invented a new condiment! I also wanted to make a comment about probiotics being killed off during the cooking process. Amy says: July 12, 2012 at 10:15 amDoes freezing the sauerkraut kill the beneficial probiotics?
Igualmente, es cuando se observa la falta de menstruacion, cuando se suelen confirmar las sospechas del embarazo. De hecho se sabe de muchas mujeres que quedan dormidas en sus horas de trabajo por la intensidad del sueño que genera el embarazo en esta etapa. Pero depende de cada cuerpo la manifestación de estos cambios, que pueden aparecer desde lo casi imperceptible a lo altamente intenso.
Es aquí cuando muchas mujeres acuden al doctor obteniendo un veredicto insospechado, como lo puede ser el embarazo.
I want to talk today about about portions, size of, quality, amount, and etc.How much should we eat? I love this time of year not only because of the holidays but also because usually during the winter months I have less allergies.
What do I want to learn next year?"My usual answer: " I learned that I need to have a better a behavior! It can add pounds overnight, immediately limit your fashion choices and force you to resort to your ‘fat’ wardrobe.
The chief culprits range from food intolerances, constipation, too much alcohol, too much salt, eating too quickly or munching on too many gas-causing foods such as baked beans.
Also, go to the toilet when you get the urge; resisting can muck up your digestive system further. If the balance gets out of kilter your system will slow down, which can cause lots of gas in your gut.
Apples, pears and rhubarb are a great source of potassium, which helps rebalance your body’s fluid levels. There’s evidence that taking 1,000 mg of calcium a day (the recommended daily allowance is 700 mg) may improve problems concerning water retention. 8, 2012 I had a live blood microscopy with Rick Panson, a microbiologist, at the Live-Live store in NYC. I talked to people who made their own, I read about how to make sauerkraut and watched some videos. The second time I put in too much salt, but I made both white and red cabbage sauerkraut, and the red cabbage kraut is such a cool color that’s all I want to make. An easy and effective way to get the stain off is to rub a cut lemon on your skin where it’s stained and then rinse your hands. You can also use a mandoline* A or food processor to slice the cabbage as finely as you can.
Using your hands massage the salt into the cabbage by grabbing handfuls of the cabbage and squeezing it like you would squeeze out a large sponge then let go and drop the cabbage back into the bowl. Grab a few handfuls of cabbage and put them into the jar and add a bit of the brine, just to the top of the cabbage. Your fermentation time may vary depending on the temperature and how fermented you like your kraut.
Because the blade is so sharp slicing is quick and easy, but it’s also easy to slice your finger.
The products and information mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They made huge amounts in crocks, that they put into cold cellars so it would take a quite a while to ferment, but it would preserve for longer.
Often they will appear between the shreds of cabbage, so what I do is every day, while it’s fermenting, I push the cabbage down to push the bubbles out.
So I’ve pushed the cabbage down into the jar and removed some of the cabbage and not the brine. I had been doing well with pushing the kraut under the brine but the last couple days I forgot to check (I started it two weeks ago) and when I looked this morning the brine is well below the cabbage and its drying out on top.
If you don’t push down the cabbage frequently enough when the fermentation is really going it can overflow the brine, then you end up with too little a few days later. I’m excited to see so many people making their own sauerkraut, I was afraid it was becoming a lost art.
We have a system down and can shred 200 pounds of cabbage in a couple of hours using two triple bladed mandolines.
Those who’ve made their own loved having the pictures to help them remember the process. We make it in a 5 gallon plastic pail and had the leaves over the top, then a plate for weight.
I was very interested (and saddened) to learn that heating the kraut kills the beneficial bacteria. The mixed red and white cabbage sauerkraut I made was a much more intense pink than in your photo. I don’t know what could have gone wrong, you definitely should have had nice tart sauerkraut in that time.
I read recently that foods with natural probiotics, like sauerkraut, are still really beneficial when cooked (still more beneficial than eating plain cabbage for example). This is a plug-in that allows you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave feedback!
Por eso, a continuacion, se presentan los sintomas en esta etapa de la maternidad e informacion sobre el desarrollo del bebe. And I usually thing about an activity that i would like to learn such mountain climbing, tennis and etc.
The sand on the beaches were so soft and warm(the complete opposite of Nice's beaches which were hard and cold).
You can buy supplements from the chemist or eat a bio yoghurt or yoghurt-based drink everyday.
