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Today I will share a little more details on supplements and products that I am using to help with PCOS and acne. From all my research, here is a list of some supplements that can help with both PCOS and acne.
Now that might seem like a lot of supplements and I know supplements are a controversial topic. About one week on Estroblock — among all the other supplements listed above that I am still taking. I use activated charcoal on face as spot treatment and brush teeth with it a few times a week. One thing I’m still curious about is your makeup choices, and whether you feel this is something that has affected your skin? Ive shared your posts with so many people—youve helped more than you will ever realize. Thank you so much for sharing all this, I’ve really been struggling with my acne lately and this gives me some ideas of new things to try.
Laura sorry to hear that you are having acne issues as well, so far the Estroblock as really helped!
May 2, 2012 by Barry Lutz TweetPrebiotics and probiotics are important nutritional health aspects for your digestive system, but they are only part of providing your system with the best possible digestive health.  This is because even though they are beneficial, there are other digestive components that are not available in the prebiotics and probiotics alone.
So, let’s take a look at what prebiotics and probiotics do, and then how they are limited in giving your digestive system the balance that is necessary. Your digestive health is dependent upon the bacteria in your system, and whether the good bacteria or bad bacteria that is found there is the strongest. Probiotics can be define as beneficial micro-organisms, or good bacteria, found in your digestive tract that are needed in greater strength than harmful bacterial, to keep these from causing a wide range of health problems and disease. Prebiotics are a group of non-digestible carbohydrates found in different foods that are responsible for providing the necessary ‘food’ that the probiotics need to remain stronger than the harmful bacterial. So, eat plenty of probiotics and prebiotics, and as a result you will have a digestive system that is flourishing with good bacteria to keep you from having any digestive health problems – what is the problem with that? Even if it was that simple, it is very difficult to get an adequate quantity of prebiotics and probiotics from your diet.  And something else to consider – the probiotics or good bacteria is naturally occurring in your system.  So, what else may be wrong with your digestive health that you would need to add more, and will prebiotics alone solve any problems? Prebiotics are found in foods like leeks, bananas, Jerusalem artichoke, and the largest prebiotic content by weight is in chicory root. And do recognize that these foods are best eaten raw, and that a large percentage of the prebiotics could be in the stem or skin.  Then consider whether there could be other nutritional health implications if you did eat an adequate quantity. For instance, you need to eat around 1.3 pounds of bananas if that was the only prebiotic food you would eat – which would then add an excessive amount of carbohydrate calories and sugar to your diet. These foods include yogurt, tempeh, and miso.  For myself, I don’t eat yogurt – like many people, I have digestive problem with yogurt, and most of what people buy have large amounts of sugar.
There is also an issue regarding whether the probiotics are really alive, and how much was really included.  The heat from pasteurization is likely going to kill the prebiotics, and there also isn’t any requirement of set standard for the quantity of probiotics that must be added to call it a probiotic food. I can’t say that I have ever eaten tempeh or miso to know what it tastes like, or how my stomach might react to it. I also know that tempeh and miso are both derived from fermenting soybeans, and I do not include soy products in what I eat.  Soy proteins are supposed to be more digestible after being fermented, but I would choose other alternatives if I wanted to add more probiotics to my system. I asked the question above – what may be wrong with your digestive health if you need to add more probiotics since they occur naturally in your system?
Answers to that question are related to why prebiotics and probiotics alone are not effective for promoting balanced digestive health, along with some major differences between prebiotic foods and prebiotic supplements. Adding prebiotics only, which could be done in sufficient supply by taking a prebiotics fiber supplement, are not going to solve the problems of why probiotics may be ‘taken-over’ by the harmful bacteria.
This is important for helping you to digest your foods at a pace that will facilitate how your system breaks down the foods you eat, and allow your body to better absorb the included nutrients – this function also applies to absorbing more of the nutrients from you nutritional health supplements. Do note that insoluble fiber, like is found in prebiotic foods and prebiotic only supplements, is not the same as soluble fiber.
