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I want to break down in very simple terms how essential healthy gut flora is to optimum health and body function.
Eating yogurt each day does NOT supply near enough probiotic support, and it is my opinion that the adverse effect of sugars in most yogurt, outweigh the benefit of the probiotics they contain. We Are Changing Lives…My wife and I have worked with Amy in the past on creating a plan to eat healthier. It's no secret that probiotics are good for your gut, but they are loaded with other benefits, too! Keeps the immune system strong: Similar to vitamins A, C, and E, probiotics are known to help maintain a strong immune system. Reduces inflammation: A study by The Arthritis Foundation found that the bacteria in probiotics (formally known as Bifidobacterium infantis) could reduce arthritis symptoms.
Lowers bad cholesterol: If you suffer from high cholesterol, it may be time to embrace dairy for breakfast! Prevents yeast infections: If you've ever had a yeast infection, you may want to consider upping your yogurt intake. Reduces the side effects of antibiotics: Although antibiotics will ultimately make you feel better, the symptoms can be rather uncomfortable. One of the simplest steps you can take towards creating positive change in your diet is incorporating probiotics into your life. Taking probiotics can help restore the natural balance of flora in your body and help maximize the nutrients you get from the food you eat.
The active ingredient in Florastor (Saccharomyces boulardii) is a unique strain with larger, stronger cells than other probiotics.
Florastor is made with natural ingredients found on the skin of two tropical fruits, lychee and mangosteen. Did you know there are 100 million neurons in the human gut network that have a direct connection to the brain?
Since 1953, Florastor has been helping people around the world achieve whole-body health by supporting a healthy digestive tract. YOGANONYMOUS is an open platform that allows teachers, studios, event promoters, and bloggers a place to interact with the community at large - we'd love to have you in the crew. The idea behind taking probiotics as a traveler is to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria so that when your body inevitably faces the foreign bacteria of a strange land and a strange cuisine, it is prepared. As this article from the Washington Post points out, there is a lot of data suggesting probiotics can treat certain illnesses and conditions (like acute diarrhea caused by antibiotics), but there is not a lot of evidence supporting probiotic use by travelers or otherwise healthy people. While there have not been a significant number of scientific studies, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of probiotics.
Whether you plan on taking probiotics as a trip-long preventative measure, you should definitely pack them to restore the beneficial bacteria in your gut after you take an antibiotic. There are a number of probiotic products on the market that promise to deliver a concentrated dose of beneficial bacteria with a mechanism that will hold up to the harsh conditions created by our stomach acid, but few of them actually deliver.
UPDATE: I continue to use probiotics as I travel through West Africa and I have noted less and less stomach problems. Hey Raymond, yep, after being initially skeptical ourselves, we are now big probiotic supporters!! If you are warring with your stomach, then yes, you might want to consider taking probiotics even at home.
Hi I took Optibac travel probiotics 2 weeks before leaving for Iquitos in Peru ,I also continued taking them the whole 3 months I was living there and I never had a hint of stomach trouble .
I am frequently asked how often I take probiotics, and how important I feel they are to my overall health.
They are best taken in capsules, that are enteric-coated to survive the acidic environment of the stomach, and allow release of millions, if not billions of the delicate living probiotic organisms that can reach the destination of where they are needed most – in the intestinal area of the gut. Led by founders Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine, our editorial team works with our favourite writers and industry insiders from Amelia Freer to Peta Bee and Imogen Edwards-Jones, and with some of the world's leading brands in beauty and wellness, from Chanel and Estée Lauder to Barrecore and Frame - to bring you all the information and inspiration you need for skincare, haircare, makeup, fitness and nutrition in one place. Greek yogurt may supply more high quality protein with each serving, but the sugar effect in the body is still there, and a serving (or 2) of yogurt daily simply isn’t sufficient supplementation.

