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A look at the illustration to the right will demonstrate why the causes of this common condition is difficult to diagnose - the abdomen is like a mine field with literally several scores of possible things that could go wrong to cause pain there.
Acute abdominal pain refers to an pain in the abdomen, that is recent in onset with potential to have life threatening consequences, if nothing is done. Chronic Abdominal pain are abdominal pain lasting for more than six weeks, and often does not pose immediate threat to life. Upper abdominal or stomach pain are pain occurring anywhere in the abdomen, above the level of the umbilicus or navel.
Upper abdominal pain could be:Right upper abdominal pain, Central upper abdominal pain and Left upper abdominal pain. In order to find out what could be causing abdominal pain in a patient, doctors usually want a very good story describing the pain, then proceeds to carrying out a physical examination and then blood tests, urine tests, and scans if needed.
For doctors to be able to point to what is causing abdominal pain in a patient, a good story describing the pain is important. Providing clear and definite answers to those questions could help doctors, in most cases, to reach at least 70% of the diagnosis what might be causing abdominal pain. Once the cause of an abdominal pain is identified, treatment will depend on whether it is a cause that is amenable to watchful waiting, or medication or surgery or any other type of intervention. Lower Right Abdominal Pain Not rated yetI have been having lower pain on the right side that is almost constantly present.
Upper right side dull pain halfway between middle chest and side  Not rated yetAbout a year and a half my liver enzymes came back a bit high so was told to have an ultrasound.
Pain in the lower right abdoman Not rated yeti am having sluggish liver problem for many years. Pain on the lower right side Not rated yetI had a bad pain on my lower right abdomen for about 7yrs before i was diagnosed with appendicitis.
Pains in abdominal area Not rated yetWell I have had vaginal discharge for a while now, it is white and smelly.
Severe Upper Colon pain for the last 8 weeks Not rated yetHi I am a 34 year old male with no Medical Issues in the past besides this one. Nagging right side pain Not rated yetHi I'm a 52 yr old lady have had niggling pain comes and goes right side around belly button tummy feels bloated have had it now for almost a month.
Abdominal pain Not rated yetI have left side abdominal pain that at times radiates around to the front and back just under the rib cage.
Appendix Pain Location - Where Appendicitis Pain Starts From And Stays Jul 05, 16 12:14 PMSee the appendix pain location as depicted in the pictures here.
Sharp twangs on lower right side of abdomen Jul 01, 16 06:26 PMI'm 35 years old and for about the last 3 months have been suffering with sharp twangs of pain in my lower right side of stomach. Diarrhea and best toothache pain relief over the counter breath lower shortness fever Severe abdominal cramps and Abdominal pain (8 causes) Diarrhea and Severe abdominal cramps and Stomach upset (8 causes) Diarrhea and Severe abdominal cramps and Vomiting (8 causes) Only a doctor can give an accurate diagnosis . Neuropathy Pain Doctors I had a partial nephrectomy and ever since have had this terrible pain on my left side. Having a haircut with minimal layers accentuates Really pull hair up and back when you reach the top sections of your add for optimal volume. The stomach flu is an intestinal infection characterized by diarrhea, stomach cramping, vomiting, nausea and sometimes a fever.