The digestive enzymes are instrumental into breaking down these proteins.  Like soluble fiber, this will further help your body to absorb and use the food nutrients – and especially work to completely digest the proteins, and lower the digestive health risks when they remain undigested. These balance digestive health components are unique, because they work directly with prebiotics to create the best environment for the good bacteria in your system.  Phenolics can directly answer the question about what is happening to your naturally occurring probiotics. The best digestive health comes from a balance in your system of the 4 components discussed, and these cannot all be supplied by prebiotic and probiotic foods only.  This makes a natural nutritional health supplement that includes all of these and important addition to your diet, if you are having any digestive problems. A probiotic supplement can be effective for increasing good bacteria, which would especially be important for replacing them if you just had to take antibiotics – but it wouldn’t have the prebiotics to nourish them, let alone the other components. So, I have 2 digestive health supplements for you to consider:  (1) Probiotic All-Flora (2)  Kiwi-Klenz Prebiotics Supplement.
What I like about this probiotic supplement is that it has 9 different strains of live bacteria.  This is a far greater digestive health and immune system benefit than many probiotic supplements or foods that may only have a ‘basic’ Lactobacillus strain added to it. These additional strains should also lead to greater effectiveness by being able exist better with all the acid in your stomach, along with being able to ferment more carbohydrates in your system, which will produce additional lactic acid that aids in digestion.
And these supplements also include prebiotics in them from organic Jerusalem artichoke inulin, and organic apple – giving prebiotics support to the probiotics, and a synergistic combination that would be more effective than a probiotics supplement only. Kiwi-Klenz is a prebiotics digestive health supplement that contains the 4 needed components for giving balanced digestive health. This may seem like a lot of extra work, and it is something that other kiwi fruit supplements aren’t doing – but it is what is necessary to ensure that all the prebiotics, digestive enzymes, soluble fiber, and phenolics digestive components are being maximized to help give best balanced digestive health. Prebiotic Foods and Prebiotic Supplement Differences TweetPrebiotics are strongly related to your digestive health – however, there are some key differences in effectiveness between getting the prebiotics through foods that contain them, or from taking a prebiotics supplement. Prebiotic Supplements Digestive Enzymes And Protein Digestion Taking a prebiotics supplement can be very beneficial for your digestive health.
Prebiotics Probiotics And The Effect Antibiotics Has On Them Prebiotics and probiotics provide an important synergy for your digestive health, as the probiotics are your beneficial bacteria, and the prebiotics nourish them so they can flourish.
About Barry LutzAlthough my 'day job' is day trading and money management - my 'passion' is nutrition and fitness, especially after a serious health scare.

Leptin is your body's #1 fat burning hormone, because it controls literally everything related to weight loss. To effectively burn fat, you need a systematic fat loss plan to follow that is based on the science of metabolism, along with leptin and insulin sensitivity.
Digestive health problems come from an imbalance between healthy probiotics and bad bacteria that is toxic to your system.
This video talks about the diseases and issues to your health that comes from toxic bugs in your belly, and what can be done to get rid of them to have the best possible digestive health. Learn how a unique blend of 5 special ingredients can help control your blood sugar and insulin levels when eating carbohydrates.
Many people assume that the only people at risk of heart disease are elderly, overweight men.
Green lipped mussel powder is natural whole food source for omega-3 essentially fatty acids, which are nutrients that are known to inhibit and reduce inflammation. This website is an affiliate for some of the providers of goods and services mentioned on this website. January 5, 2015 Jennifer Lance 2 Comments I can eat foods I thought I was sensitive to, I have more energy, my weight doesn’t fluctuate, and I sleep better.