Try papaya, too, which contains enzymes such as papain that can be good for your digestion, particularly if you’ve been eating lots of rich meaty foods.
Avoid adding salt to your meals, but also cut back on ready meals and processed foods, which often contain tons of salt. Try evening primrose oil and vitamin B6 supplements too to help minimise those grim PMS symptoms.

Take the outer cabbage leaf you saved at the beginning and fold it up so that it will just fit inside the mouth of the jar. That helps it ferment better and ensures that the cabbage is kept under the brine level and helps prevent the brine from overflowing your container. Once the sauerkraut gets to the point that you like it, put it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process. The information and statements found here are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional. Since I lived in Korea for a year, I came to love the taste of their version of spicy fermented cabbage (kimchee) and make that all the time.
And a German friend tried some and said it was delicious and just like she remembered from her childhood – what a compliment! If it still smells okay (not rotten) then give it a chance, it is probably just fermenting more slowly because of the cold. I love the red cabbage sauerkraut too, I have made one mixed batch and gotten that amazing pink color too. My friends are usually shocked at how easy it is to make when I invite them over for a demonstration. The bucket was at our daughter’s house but they are aware that it needs to be under the brine and had only poured off a little to transport it to our house. The kraut is still crunchy, but too salty for my taste, and it doesn’t have the tart or sour taste I was hoping for.
The amount of research and experimentation that Sandor Katz has put into that book is just amazing. I just put it in a couple big jars and put it in the fridge, then passed one on to my friend, he likes it with mustard.
The reason I like winter because the weather is a little gloomy and we spent more time inside and I get a chance to play with my toys.
There are so many yummy foods: pizzas, burgers, chips, hot dogs, cold cuts, frozen yogurts and so many others yummy foods from other countries.
I love the experience of simply walking down the street and being able to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from the street cards. This multi-vitamin is made out of real fruits and vegetables,and that is why it is called The Raw Vitamin. The tree branches looked like dancers in the trees.In the park that we went to was very peaceful. It really helps pull your stomach up and in and is a great way to get your waist back after having a baby. He spent an hour going over what he saw in my blood as well as giving me pointers that would move me into a greater state of health. You want to use it almost like a lid to keep the sliced cabbage pressed down underneath the brine.
I’ve had some last for about 2 months before I ate it all, and it just kept maturing and getting better.
The longer you leave it to mature in the fridge, the sweeter it becomes, although it’s not a sugary sweetness. I see that there are bubbles forming in the cabbage bringing the cabbage to the top and expanding the volume in the bottle, causing the overflow. It’s been pretty warm in your house, so your sauerkraut is going to be done very soon.
I have yet to find anyone who has eaten my frozen kraut comment on the texture, but I get non-stop requests for more to take home, please, just a little.
If anything leaks out of my jar, it will touch and start corroding the metal, but there is no way it could leak back into the jar after touching the metal. I would encourage anyone thinkning about trying their hand at this to give it a try – what do you have to lose? It is really easy to make, but if you have never made it before, and never seen it made even, then it can be a bit daunting for many people.
This year the farm produced 4 pound heads of cabbage – which is great because you have fewer hearts to throw away.
Is there any way it could have gotten too hot during the time it was fermenting, maybe killing off the beneficial bacteria? I took a couple of samples and added a small amount of rice vinegar to one and cider vinegar to the other. For the bubbles, I usually use a wooden spoon to press the cabbage down and force the bubbles out.
However, this year, it seems that this is not the case, and my allergies are still in "full bloom".My parents tried various things to help me with my symptoms. The fruits and vegetables are not simply displayed on the street cards they made look the most attractive and inviting. And in most cases it’s pasteurized, which means all the healthy probiotic bacteria that make sauerkraut so much more awesome and easily digestible than just plain cabbage have been killed off. Well, I finally got up the courage to try, and found out that making sauerkraut is so easy! I often use this technique for cabbage and kale when I’m making a salad, sometimes adding a bit of olive oil and massaging that in as well. Continue to pack the cabbage into the jar in this way, a few handfuls at a time until you nearly reach the top of the jar.
Also if you taste a little, the taste and texture will be different when it starts fermenting, it gets softer (not so crunchy) and will become a little sour at first. I keep thinking there is a place in the local farmer’s market for some of this gourmet food.
