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While only about 30 percent of those suffering with heartburn experience total relief when they change over to a special diet, you may very well be part of that minority. Depending on the cause of your digestive symptoms, a quick snack may be all you need to squelch the problem quickly.
Certain herbs have been used for centuries to cure digestive related issues, and you can conveniently take them in supplement form. What Causes the Reaction Grapefruit contains a chemical called furanocoumarins which is responsible to trigger the reaction. Who are at Risks People who are on medication of drugs like cholesterol-reducing statins, antibiotics, calcium and channel blockers, cancer drugs, and immune suppressant are at high risk. The effect of taking these drugs with grapefruit juice is so harmful that anyone can ever imagine.
Which are the Drugs that Interact with Grapefruit Juice Drugs that mostly interact with grapefruit juice are; stains, antihistamines, Calcium channel blockers (felodipine and nifedipine), psychiatric drugs (buspirone and sertraline), immune suppressants (cyclosporine, Prograf), methadone, Viagra, anti-HIV drugs, and antiarrhythmics. Safety Precautions Though some drugs like plendil, procardia, simvastatin, valium, versed, sandimmune, sertraline and buspar are not included in the list, avoid combining intake of these drugs with grapefruit juice. These drugs have less interaction with grapefruit juice, but as we know that even a glass of grapefruit juice increases the chance of reduction of the intestinal enzyme, that regulates absorption, by 47 percent. Do not take grapefruit at different times if you are taking medicines as interaction still may occur.
Moreover, the effect of grapefruit juice is so powerful that even after drinking the juice several hours before taking the medicines, it can trigger the interaction. For instants, drug statin produces 330 percent higher systemic concentration of the drug in the body of person who drinks 200 ml of grapefruit juice once a day in contrast to when they take water.
Take the matter into your own hands by learning about the best heartburn home remedies and putting them to good use whenever you need to. Managing weight is no easy task, but it will help you to control heartburn, along with a host of other health benefits.
This can help to balance the acids in your stomach, thus reducing the incidents of reflux you must endure.

Slippery elm, for example, is known to soothe symptoms, because it coats the tissue lining the esophagus.
But many of us are unaware of its negative effects when consumed along with some medicines. Drugs used for the treatment of blood pressure, cholesterol, antidepressant are more susceptible to react with grapefruit juice.
This chemical interferes with the enzymes that are used for the breakdown of the drugs in the digestive system.
Also, the low tolerance power of older people against drug accumulation compared to younger people is another reason. Consuming one tablet with a glass of grape fruit juice is similar to taking 20 tablets with a glass of water. So it better to avoid taking these medicines along with grapefruit juice rather to repent later.
Also avoid taking certain citrus fruits that also has similar effects like Seville oranges as it may also cause interaction with the drugs. We can imagine from this example how much intake grapefruit juice is dangerous when combine with medicines. Your mileage may vary, so be willing to experiment a little until you find your personal solution. Particularly with a larger midsection area, the stomach sustains extra pressure that inevitably leads to gas, bloating and painful heartburn. While they may be some of your favorites, they’re not doing much for your digestive track.
It can also work to regulate you, which is very helpful to most people with digestive issues. It may shock many that a fruit, which is commonly used to prepare marmalade, limes and pomelos can actually be dangerous, if taken with certain medicines. Let’s study the topic in details to avoid any complications while taking any drugs with grapefruit juice.

Due to this, the medicines stays for longer time in the body causing adverse side effects like kidney damage, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, respiratory failure, and even death. From this example, one can infer how dangerous drinking grapefruit juice along with certain drugs is. Dropping a few pounds will literally work wonders for the way you feel and is one of the most highly recommended home remedies. Since aloe juice is natural, you will not experience any adverse side-effects, nor will it interfere with any medications you might be taking.
Make yourself a list of possible remedies based on good information, and try each item individually to test its effectiveness.
It’s a probiotic that targets the small intestine, making the entire digestive system function more efficiently and with fewer complications.
Even losing a little weight or tightening the abs can help, so start small and just keep going. Experiment, make a note of which foods really exacerbate your condition and cut them out for good.
You can also drink up to three ounces when a serious case of heartburn hits, for instantaneous relief. Keep a pack with you at all times for whenever reflux strikes, including at restaurants or other occasions when you are dining away from home.
Include lemon juice in your quest to find a cure also, as it balances acid very efficiently. Start with dairy, caffeinated beverages and citrus, as these are primary culprits of uncomfortable stomach issues for most people. Add a little to a cup of warm water and enjoy it on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

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