However, mounting evidence reveals that other key aspects of diet — when and how often people eat — can also play a major role in health. Ancient hunter-gatherers often ate only intermittently, the researchers noted in their article. Such intermittent fasting could consist of eating 500 calories or less either two days each week, or every other day, or not eating breakfast and lunch several days each week, the researchers said. Prior research suggests that in animals, intermittent fasting can fend off or even reverse such illnesses as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders. Dietary restriction has been shown to have several health benefits including increased insulin sensitivity, stress resistance, reduced morbidity, and increased life span. Although major research efforts have focused on how specific components of foodstuffs affect health, relatively little is known about a more fundamental aspect of diet, the frequency and circadian timing of meals, and potential benefits of intermittent periods with no or very low energy intakes. Our ethos is to provide news, information, and opinions on natural, green parenting to help your family live a more healthy life! Jennifer is a vegetarian, yoga teacher, gardener, avid hiker, former teacher, and mother that has been living off-the-grid for over 20 years.
I invested thousands of dollars in vitamin supplements, Probiotics and Flagyl, Dificid and Vancomycin.
How many FMT treatments did you need to see initial results and the results you have today? I had my first FMT treatment 4 years after I contracted C- Diff in my doctors office through a Sigmoid, so it would be paid for. Were there other perpetuating factors in your illness or illnesses, or was your only issue a bacterial imbalance?
My experience with the first transplant in the doctors office was uncomfortable, because of the air flow with Sigmoid. My funny story is, my husband went to pick up the donor sample and accidently picked up the Sloppy Joe mix sitting on the counter top, and had to go back.
My darkest moment: Brings tears to my eyes, I talked about my burial plans as I was dying, gave away some of my belongings. What advice do you have for others to deal with the fear and (perceived) risk about FMT, in the face of scepticism from treating doctors, friends and family? The time between the failed FMT in the doctors office, and the 5 treatments I did at home was about a month..
Yes, I have been constipated after my treatments of FMT, but I believe I just had C Diff too long ( 4 years ) so I think my lower colon muscles were damaged. Please remember that information on the PoP website does not take the place of medical advice. So I added antioxidants supplements to my routine along with my fermented cod liver oil, probiotic, and vitex. It works on your pituitary gland, and helps it regulate its own hormone production, which can get your progesterone and good estrogens back in balance. Through all my hormone test over the years I have always had low progesterone so I had a feeling that Vitex would help. They are kind of pricey, but its a small price to pay when the ingredients are completely natural.
So far 2 double-blinded studies have shown it can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, both of which are implicated in acne and PCOS. High insulin and amino acid levels combined lead to maximal activation of the mTor pathway, which is sort of a master regulator in acne. I would have a hard time talking about it, I really appreciate everything you’re sharing. While we make every effort to ensure the facts are correct, we are not a source of medical advice.
It also contains other beneficial ingredients like IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate), graviola and black raspberry. In fact, the most common eating pattern in modern societies of three meals daily, plus snacks, is abnormal from the perspective of human evolution, an international group of researchers wrote in an article published online Nov. This suggests that the ability to function at a high level both physically and mentally during extended periods without food may have been crucial in human evolution, and that the human body may have adapted to perform at its best with intermittent fasting.
Animal studies suggest that intermittent fasting provides these benefits by allowing the body to respond better to stress that might otherwise damage it. The mechanism remains unknown, but the need for a long-term reduction in caloric intake to achieve these benefits has been assumed. The most common eating pattern in modern societies, three meals plus snacks every day, is abnormal from an evolutionary perspective. I went through this on-going process for 4 years and lost my health, independence, my friends and 68 pounds.

It has been 16 months now I am well, and I went through so many regiments for constipation.
I have now completed a knee replacement using Vancomyocin Infusion as my antibiotic in August of 2015. I also had 1 FMT via colonoscopy and thankfully I’m going 1-2x a day, but my stool is still very soft (loose) and I have abdominal pain that is relieved by a bowel movement. I have been eating whole foods for a long time with limited processed foods and was not seeing much improvements that’s why I started taking some of these supplements. Though I know from what I have read about it just like Vitex it takes awhile to really start working. I love that you give real updates on your progress and now your experimentation with supplements. And there’s one study that showed nice reduction in acne with Berberine supplementation. Mine seems to be on the mend but I still get deep, cystic, painful breakouts around my chin every month. Quick question: are you consulting a professional for which supplements to take or doing your own research and experimentation with everything?
