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Probiotics are ingestible products that include live bacteria of varying strains and concentrations that are thought to enhance a healthy microbial population. Through experimentation and continually passing down practices from generations, we have evolved to have always had a ‘probiotic’ with meals. However, despite the burgeoning popularity of probiotic supplements, I suggest the taking of supplements with caution.
However, when you begin to understand how pivotal the gut microbiome is in the functioning of the human body, you may notice small things like skin improvement, perhaps less bloating after meals, a reduced propensity to catch common illnesses like the flu, more regular bowels, a better mental attitude, and less fatigue. There are so many other mechanisms to take into account when determining how to improve our microbial health. Actually it may be better NOT to ask experts who have a horse in the race and instead find an unbiased medical expert. Particularly prevalent in developing nations where micro nutrient deficiency affects many, malaria is a leading cause of death amongst the young, responsible for at least 1 million deaths annually. Recent research shows echinacea can reduce recurrent respiratory tract infections by 50% when compared to placebo. Bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins (antibodies), growth factors, various proteins, and enzymes. Vine HealthcareVine Healthcare, LLC offers personalized, comprehensive, medical care geared at restoring and maximizing optimal health by utilizing the Functional and Integrative Medicine models.Address40 North Rangeline Rd. Roshini Raj: Our bodies contain 300 to 500 different strains of bacteria and these make up 95% of the total cells in our body – on a cellular level we are more bacterial than human!
An unfortunate byproduct of globalization and fast-paced city living is that lot of modern products are now homogenized, which kills the bacteria off, so they don’t have the same qualities. Roshini Raj: Studies show that probiotics provide a wide range of benefits, from supporting the immune system, helping to prevent obesity and relieving depression to reducing body and skin inflammation, and improving digestive function. Roshini Raj: While there are thousands of different strands of probiotics, the two most common ones are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Rupy Aujla: There are thousands of species living in our gut and most supplements contain only a handful of varieties. If I’m not taking them for a specific reason (say, maybe I feel fine but just want to take them to be healthy), then how do I know they are working? Rupy Aujla: It’s an interesting question and you could apply that to everything we choose to do despite feeling healthy already.
Neurologists, psychiatrists and endocrinologists are looking at gut-focused treatments for a range of conditions we never thought were related.
Roshini Raj: Yes, in fact the most effective way to reap the benefits of probiotics is by eating foods containing these good bacteria. Rupy Aujla: Probiotics ideally are taken with every meal in varying forms, but some nutritionists advise a concentrated supplemental pill which can have bacterial populations between 5-25 billion of varying strains depending on the brand of supplement.
Rupy Aujla: What I would stress is that taking a pill in isolation is not going to improve your microbiome one bit. Taking a tablet in isolation and having a high sugar diet, an imbalance of macronutrients, low nutrient dense food, excess alcohol, etc.

These include varying our diet, cutting out processed foods, organic produce, antibiotic avoidance, exercise and prebiotics (the indigestible fibers that our microbes feed on). Roshini Raj: The science on the benefits of probiotics is exploding right now and we are learning more and more about them every day. I’ve been confused for ages about the purposes of, and practices for effectively taking, probiotics.
I have a disgusting tendency to get a cold every six weeks, and after a horrible bout of flu at the end of January I started taking a probiotic supplement.
What I considered hormonal acne became far less aggravated, and I feel if I had’ve kept it up I could have cleared it all together.
What role does genetics, zonulin and leaky gut play in immune dysfunction or the development of auto-immune disease?
Ellen Antoine, DO, FACEP, ABIHM, IFMCP completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ellen Antoine is a Certified Practitioner for The Institute for Functional Medicine whose mission is to serve the highest expression of individual health through the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine as the standard of care. An increasing amount of research is proving that probiotics are more than a flash in the pan and that I ought to start listening.
They protect us from pathogens, release nutritional content from our food, create neurotransmitters, maintain immune functioning and allow us to break down molecules we’re unable to digest. By maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the gut, probiotics can reduce overall body inflammation that may cause skin sensitivity, or even acne and rosacea. In India, they drink fermented yogurt-based drinks (‘lassi’) before meals and eat a range of pickles including mango (my fave) with curries. There have been studies that show the actual content of probiotic strains in supplements is vastly different from its packaging claims. Thus, everyone would benefit from taking probiotics as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Lactobacillus strain is oftentimes called the “superstar” of probiotics, as it can be beneficial to us by simply thriving within us.
There are studies that demonstrate, for example, the impact of better glycaemic control in diabetics and reduced incidence of common infectious disease in children with some probiotics, but most of the meta-analyses conclude that we don’t know which strains are responsible and further research is required. Fermented foods are great examples of natural sources of probiotics that you can easily include in your diet. That being said, it is difficult to say how much and what strains a person should take without knowing their individual health situation.
If you don’t find what you are looking for with the first practitioner you visit, find another. Create a list of the most important questions you have and make sure they are answered before you leave the appointment.
Bring someone with you to take notes, to be an extra pair of eyes and ears, perhaps to ask questions, etc.
If your health condition is serious and your practitioner is recommending an aggressive treatment you might consider getting a second opinion.

Currently, probiotics are not regulated with the same rigor as pharmaceuticals and thus the actual content could vary immensely.
These probiotics can cause other helpful microbes present in our intestines to magnify their own benefits. It’d be quite naive of people to assume that introducing a pill into their daily routine is going to somehow miraculously rejuvenate their digestive tract. So, for example a person with irritable bowel syndrome may require a different probiotic than a person trying to strengthen immunity. So, purely anecdotally, probiotics worked for me, and I’m so pumped to see more proper scientific research into WHY.
Whether it is an electronic file or paper file, organize all of your labs and instructions in one place. You never know when an emergency will occur and this file may prove crucial at some point in the future. Ellen Antoine received her medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia and her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Rupy Aujla is a general practitioner and the founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, where he researches and creates recipes with health benefits. Even in England, tartar sauce used to be traditionally fermented and we have that with fish ‘n chips! There are a few pill probiotics that seem to offer general health benefits to most people: Align, Florastor, and Culturelle. Do you want to be part of the decision-making process in your medical care or do you prefer for your physician to direct and make all of the medical decisions.
Your doctor doesn’t always have the time during your appointment to answer them so be patient but be persistent. Your physician can’t predict what your needs and expectations are without hearing them from you. Often a binder with folders can help keep lab results, bills, and physician instructions, organized. If you are interested in any alternative therapies you should research them so that you can ask about them. Roshini Raj is a gastroenterologist and the founder of TULA, a health-driven beauty brand with products that contain probiotics and other superfoods.
The Bifidobacterium strain is the second most widely studied and praised for its health benefits. Like Lactobacillus, these probiotics also produce lactic acid in the intestine and have immense health benefits on the immune and digestive systems.

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