By using her plan we were both able to drop some unwanted pounds and have kept the weight off. From reducing inflammation to boosting immunity, that serving of yogurt is doing more than complementing your homemade granola.
Because probiotics are friendly bacteria, they promote good digestion by balancing the pH of the intestinal tract, creating a less desirable environment for pathogenic bacteria.
Because there has been an increase in autoimmune and allergic diseases, our modern immune system isn't being challenged by pathogenic organisms, thus introducing friendly bacteria can be helpful. Studies have shown that probiotics can help lower cholesterol, in turn reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Experts believe that eating yogurt with live cultures or taking a probiotic will help to replenish the vagina with protective bacteria species and will help keep the balance of organisms in the vagina in check, decreasing the chance of a yeast infection. Many antibiotics can disrupt the microbial balance of the intestines, often causing diarrhea or yeast infections (as discussed above).
Similar to yoga, taking probiotics daily can be good not only for the body, but also the mind. Eating a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables is the first step towards providing your gut with the nutrients it needs to produce antibodies that fight pathogens and keeps you healthy. These robust cells make Florastor resilient enough to survive the journey through the harsh environment of stomach acids and reach your intestines where they can do the most good.
Using a patented freeze-drying process preserves and protects the probiotic properties of our active ingredient for a three-year shelf life.
Recommended by doctors and pharmacists in 100 countries and backed by more than 50 years of use, Florastor is the #1 selling probiotic worldwide.
Klein SM, Elmer GW, McFarland LV, Surawicz CM, Levy RH (1993) Recovery and elimination of the biotherapeutic agent, Saccharomyces boulardii, in healthy human volunteers. Buts JP, Bernasconi P, Van Craynest MP, Maldague P, De Meyer R (1986) Response of human and rat small intestinal mucosa to oral administration of Saccharomyces boulardii.
We tend to think of bacteria as a cause of illness, but your body is also host to strains of beneficial bacteria.
They have also shown to promote healthy digestion and they have been an effective tool in treating many cases of irritable bowel syndrome.
It is like pre-arming your GI tract, setting up your defenses in advance so that your body can handle a bacterial attack. While it’s unproven scientifically whether they are effective to the extent that some people claim, it is clear that probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.
For example if you take cipro for traveler’s diarrhea or if you take doxycycline as a malaria prophylactic. Acidophilus is the largest class of such bacteria and it is lactobacillus acidophilus that you often find in yogurt and fermented soy products like miso. I also have had fewer instances of severe traveler’s diarrhea (cases in which I would resort to an antibiotic like cipro). It never occurred to me to take probiotics while traveling, but it sounds like a great idea, and as you said, it certainly can’t hurt!
My boyfriend and I are leaving for our trip in September so we are gradually trying to build up our medicine kit and figure out which things are worth bringing. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. They help to colonize the beneficial bacteria in the gut that are essential for combating bacterial infections that might occur for a number of reasons, including poor quality food, excessive sugars in the diet, excess alcohol, deep fried foods and other poor eating habits.
It is now thought that probiotics are also relevant in supporting your mood and the state of mind you are in. With all this understanding of what they are responsible for, why wouldn’t you take them? We work with leading makeup artists, hair stylists, nutritionists, personal trainers, trichologists and wellness practitioners to bring our readers the expert view on news and trends in beauty and wellness, and create specialist guides to help you be your happiest, healthiest self. Healthy pH balance of the GI tract actually affects the amount of yeast in the body, which can have negative effects on the bladder and female reproductive system.

Studies show a lower instance in infant and childhood eczema when the mother was taking regular probiotics during pregnancy.
In 2006, Stanford University researchers found that obese people had different gut bacteria than normal-weighted people — a first indication that gut flora plays a role in overall weight.
Whether you get your probiotics through foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and milk, or by taking supplements, this guide offers more than enough reasons to make it part of your daily diet. Stress and lack of sleep can disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the intestines, making probiotics necessary to prevent overall health and digestive problems. Although research is minimal, probiotics might even help to prevent upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold. When looking for an all-natural probiotic that’s easy to incorporate into your active lifestyle, the best choice you can make is Florastor®. Also, unlike yogurt and other bacterial probiotics, Florastor helps to keep your intestinal flora in balance even when taken along with antibiotics. Best of all, Florastor is offered in convenient capsules or individual sachets that are easy to take along when traveling or heading to the yoga studio. Having a healthy digestive tract can not only help make you feel better physically, but may also positively influence your mental and emotional well-being. The science says we don’t know how much good the beneficial bacteria are doing, but considering that probiotics are a relatively low-cost investment, they would seem to be a prudent addition to your travel health arsenal. While it is commonly suggested that you can supply yourself with probiotics from eating yogurt alone, many of the beneficial bacteria delivered by yogurt will succumb to your stomach acid before reaching your intestines.
Also, feel free to recommend any other probiotic products you’ve found to be effective.
Once again, I cannot be sure that this is directly due to the probiotics I am taking or if it is due to something else.
When you have to take antibiotics, they kill off the pathogenic (bad) bacteria of the infection, but they also kill off and disrupt the beneficial bacteria (pre- and probiotics) in the gut, leaving the digestive system open to any other opportunistic infection.
I take one capsule before I eat or drink anything in the morning, and two before retiring to bed, when the digestive system is repairing and healing itself as I sleep. Because probiotics support the immune system, pH balance of the GI tract, and help to control yeast overgrowth, they also help keep seasonal allergies at bay, and can promote healthier skin, with less acne and dermatitis outbreaks. Some preliminary research shows that probiotics can help obese people who have received weight loss surgery to maintain weight loss.
Just be sure to take them at least an hour apart from your dosage of antibiotics to prevent the good bacteria from being killed by the antibiotics in your gut. By balancing the flora in your body with Florastor, you’re creating a strong foundation to improve your overall health. Is is when your GI tract becomes home to more bad bacteria than good that you experience illnesses like traveler’s diarrhea. In any case, it is clear that they are not hurting and if anything, they are giving my gut flora a bit of a boost. This is one of the main reasons why so many people in hospital develop secondary infections when they have been on intravenous antibiotics. Probiotics may also have a special role in maternal health, as pregnant women are particularly susceptible to vaginal infections. And bacterial vaginosis has been indicated as a contributing factor to pre-term labor, making probiotics a potential boon for fetal health.
Again, if we are assimilating nutrients better, we are able to maintain healthier blood sugar levels, eliminate toxins and waste–thereby maintaining our waistlines!

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