For example, fasting could starve tumors, reduce inflammation, or improve the removal of damaged molecules and other components of cells, the researchers said. Emerging findings from studies of animal models and human subjects suggest that intermittent energy restriction periods of as little as 16 h can improve health indicators and counteract disease processes. I explained my dying problem and why I needed to replace my bacteria with a good bacterial balance.
I would help anyone, I was isolated and alone, I knew no one with C-Diff.  I looked in the mirror and saw bones, C-Diff ate my muscles, deprived me of nutrients, I was in a wheel chair. You mention that you had one fecal microbiota implant performed by your doctor and the you did five implants at home but you did not mention the time between the implant by your doctor and the home implants nor do you mention the time period over which the five home implants were performed.
But after my last acne update post when I share supplements that helped – a few weeks after that my cystic hormonal acne came back- with vengeance. It took a good 3 months of taking Vitex for me to see it helping, so I am being patient with the results with Estroblock. I’m just starting out researching and trying to find some natural supplements to take. Thought, you are already taking a lot of supplements, so not sure if Berberine could provide any additional help.
In the meantime, I’ve had acupuncture and it works wonders too (acupuncture is highly effective in managing hormone issues).
It contains a combination of essential nutrients, traditional herbs, and proprietary blends, including pomegranate juice, noni juice, capsicum, dandelion, B-vitamins, and more. Nevertheless, intermittentfasting resulted in beneficial effects that met or exceeded those of caloric restriction including reduced serum glucose and insulin levels and increased resistance of neurons in the brain to excitotoxic stress. Intermittentfasting therefore has beneficial effects on glucose regulation and neuronal resistance to injury in these mice that are independent of caloric intake.
The mechanisms involve a metabolic shift to fat metabolism and ketone production, and stimulation of adaptive cellular stress responses that prevent and repair molecular damage. He told me his hands were tied because of the laws in California restricted him from doing them in the hospital. Not sure why, maybe it was diet related but I feel I did not really change my diet all the much. My doctor suggested Metformin, for the insulin resistance, however I want to look at more natural alternatives first.
Ningxia Red has a SOD (superoxide neutralizing capacity) that is extremely high 363 compared to Tahitian Noni 1, Via Viente 2, Goyin 8, Xango 9, G3 43, Himilayan Goji 68. As data on the optimal frequency and timing of meals crystalizes, it will be critical to develop strategies to incorporate those eating patterns into health care policy and practice, and the lifestyles of the population. I had a tough time finding a doctor that would do surgery on someone like me who nearly died from C Diff.
So I am hopeful that with more weeks of doing what I am doing I hope to see even more improvements. My GI doctor would rather I use more natural products, but I was tired of stomach pain and planning my day around enemas.
My GI doctor helped locate a surgeon, I found one at USC, although he too was hesitant with causing me to get sick.
Now I can cheat every now and then and have grains but only because my blood sugar and hormones have balances. The Vitex and Estroblock might be a better alternative for me and I’ll look in to those. Today, Genesis PURE™ offers the next generation in silver technology with a patented SilverSol, nano-particle formulation.Genesis PURE Silver is formulated to provide support with 10ppm (parts per million) of silver. Superoxide is the body’s most aggressive source of destructive oxidation and inflammation, which destroy vital cells. I feel like there’s too much and not enough information out there about alternative supplements for PCOS, if that makes sense. View Ingredients1 teaspoon (five pumps) daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Genesis PURE™ Fruit & Fiber Mix is a proprietary blend of multiple fiber sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
This unique blend contains a variety of health-promoting fruits, berries, herbs, and other plants.

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