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This symposium brings together the worlda€™s leading authorities on IBS and gives you a chance to interact with them. The symposium will also benefit psychologists by describing cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis, and complementary medicine techniques that have proven effectiveness in IBS. Individuals who wish to participate online will have the same opportunity to interact with the speakers by submitting questions online that will be addressed during the discussion panels after each section has been completed. For individuals who are participating in-person, the symposium will be held at the Rizzo Conference Center.A  The address to the Center is 150 DuBose House Lane.
For individuals who are participating online, the symposium will be available via a live video stream and will have an interactive chat function which will allow participants to submit questions in real time that will be addressed during the discussion panel.

A study from last year revealed that bilingualism can act as a catalyst against dementia of many different forms.
Probiotics are widely accepted to help alleviate allergies, treat diarrhea and remedy urogenital infections.
Both men and women experience jealousy, but it seems the emotion might be for entirely different reasons. Bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic-depressive disorder is a rather complicated condition.
Psychologists will also learn how to collaborate with gastroenterologists in the management of these patients.

Jeff Lackner, Laura Keefer, and Olafur Palsson will explain how psychologists can help your patient and teach you how to make a referral.
Doug Drossman, President of the Rome Foundation, will lead a session on the use of the Rome criteria in clinical practice and he will explain how to optimize the doctor patient relationship.

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