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Most often, these conditions occur because either we are not clearing the food we consume through our digestive systems quickly enough, or because we have upset the proper balance of digestive bacteria in our gastric tracts. Most scientists who study dietary supplements caution their findings by recommending that food sources of vital nutrients are preferred because they believe the interactions of the various elements of fiber and nutrients contained in raw foods are more effective than the extracts of these key nutrients typically found in dietary supplements. Disclaimer: Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Fueled by bad diets, the side effects of prescription drugs, sedentary lifestyles, and the normal decline of digestive system efficiency associated with aging, many people suffer from uncomfortable gastric issues. And when you are suffering from one or more of these conditions, you tend to restrict your activities, feel lethargic and irritable, and struggle to sleep. The combination of the greens and fiber help create softer stool that moves through your digestive tract more easily and with less discomfort. The antioxidant content of the greens help support the body’s fight against oxidative stress (we’ll explain more about this in the antioxidant section of this report).
The other big issue most people with gastric problems face is an imbalance of the bacteria in the intestines that assist in breaking down food and removing unfriendly toxins.

The National Academy of Sciences considers 30-38 grams of total dietary fiber daily adequate for men and 21-25 daily grams for women, so the fiber in most greens formulas represents a small portion of your daily needs.
A better long-term strategy is to boost fiber-rich foods in your daily diet and engage in regular physical activity. Please consult your physician before ingesting any dietary supplement to ensure there are no counter-indications with your particular medical status. Both actions help the body move food though the digestive tract with greater ease and speed.
We recommend fiber-rich foods commonly found in a Mediterranean-style diet, including raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grain breads, pasta and cereals. For people who cannot envision consistently ingesting the recommended 7-10 daily servings of the fiber-rich foods just mentioned, we suggest complementing your daily servings with a greens dietary supplement that is fortified with fiber.

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