The only thing I would say is that if you heat the sauerkraut it will kill the beneficial bacteria. I think even with the mason jar type lids, if the lid was new, they are coated with enamel or something, and thin strip of rubber for the seal where it touches the glass. I have only ever eaten sauerkraut once (!) and so I don’t know whether I could tell by smell if its gone bad or not. Taste it and see, I reckon it’s done when it tastes good to you ?Y™‚ You can just take the dry stuff off the top, the rest that is under the brine is probably fine.
We usually can anywhere from 50 to 100 quarts so that we can enjoy it all year long and still have some to share. Those are the only things I can think of that may have resulted in the batch not fermenting properly.
Can you send me the recipe in your pickle book, through the contact form on my site, and I’ll see if there’s anything that might explain your results? These foods do not sound very healthy, and majority of them are more "comfort foods", but there are some secret super "heroes" on this list.Did you know that fermented foods are a good source of beneficial bacteria that our gut needs to digest our food. It feels like fruits and vegetables are having their own couture show and they are determined to get attention of the public.
I kew that I have allergies, and I knew that vitamins help me to be stronger; probiotics helped me to keep my gut flora "in balance" as my mom says, but the other supplements that I was taking I did not really know why they are important. It is one thing to have lab work and testing, and quite another to witness firsthand what is transpiring in your blood. You can add more of the brine that you removed back, maybe don’t fill it quite so full.
On occasion I have sauted a veggie sausage and added it to my kraut and with mashed potatoes: heaven.
As I said, we love sauerkraut and know that it definitely has a distinct smell but this was different. I never heat my sauerkraut because it kills all of the beneficial bacteria, so instead of being a healthy, living food, the only food value would be that of the cooked cabbage. I gave some to a friend and he said it was ok, but then he put some mustard on it and said it was delicious and he wants all I will give him. The other thing is that if you have too much liquid, you can remove some brine, but save it in the fridge because invariably you’ll need to add it back in later as the cabbage ferments a bit more and absorb some of the brine back in. I have had it in the jar 3 days now, 1 or 2 times a day i take off the lid (its screwed on) and push the cabbage down under the brine. Fruits and berries are packed in cute elegant packages that you can not resist but to pick up and you can not wait but to try it right there. Everyone I know who has lived in Korea, or spent time there and leaves to live somewhere else really misses the kimchee.
When it’s ready, the texture will be softer than with raw cabbage, and it will not be very salty, and it will be more tart.
You might want to save whatever doesn’t fit, store it in the fridge, in case you need it later. So I’m thinking if the lid was new, or otherwise not scratch or corroded, it should be food safe (because think about canning tomatoes, they are very corrosive too and they would be touching the inside of the lid), even if the brine touched it. I alternated the cabbage and salt, mixed it with my hands then tamped each layer as tightly as I could in between. It is not cheap, but my parents decided to buy it after they read multiple reviews and spoke with some people who have been using it for some time. It is interesting but I did not see any segregation between produce being organic and non organic. This supplement my Mom mixes with a little bit of water and it looks like milk but it taste like water. And I chop all the cabbage by hand, so if you use a mandoline* or food processor it won’t take that long at all. Then taking some of the stuff under the brine out, and comparing the two both by smell and taste. I continued to tamp down the entire amount until I got fluid coming up, covered it with a heavy plate and sat a gallon jug filled with water on top as a weight, covered it with a towel and placed it in a corner in my kitchen.
I had to put 2 different jars of pickles back on the shelve before I found the one that just had pickles, sea salt, dill and vinegar. My parents usually eat very healthy foods, but for the holidays my Mom buys all these yummy things and I just LOSS control and can not stop eating. It looked very cool and was not making much noise it was, and it was difficult to imagine that it was actually working. I also did not see any labels that would indicate the origin of the produce such as Mexico, Chilie, etc.
My mom says that L-glutamine are the "building blocks" that our body uses to repair our gut.
When the ice cream was brought to our table it was covered in smoke, which I later learn was due to presence of dry ice.
In fact, if you could bring a BBQ to the market and sell veggie sausages with sauerkraut and nice homemade whole-grain mustard… wow, I would buy one from you!
So, see what you think given what your setup looks like, do you think it was even possible for the brine to touch the metal and end up back in the jar? It has made a good amount of brine and I have weighted it and covered it with a towel, which is the procedure I followed last time.

Ohhhh, it tasted so good and so rich with flavor!The other healthy item that we had last night for dinner was Russian dessert- hot tea with honey and lemon. We had it for  a few days when my Mom started questioning how affective the Air Filter was.
