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Prebiotics are substances that keep beneficial microorganisms (bacteria) in your colon healthy. A probiotic can be generally defined as any bacterial food supplement which positively affects you. Think about it for a minute or two, if your gastrointestinal tract (commonly referred to as your gut) is messed up or sickly, you will not be able to assimilate and absorb the nutrients that your body needs. Briefly, a prebiotic is a nondigestible food component (food for your good bacteria) that helps the probiotic (good bacteria) in your intestinal tract. The beneficial bacteria present in your gut should be able to utilise the prebiotic through fermentation.
Last, but definitely the most difficult and important criteria, is that the prebiotic must be able to activate the growth or stimulate the activity of your intestinal beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics and probiotics may also help to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, prevent eczema in children, lower the severity of cough and flu symptoms and increase your rate of recovery from intestinal infections. Preliminary studies have also suggested that prebiotics may reduce the occurrence of intestinal polyps, adenomas and cancers in the gut.
Inulin and oligofructose (aka FOS) may help decrease elevated blood levels of cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia). Lastly, the following is a list of top ten foods that contain some of the prebiotics mentioned above by weight. Take your pick of the prebiotic foods to feed your colonies of good bacteria and keep them happy.
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Because your body has much to gain by consuming these top six green foods, consider going green for your health and well-being.
According to Jill Nussinow, MS, RD, a culinary educator in Northern California and the author of The Veggie Queen, “Greens are the No. Kale – Regarded as king of the green, leafy vegetables, kale is a cruciferous (belonging to the cabbage family) vegetable. Collard Greens – Similar to kale, collards are also cruciferous, leafy green vegetables that are full of vision-boosting Vitamin A, bone-protecting Vitamin K and lutein and zeaxanthin – two antioxidants that may prevent macular degeneration. Green Tea – Used medicinally for thousands of years, green tea’s health benefits are due to its potent source of antioxidants. Avocado – Even though they contain a significant amount of fat, avocados’ fat contains unusual health benefits stemming from three different components: phytosterols that reduce inflammation, polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs) that also reduce inflammation, and oleic acid that lowers the risk of heart disease.
Seaweed – Found predominantly in Japanese cuisine, seaweed is loaded with antioxidants, iron, calcium and a broad range of vitamins. Asparagus – Besides containing several anti-inflammatory substances, this green vegetable is rich in Vitamins K, C, A, fiber and folate. These six green foods (technically – five green foods and one green beverage) represent a small sample of the healthful green foods available today.
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Recent research suggests that ground flaxseed has a protective effect against cancer and that the lignans in flaxseed provide protection against cancers that are sensitive to hormones such as breast cancer. Non-dairy yogurt is a popular snack food as people discover the health benefits of the probiotics found in this “good for you” food. To make falafel wraps serve in whole grain tortillas with hummus and vegetables such as shredded lettuce, red onion slices, carrot shreds, and cucumber or zucchini sticks.
They do this by selectively initiating the growth of one or a number of different bacteria in your large intestine.
Basically, probiotics are friendly bacteria that you ingest to improve the health of your intestinal tract.
This will send your body into a downward spiral making you susceptible to a wide variety of diseases. The acid in your stomach shouldn’t destroy your prebiotic in a way that renders it useless when it reaches your large intestine. Fermentation is the process of transforming the carbohydrates in your prebiotic to organic acids and alcohol.
Antibiotics given for this can also the population of good bacteria in your large intestine as well as the bad bacteria. What happens in your intestinal tract also happens in your urinary tract and female reproductive tract. Also, next time you take a probiotic supplement look out for one that contains prebiotics as part of the formula. Seuss’s classic Green Eggs and Ham aside, a majority of naturally green-colored foods are among the healthiest items you can choose. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health.” That’s because green leafy vegetables are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based substances that can help protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Containing cancer-fighting plant compounds and immune-boosting Vitamin C, kale also has heart-healthy potassium, bone-boosting Vitamin K, vision-boosting Vitamin A and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Collard greens also contain phytonutrients called glucosinolates that can help activate detoxification enzymes and regulate their activity, thus preventing cellular damage from excessive toxins.
Besides lowering heart disease risk, reducing blood sugar levels and easing inflammatory bowel disease, studies have found an association between consuming green tea and a reduced risk for several cancers, including skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal and bladder. In addition, avocado contains lutein and Vitamin E, antioxidants that protect eye health and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Seaweed’s best-known benefit is that it is a rich source of iodine – a nutrient without many other food sources. There are many more that could be on a highly nutritious list such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, broccoli, okra, kiwi, nopales, edamame, basil, parlsey, green beans, bok choy, turnip greens, beet greens, romaine lettuce, escarole, arugula, mustard greens and watercress.
Seuss!) or other unnatural consequences of food processing, going green on your plate can have a wide range of health benefits. UltraNourish is the first shake to also focus on your liver's health by including 1,950 mg of liver supportive ingredients.
It also promotes a healthy mood and stress level response, increases a slow metabolism and boosts energy production in the cells that keep us alive. Users are advised to seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Exposure to lignans during adolescence helps reduce the risk of breast cancer and increases the survival of breast cancer patients.
Probiotics are being praised for their ability to improve digestive health and even treat some diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and traveler’s diarrhea. Cucumbers contain phytochemicals which kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath. In simpler terms, prebiotics make your friendly bacteria stronger and healthier so they can serve you better. Prebiotics energise your weakened friendly bacteria, sort of like giving first aid to wounded soldiers in battle. Just as going green by saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint benefits our environment, going green with natural food color benefits human health and ensures our longevity. Since all green foods are not created equally, below is a list of six green foods to place at the top of your wellness-inspired grocery list. Kale is high in the anti-inflammatory antioxidant quercetin, which may protect against allergies, arthritis and memory loss. Consuming healthy levels of iodine is essential for maintaining a healthy thyroid, a gland which helps produce and regulate hormones. Because of this trait, asparagus could be useful for preventing kidney stones, urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Ranging from heart disease prevention to reducing your risk of cancer to having great vision, metabolic, urinary, digestive, bone and joint health – adding more green foods to your diet can only result in a greater level of wellness. In addition to this plentiful amount, at least two-thirds of the fiber in garbanzos is insoluble.
Flaxseed also is beneficial in protection against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammation, and even hot flashes. Due to the low calorie and high water content, cucumber is an ideal diet food for people who are looking for weight loss. Beneficial bacteria are an important part of the intestinal barrier; letting in nutrients while keeping toxins and pathogens out. These acids and alcohol will then be used to stimulate the activity or growth of your beneficial microorganisms. Again, prebiotics can help power up the population of good bacteria, arming them with the necessary tools they need to win the battle. Iodine from seaweed is one of the ingredients in Thyroid Support, a supplement that helps maintain healthy thyroid function. Asparagus is also unique in that it also contains inulin, a substance that feeds friendly bacteria living in the large intestine – making it a great food for maintaining digestive health. Scoop about 3 tablespoons of falafel mix into the pan and shape into a flattened round repeat with as many rounds as will fit in the skillet. Together they help to rescue your large intestine and overpower the bad bacteria in order to stop the diarrhoea.
These nutrients along with the fiber and protein in these beans reduce the risk of heart disease, help regulate blood sugar, in satiety and decrease caloric intake.

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