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How many times have you started fitting, training and hauling your horse and they come down with the "crud" regardless of your traditional immunization program? Contrary to popular belief, hormones have a way to dictate your health almost single-handedly. One obvious way to ensure correct balance is to take synthetic hormonal supplements, which can suppress the symptoms temporarily but may complement the development of other diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer and hence end up being more of an enemy than a friend. With names like testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone, it’s no wonder why people actively avoid learning about them; even taking their names makes our tongue roll inside our mouth. Furthermore, pesticides and other chemicals are known as Xenoestrogen, a Xenohormone that can act as oestrogen and cause the same effect.
Carrots can be replaced with bamboo shoots as they contain the same fibre but are really hard to find. Simply put; do not go overboard with caffeine because it can lead to elevated levels of Cortisol which in turn, can disturb the entire endocrine system especially if there are other hormone stressors for example during pregnancy or beneficial fat imbalance. Replace your daily caffeine intake with herbal tea preferably match a green tea or tulsi tea. Or couple your caffeine drink with a good fatty food like a tablespoon of coconut oil because it has the ability to emulsify most of the harmful caffeine molecules. It is important to note here that hormones work on a tight schedule, for example, Cortisol which is regulated at midnight and which can be disturbed if a person sleeps late. Eat nuts an hour before you get to bed and avoid high carbohydrate snacks as they increase your blood sugar level and make it harder to fall asleep. Studies have shown that most of the vegetable oils are loaded to the brim with omega-6, which is a fatty acid that is the main cause of organ inflammation.
Include wild fish, flaxseed, chia seeds and walnuts in your diet because they are rich natural sources of omega-3 and will balance the omega-3:omega-6 ratio.
There is a condition known as leaky gut in which the walls of our intestine become permeable. When undigested gluten leaks into a person’s bloodstream it causes widespread inflammation within our body especially glands such as adrenal glands and thyroid glands.
Add probiotics in your diet which are normally available as supplements, as they can repair our gut walls and also help regulate the production of insulin within our body. Experts suggests that “white” foods such as sugar, bread, alcohol, white rice, bagels, pasta and other sweet snacks can really disturb the hormonal cycle and can be the cause for multiple problems such as thyroid, depression, fatigue, infertility and hair loss among others.

Including different varieties of foods rich in fatty acids is a sure-shot way of stabilizing our hormonal cycle while also speeding up our metabolism and promoting weight loss. Adaptogens herbs are a class of plants that have been proved to help in the production of useful hormones. Adaptogens are available as supplements and compounds but you never know what type of other ingredients are being used to prepare those supplements so it is better to stick to naturally occurring adaptogenic herbs. Toxins used in certain products play a huge role in disrupting our hormone levels and you would be surprised to know that some cosmetics also contain these harmful toxins and are still available in the market. One way to check for these toxins is to look for diethanolamine (DEA), parabens, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate among its ingredients and to steer clear of any products that have either of them. Another such toxin that can harm us is BisphenolA (BPA) that is usually found in plastic bottles.
One thing that makes a regular appearance in these types of articles is exercise, because believe it or not, exercise is one of the most beneficial thing that you can do for your body. But the thing about exercise is that is releases a plethora of hormones into your body and can be harmful in some cases especially if you are already dealing with hormonal imbalance. So it is better to exercise lightly like swimming and running instead of intense training and don’t forget to sleep for the appropriate hours as suggested above. That being said, experts suggest that short bursts of heavy lifting can do more good than light exercise. Most people throw away egg yolks due to the fear of cholesterol but recent studies have suggested that in doing so people are actually throwing away a lot of nutrients down the drain. Selenium: this works as a key which unlocks the active form of thyroid hormones from the inactive form. Cholesterol: usually considered as the devil, but in my opinion, wrongly misunderstood because lack of cholesterol has a strong correlation with depression and acts of violence, so the cholesterol in egg yolks helps balance the hormones. Walking in nature has proved to be an important factor in balancing the hormonal levels as the scenic beauty helps reduce the stress hormone (Cortisol) and boost the immune system.
Walking also helps to flush all the toxins out of the system and provides exercise for multiple muscles without excess stress on a person’s mind. The most important thing to control hormonal imbalance is to relax your mind and this can be done by doing this exercise regularly.
Experts also suggest that all of us should dedicate half an hour of our day to relax our mind by doing mind-quieting exercises such as Primordial Sound Meditation to decrease stress hormones and help the body to function properly. This is also one of those things that appear quite frequently in articles of this genre and there is a reason; liver is considered as the most nutrient dense food on the planet. But in this context, liver is used as the supplier for vitamin A that is the most valuable vitamin to balance hormones; it improves thyroid hormones directly and also keeps our liver running perfectly for the synthesis of other hormones.

As mentioned earlier, vegetables are not the most efficient source of Vitamin A, so please don’t buy into the myth of eating carrot to obtain Vitamin A; you will just be wasting your time.
This may seem as the best option but believe me it isn’t; nothing good can come off by intentionally disrupting your hormonal cycle. There are many other ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies; you will be well-advised to explore them before it’s too late. On the other hand, hormones can give a much-needed boost to your health even if all other conditions are not optimum. But, for obvious reasons, they are imperative to our health and this article will aim to convey easy “natural” ways to keep your hormonal balance at the optimum level.
It is a common misconception that oestrogen is only found in women or only affects women; oestrogen is in fact found in both sexes and can have a very adverse effect if found in excess. These chemicals are present in the atmosphere and can easily disturb the oestrogen levels in our body. Recent studies have proved that raw carrots contain a unique fibre that absorbs excess oestrogen and helps sweep it out of the body.
A good and healthy sleep can improve your hormones and blood sugar level, making your mood better in the morning when you wake up and can have a positive effect on your professional life. Studies suggest that an hour of sleep between 10 pm and 2 am is twice as beneficial as an hour of sleep before or after that window in time. Though it is necessary to have some amount of omega-6 in our diet but an excess can cause a lot of problems. This disease or syndrome can have a very troublesome effect on the digestive tract and also on the thyroid gland. So throw out all the plastic bottles and dinnerware and start using glass and stainless steel.
But it should be kept in mind not to overdo it; 20 minutes three times a day is more than enough to keep you healthy. As mentioned before, high Cortisol level can create inflammation and can cause hormonal imbalance so whatever reduces Cortisol is a good friend of yours.
So you can actually count this as the last and the most crucial tip: don’t forget to be happy, hug your significant other as often as you can because these acts release the “Happiness Hormone” oxytocin which can make your mood infinitely better.
Some hormones can even affect the moods of people; just ask a 13 year old kid, but be ready to run in the opposite direction when the screaming starts.

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