The stomach flu is caused by a virus.  Individuals may contract the virus by drinking contaminated food and water or by coming into contact with a sick individual. There are no conventional treatments for the stomach flu.  Very sick individuals may be admitted to the hospital if they become dehydrated. Probiotics:  Probiotics should be given after the virus has passed to help repopulate the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria. Bentonite Clay: Long used as a natural remedy for various digestive ailments, I have used bentonite clay to ward off the stomach flu when my kids get sick with it. Activated Charcoal:  Used to help patients recover from alcohol poisoning, activated charcoal is known for absorbing toxins within the body. We use Jarrodophilus which has different probiotic strains as a preventative against the stomach flu. DIY in Under Five!Sign up here to receive my free ebook, Simple Body Care Recipes for Kids.
A lot of stomach ache during pregnancy can be normal and is to be expected, since it can be caused to the changes brought about by a pregnancy; physical, hormonal and muscular and even emotional.
Implantation Pain, which occurs when the fertilized embryo implants itself in the lining of the uterus, where it will grow into a fetus before emerging as a new young being, is one of the reasons for stomach ache during pregnancy. As ligaments and muscles stretch to create space for the expanding uterus, internal organs may actually be rearranged, and this could cause pain, not just in the stomach but lower abdomen, back and even the chest. Sometimes it could be emotional stress relating to pregnancy that may cause stomach ache since anxiety can cause pressure in the abdomen, and thereby pain.
Sometimes it could be an infection such as a urinary tract infection that could be responsible for stomach ache during pregnancy, when the pain could radiate outward to the flanks and the back as well. Eat yoghurt which has live bacteria, since these bacteria are very useful for the digestive tract and will prevent stomach discomfort.
Practice yoga(pregnancy yoga) to help stretch the muscles so that are better able to cope with the rigors of being pregnant and the impeding delivery as well. Do not lie flat on your back; rather lie on your side for less chances of causing stomach ache during pregnancy. Take a warm, soothing bath, to help the abdominal and pelvic muscles relax and ease stomach ache during pregnancy. Certain herbal remedies such as Slippery elm could help, so take this if it has been cleared by your doctor.
Massage by a licensed practitioner experienced in pregnancy massage can also help relieve stomach ache during pregnancy. The key to diagnosis and treatment of pain in the abdomen is to understand the different likely causes of pain in the various regions of the abdomen. For clarity, let us explain what is abdominal pain in terms of the various criteria just mentioned.
If you suspect that you might be having any of the causes of acute abdomen listed here, please see your doctor immediately.
The more common causes of pain in each of these upper abdominal regions are listed in the illustration above. The true answer of what is abdominal pain for any given patient lies in the result of these questions, examinations, tests and scans.

The doctor may then proceed to do a physical examination and order some blood and urine test. That is an overview of what abdominal pain is and the journey you expect to go through, should you suffer with abdominal pain. This means sitting with good lumbar support for your lower back shoulders back Spondylitis refers to chronic back pain and back pain when going from sitting to standing books chronic stiffness due to severe inflammation of the spinal joints. This is intended to educate patients on facet joint syndrome symptoms facet joint syndrome treatment and answer common questions regarding facet joint If the damaged facet joints are in the thoracic spine region (middle spine area) the pain may be felt from the middle to upper back areas. I can’t Back Pain pain relief tonsils years hysterectomy after Above The Left Hip Workout Relief After live without my iPad. I am 32 years old and I starte having low back pain when standing or walking for more Your curves will cause pain as some of Hi my lower back pain and pregnant 7 weeks center anesthesia texas daughter who is 16 was just diagnosed with scoliosis and she complains of severe pain in the lower back constantly ecspecially after sitting for a long Egg Crate Pillow In Firm Or Soft especially for large persons who find it difficult to get enough height in a pillow to be comfortable in both back and side sleeping positions.
When you first see your health care provider for back pain, Bend forward, backward, and sideways; et al.
Hormonal changes in pregnancy cause the digestive tract to slow down, causing indigestion, constipation, gas, heartburn, bloating, water retention and other discomforts. Also rather than 3 larger meals have about 6 smaller meals to make it easier for your stomach to digest the food so as to reduce stomach ache during pregnancy. Yoghurt also contains calcium and valuable protein that provides nutrition to the mother as well as the baby. These can help calm and relax a person reducing stress, and the proper breathing exercises also mean better oxygenation of the blood and body’s organs. Also prop yourself up with plenty of pillows or even a pregnancy pillow to reduce chances of experiencing heart burn or acidity. For further helping the warm bath de-stress you, add some essential oils of lavender to help with relaxation and better sleep. One in five Americans suffer with allergies and at least half of the population is allergic to at least one thing. We provide comprehensive care for back pain neck pain headaches shoulder pain arm pain leg pain and Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain that you can have.
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You can also make a homemade electrolyte drink after the vomiting has stopped and the child can tolerate liquid again.  The homemade electrolyte drink can help to rebalance electrolytes and hydrate the body. It could also help as a starting point in initiating a discussion with your doctor, if you suspect that any of the issues discussed here might be what is causing your abdominal pain. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Learn about intestinal gas (belching bloating flatulence farting) including causes There are many types of ovarian cancer with symptoms of abdominal pain bloating increased flatus cramping diarrhea constipation Cystic Fiosis.
Feel free to contribute answers or comments to queries posted by others here and let's create a helpful community to minimize the effect of abdominal pain and related illnesses.

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