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Issues in your digestive system (often not recognised by doctors) can cause havoc in your entire body leading to eczema, acne, arthritis, allergies, autoimmune disease, rashes, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer, hormone imbalances and more. 40% of the UK population have digestive disorders and 100 million Americans, so you may not be alone.
Your gut has a big job, it depends on many factors and it’s way more complex than a single tube running from one end to the other, like the fact that about 75% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Your gut also has an ecosystem of it’s own, with billions of essential bacteria that digest food, regulate hormones, remove toxins and produce vitamins to keep you healthy. As Harvard researchers explain: the connection works both ways, meaning that while stress can cause gut problems, gut problems can also wreak havoc on your emotions. Getting your digestion back to normal can be done and it’s essential if you want to achieve vibrant health.
Is it possible that something like eczema starts in the gut?  Yes, if there is a leaky gut – when the one-cell lining has been compromised and food particles enter the blood stream, the body reacts as if it’s fighting foreign invaders.
Thank you Sue, I wish you a very happy new year too, may you carry on communicating with us for a long long time.
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Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Subscribe to learn about delicious healthy alternatives to every day food that will also help you lose weight. They make up 70-80% of our immune system which means that they have a direct impact on whether we are likely to get the latest flu, cold, virus or other infection. They help inhibit various diseases, many claim, including CANCER, though I haven’t yet seen studies to prove that. They help control the pH level of your intestines, which helps to keep your digestion efficient, strengthen your gut wall and prevent gas and bloating. When first comparing different brands you will see claims of 3 billion, 25 billion and even up to 75 billion friendly bacteria per capsule.
What most people don’t realize is that very specific probiotics have to be taken for specific problems, and most only affect certain parts of the digestive system. Probiotics are naturally present in many whole foods, particularly raw dairy, but in many places, it is actually illegal to sell raw milk. Yogurt is the most popular choice – in live-culture yogurt, the same strains of helpful organisms that are killed off during pasteurization are added back in during processing. Vegans and lactose-intolerant people are not at a loss, either: you can get helpful bacteria from fermented live-culture foods.
I believe the benefits of probiotics make it well worth the effort to add them to your diet, as part of whole foods and as supplements.
On a totally unrelated topic, I took the photo of my probiotics using the lightbox that my son gave me for my birthday.

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It’s absolutely crucial to your health and is connected to everything that happens in your body.
Issues include irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, reflux, gas, plus more….. If this ecosystem goes out of balance with too many of the wrong kind of bacteria, like parasites and yeasts, you may have what is known as dysbiosis.
Work on the inner tube of of your body using the steps above and watch as your symptoms disappear.
Cindy said she will become bloated when ever she over eats or has Chinese food, onions, mushrooms or any other types of salty foods.
Working every weekend in sauna like conditions, never being able to take a day off and being covered in flour is something I will not miss. I must admit that in the past I have dismissed them as a bit of a gimmick but nearly every expert and all the probiotic reviews that I have read up on say that they are a critical component in their weight loss and health strategies. They can be taken for several reasons: to keep the body in balance while taking antibiotics, as a preemptive measure to prevent stomach problems while traveling, and to treat digestive system disorders.
I have learned a lot about the importance of a balanced PH and I have managed to take mine from totally acidic to nearly perfect in four months.
You need to take this in context and realize that you actually have trillions of these guys in your body.
In the meantime, if you have found this post helpful I would love it if you would share, like, link or tweet. It was inexpensive and I absolutely love it, I can take much better photos than I ever have been able to before. I used to suffer from them and the only thing that worked was to get up and walk and stretch for five minutes. It appears that they only have one strain of probiotic, which is not good, but what has me more worried is all the nasty additives. At 43 calories (182 kj) per serve and with sugar and unknown flavorings you don’t want that. A When the vast majority of gut flora is of the friendly variety, the remaining 15% which are pathogenic bacterial strains and yeasts are easily handled and kept under control.
Chronic stress (and other negative emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness) can trigger symptoms and disease in your gut.
She tries to counteract the bloating by drinking some seltzer water or taking some antacids.
Once you get into it, the amount of information available is quite daunting and I will need to write a series of articles to cover the topic totally but here is an overview of the basics of what I have discovered so far. When people get stomach problems as a side effect of taking antibiotics, it’s because they’re killing off the helpful little guys along with the bad ones.

According to WebMD, probiotics are used for treating intestinal inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as to prevent digestive tract infections and diarrhea. You also have trillions of the bad guys too, so it is important to take steps to keep the balance in check. Others may sound like the same thing – for example, there are a lot of Lactobacillus supplements on the market – but unless you get the exact same strain, down to every last Latin word, acronym, and number code, you can’t count on getting the same results.
You should do you own research and consult a health care professional regarding any issues relating to your particular situation. Also, there have been a lot of really nasty viruses in the past few months (I’m in Australia at the moment, where it is winter) that nearly everyone but me has succumbed to, knock on wood.
It was a bit of a drag as the walking around often woke me up so much that I had trouble getting back to sleep.
It is much better to get a quality product with multiple probiotic strains that will do the job without the nasty extras. In fact, in a well balanced gut, the friendly bacterial strains can actually harness some of the pathogenic strains to perform helpful functions!The problem is that most people today have this proportion reversed with the majority of gut flora of the unfriendly variety. Some diseases are much more likely to take place when we’re short on them as well – our bodies just aren’t designed to work without them. It is therefore essential to get a brand that has at least twelve different strains of bacteria. I check comments regularly and will always answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. It costs a bit more in shipping if you order the probiotics as they have to pack them specially and send them express courier to preserve the live cultures. Also it is essential to have a brand that guarantees live bacteria that are able to pass through the strong acids in the stomach unharmed so that they can do their job in the intestines. A Homemade fermented foods is one very smart practice, but for many people, the first baby step back to intestinal health involves taking a daily probiotic.The Benefits of ProbioticsWhat are probiotics? A They are friendly bacteria, thousands of strains, that prevent the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungus in the gut.
My body aches and I am very tired when I wake up in the morning and as the day goes by I feel better.
A It just means to play it safe to assure the probiotics are protected from any reduction in potency due to stomach acid by taking them after a meal has been consumed.This recommendation, of course, does not affect the additional use of probiotics before bed (typically on an empty stomach) to assist with the balancing of probiotics in the mouth and sinus cavities. A Beneficial flora, seek to dominate and protect every tissue of your body, not just your gut!A  There are plenty of beneficial bacteria in your mouth, throat, nasal passages and ears too and when they are in the proper proportion to any pathogens, healthy gums, teeth and fluid free ears and sinuses are the result.To this end, Dr.
Natasha Campbell-McBride MD recommends emptying a probiotic capsule into the mouth and swishing it around before swallowing.

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