There was no other labels but the name of the produce and the price per 1 kg,which is 2.2 lbs.
Probiotics protect the natural environment in your digestive system, so it can work well.
She showed me a research article that showed that this supplement is very effective for people with allergies but also for anyone who is getting older, has reflux, indigestion, etc.My second supplement is called Moducare from Thorne. At the bottom of the page are images that various people suffering with Morgellons graciously contributed to this site.A note on the photos. I also chop it up a bit and use it in recipes that call for pickles, like this Raw Pate made from Sunflower Seeds and Walnuts.
And you would probably sell jars of the sauerkraut and mustard too once people have had a taste. I am not going to comment on the prices as I do not know if the produced I saw and tasted was organic. Rick provided me with photos for this page and I've filled in some of the gaps with screen grabs taken from the video that was taping our session.Nov. Any suggestions as to what I might have done wrong, or anything I can do this time around to get the tart, sour taste I want? There are several stages of microorganisms? here which include yeast, bacteria and fibrin, fungus and mold.
By the way, my 3 Chihuahua’s love it, lol, they were fighting over pieces I dropped on floor while packing it into a couple of jars to give my friend. Oh, by the way, my Chihuahua’s sit right at my feet everytime they seem me pull the crock out to check it now, toooo funny. In the background are 'shadow cells' which were healthy red blood cells that 'popped' due to the loss of their phospolipid membranes.
This can occur from an acid producing diet, and poor assimilation of nutrients.Rick's comments "Healthy blood cells will be perfectly round, nice and dark with a glowing halo around them. Their bodies have to deal with challenges all day and that is why body makes more cortisol.
Usually, if they have enough moisture inside them they are fully round because there is more pressure inside the cell then outside.""These 'shadow' or ghost cells were once perfectly healthy cells, you can see by their shape and color that they were—and they've now disappeared into the background. The number of the performing artists that are advertised through fliers and posters can be compared to amount of fliers that we get during the re-election campaign. It can overwhelm your body and cause a burn out of your adrenal glands (glands that make cortisol), it will weaken immune system and slow down person's recovery. Every cell in the body has a double membrane of fat made up of phospholipids, a two layer membrane. So Thorne research team showed that people who take Moducare have better control over their cortisol levels even when they are under chronic stress.How do you start your day? The acids can disentegrate the cell membrane as well as when your body ferments sugar, alcohol is the byproduct, and alcohol can easily melt the cell membrane.""Whatever is happening in the blood cells is happening to the rest of the body. Clotted mass of blood cells due to changes in the cells polarity, loss of natural negative electrical charge. When there are this many cells and this little water, we are looking at the hydration level of the body.
These nets act as a defense mechanism for the bacteria so that the white blood cells can't get to them. There is no doubt that that is not part of normal healthy blood, and it's way bigger then what I think could survive in your cardiovascular system without being filtered out by your filter organs. That's why I don't think it's a fiber, per se, because it's so big compared to everything else. From a biology point of view, my best guess is that it would be a contaminent that has nothing to do with you. The red blood cells are fermenting as the yeast eats the cell itself.Above: Neutrophils You go guys! The other arrow is free-floating yeast, and you can see there is quite a bit of it in the blood. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the most important and most effective alkalizer your body makes to try and keep alkaline balance. This is not the greatest water filter but what it does is alkaline the water, so instead of drinking water that is pH 5 or 6, one is drinking water with a pH of 8-10 giving the body a running start on staying alkaline.
The benefits of this water are it's antioxidant properties which nullify free radical scavengers, plus the extra oxygen in the water is supposed to give energy and boost alertness and memory.Candida detox Next on the plate is to tackle the candida with capyrilic acid and olive leaf extract (for about 2 months).
I'm just going to take the recommended dosages on the bottles adding in one teaspoon of l-glutamine powder per day. The glutamine assists in strengthening the gut wall and helps patch any holes left by the yeast (which could lead to leaky gut syndrome and the problems it leads to, such as food allergies and parasites) Respiration "The biggest acid you make everyday is carbonic acid. Every cell in your body is producing carbon dioxide from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head that is also surrounded by water and the carbon dioxide plus water makes carbonic acid, that's a very simple thing to keep in mind.
By looking for acid based balance the amount of acid produced per day must be equal to the amount excreted or nutralized per day. The thing that is happening is, if your body can't neutralize or eliminate the acid you stay at that level, you can't go beyond that level of health.
You are taking the chest cavity, ribs and the lungs and trying to get them to be fantastic. Do 10 deep breaths a day 3x's a day (with long exhalation), in one month you are going to have a respiratory function that is 10%-15% better then you have now. Which means 10%-15% more energy and 10-15% less fermentation because fermentation only takes place where there is no oxygen.
It's the greatest tool you have and it's free."Alkalizing with baking soda "The methods of getting rid of acidity from the body are respiration, perspiration, defecation and urination.
Rick gave me a great little tool (from the vet) that allows me to carry the soda in my back pocket making it more convienient to take. This is problematic for those of us taking supplements upon rising which are not supposed to be taken with clay.
However, I'm trying to fit it in somewhere along the line.Magnesium oxide also called Oxy-Mag (NOW makes it).
The process of oxygenating the bowel breaks down and eliminates solidified waste lodged in the large and small intestines.
Beware, if you take it (up to one teaspoon at night in water with the juice of 1-2 lemons), you must leave time the next morning to eliminate fully. Rick says that eventually this watery stool will cease when the body is cleaned of accumulated waste.
I try and do this once a week.Food During our session together I became increasingly confused about food. All those veggies will eventually turn to sugar so they have to be balanced out with oils and proteins. I was told by Nancy that each meal should have a carb, oil and protein and have been following that for some time. Rick has said the same thing and suggested I start the day with a chia smoothie."The perfect breakfast would be 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, ground to be chia meal with 2 tablespoons of chlorophyl, (spirulina, chlorella or grass powders (greener grasses, alkavision greens).
Ground flax seeds can be added." "Chlorophyll is very cleansing and is a blood builder and it has a molecular structure that looks almost identical to red blood cells.
When you take the chia seed and the flax seeds which are 28% protein 40-50% omega 3 fatty acids, that's very little carbohydrate there. The greens are 100% carbohydrate and when you mix them together, now you have carbs that burn like paper and you've got fats and oils, with proteins that don't really burn.
The fats and oils are like the charcoal—now you have a sustained burn going on and then you don't ferment the sugars because the coal, the fatty acids, are there. So that breakfast with the chia seeds or flax seeds, or both, and any of those chlorophyls you are using can be a very beneficial superfood breakfast.
They time release and give it back to you so you have have nice long sustained energy with oils, proteins and carbs all day. You'd be surprised, you don't need a lot of food, what you need is the right food."Rick suggested the more chia seeds used, the less hungry one will be. In fact, chia seeds have the highest known whole-food source levels of Omega-3 acids, as measured by percent of weight.• ?Rich In Antioxidants.
Chia is a great natural source of antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin and flavonols.• Full of Important Nutrients. Chia is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper. About five percent of this fiber is soluble, which can help reduce cholesterol.•  Builds Endurance. Chia builds stamina and endurance because it steadily releases slow-burning glucose into the bloodstream.• ?Gluten-Free.
Since essential amino acids are not produced by the body, it's important to get amino acids from nutrient-rich sources like chia seeds. Research suggests leucine may help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in muscle recovery after exercise.• ?Stays Fresh.
16, 2012 • 2nd Live blood microscopyI saw Rick for a second live blood analysis on November 16, 2012.
No ghost cells, no rouleax or sticky blood, the red blood cells are fuller, look stronger and are hydrated. Candida has been greatly reduced in just 2+ months.?The treatment of olive leaf extract, caprylic acid and l-glutamine powder as per his suggestion for candida is working. I began addressing it by taking one capsule of both the olive leaf and caprylic acid plus one heaping tsp. After I was sure I had no reactions to this, upped the dosage to 2 caps of each with one tsp.
That is not to say that the Morgellons has been effected, we saw two fibers in the dried blood samples.
There seemed to me to be more bacteria in the blood and the white blood cells although they are strong and were very active were not plentiful.
I attribute the lower level of white blood cell activity to the fact that I was more sedentary these past two months then normally due to a foot problem that kept me off it.
Rick suggested that I do lymphatic drainage work using a brush or mitt, followed by getting on a rebounder to jumpstart the lymph moving. He feels that getting the lymphatics going will produce more white blood cells to remove the bacteria from the blood.The chia seeds in the morning are wonderful. Rick suggests way to activate more white blood cell activity by way of the lymphatic system.

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