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Millions of people struggle from a condition called leaky gut syndrome and don’t even know it. Unless you actively suffer from some sort of digestive issue, you may think your gut is in tip-top shape. As you can imagine, your body’s immune system will treat the leaked bacteria, toxins and undigested food particles as invaders.
During this process of cleaning up your diet, it’s recommended to try the elimination diet.
COLLAGEN – As I just mentioned, collagen is key for repairing a damaged intestinal tract.
PROBIOTICS – Probiotics are good living bacteria that help to balance out the bad bacteria in your gut. Digestive Disorders, Digestive System, Health Tips, Latest Gut Health ArticlesLadies: Ready to Look and Feel Your Best?
With diseases on the rise and toxins all around us, there are more health concerns today than ever before. As women, we often think to take a combination of different vitamins when we want to supercharge ourselves.
For any of us who are mothers, the health of our baby, whether born or yet-to-be, is of utmost importance to us. When a pregnant woman takes probiotics regularly, this boosts Vitamin B production in her body.
Implementing a daily probiotic can prevent against yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, which are common during pregnancy.
In regards to vaginal health, the most common health concerns for these areas come as a result of overgrowth in bad bacteria. Prevent yeast infections by killing off Candida yeast and establishing a well-balanced flora. You may have noticed that when you have issues with your digestion or bodily functions, this can directly affect your mood. Taking a multi-strain probiotic can not only benefit your gastrointestinal health by promoting healthy gut flora and easing digestion, but it has been clinically proven to positively affect your mood.
According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), about 75% of autoimmune diseases occur in women.
The foods that we eat are directly linked to the development of autoimmune disease, because our diet ultimately determines what kinds of bacteria are present in our gut. Probiotics will replenish the balance of good bacteria in the body, and supercharge your gut health from the harming effects of antibiotics. We know it’s not the most ladylike thing to talk about, but fluctuations in your digestion GREATLY affect your weight.
When speaking with your doctor or researching gastrointestinal health, you’ve probably heard the acronyms IBS and IBD.
People who suffer from IBD will probably experience periods of good health, where it appears they are in remission. While the primary goal of IBD is to fight inflammation, IBD treatment depends on a number of factors. It’s safe to say that the substance we now know as wheat is nothing like what our parents ate.
And worse, it doesn’t matter if we are eating a sugary fried donut or a slice of wheat bread, the effects of gluten on our gut are still the same.
With celiac disease and gluten intolerance steadily on the rise in recent years, many consumers are finally discovering the harmful effects of gluten on their system. Ditching gluten isn’t as hard as you may think, as there are a number of gluten-free options available today at your local grocery stores. Normally, those pores are tiny and work to keep harmful bacteria, toxins and undigested food particles from passing into the bloodstream. It’s in our nature to nurture, but why does our own health go by the wayside in the process?

Many times after eating, especially foods containing gluten or dairy, our stomach becomes bloated, and we suffer from cramping and gas.
From the time of conception, it is our job as mothers to protect our children’s health, and with probiotics you can do just that! When passed along to baby, this will help to regulate metabolism function, prevent anemia and keep the skin and nervous system healthy. These painful issues can have us reaching for over the counter products, and even calling our gynecologists to prescribe us antibiotics to treat.
This is serious, as millions of women all over the world suffer from chronic (defined by 4 or more per year) yeast infections.
It is reported that 30-40% of these infections that are treated with antibiotics reoccur, as the antibiotics are not the permanent answer–probiotics are. Regular bowel movements (smooth and easy digestion post-meal) release endorphins in our body, and it’s this serotonin that keeps us happy.
Symptoms of autoimmune diseases (such as diabetes and Crohn’s disease) can be lessened with the help of probiotic supplementation. If you think about it, our gut health has not evolved from the times in which humans were cave dwellers, but our daily diet certainly has. Unlike IBS, IBD causes chronic inflammation in the digestive tract and often times requires surgery to correct the issue. However, just because someone isn’t experiencing symptoms doesn’t mean the disease has passed.
In both cases people will suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea and a sudden urgency to go to the bathroom.
Often we think of joint pain, our weight, general well-being, our mood, or perhaps whether or not we become sick easily. Until you get your gut health where it needs to be, you will not experience the vitality that you rightfully deserve. And not only this, but what effects does it have on your body–specifically your gut health?
Because gluten is a chemically created substance, our gut recognizes it as a toxin and our digestive system kicks into overdrive to defend against it. Many report digestive issues after eating foods containing gluten, while others have marked serious complications which lead to significant pain and inconvenience. Better yet, when gluten was eliminated from the daily diet of those suffering from IBS, the participants noted remarkable changes in the way they felt as well as drastic improvements in bodily functions.
It’s important to read the labels carefully when shopping to save your gut health from this deadly toxin. Since everyone’s digestive issues are different, there is no time stamp on when your gut will be healed. Because we neglect ourselves in lieu of others, casting our needs down the line on our priority totem pole. What if there was just one simple pill that was filled with all the things you need to help not only your gut, but many other crucial functions in your body? With just one daily dose of probiotics, you are feeding your body the healthy bacteria that it needs to heal your gut.
Antibiotics kill all bacteria, not just bad bacteria which only temporarily relieves the issue. Do not suffer in silence, probiotics are the answer you need to save yourself the pain and inconvenience in regards to your vaginal health. Daily probiotic implementation can decrease ruminative thoughts that trigger depression, by allowing your body to function without interruption. Many of these diseases, like ulcerative colitis, have painful symptoms which can greatly affect one’s life to the point of which it takes control and renders them helpless. When our body is introduced to these foreign substances (think processed foods, gluten, etc.), it sends red flags up to fight off these toxic triggers, thus leading to inflammation and other serious health conditions. When we get sick we are quick to get that antibiotic to bring us back to our normal selves, but all this does is damage our delicate gut flora by killing all of the bacteria (not just the bad) in the process.

But if you aren’t eliminating waste like you should, without regular functions after meals, you will not lose those pesky pounds that cling on for dear life.
And the good thing is, we are here to help you take back control of your health once and for all!
If you are properly rested, there is no reason that you should get that 3 o’clock feeling throughout the day. Gluten can be found in almost any baked good and many grains, like wheat, semolina, spelt, rye and barley.
But as perplex as this sounds, gluten helps attract us to food, because it gives foods the qualities we crave, making bread into fluffy and light perfection, while still allowing foods to be sweet and chewy. If foods are recognized by the gut as toxins, this leads to complications like bloating, indigestion and inflammation. Widened pores allow harmful substances to literally “leak” into the bloodstream (as shown in the photo above).
Make sure to choose a powder from grass-fed, pasture raised cows with no antibiotics or chemicals. Along with eating probiotic-rich foods, you should start taking a daily probiotic supplement.
Life is already hard enough, allow probiotics to help cure you from the inside out and take back control of your life. The following infographic highlights the difference between IBS vs IBD (article continues below). If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, your gut health is compromised and desperately needs an intervention.
Your gut protects you from infections and is responsible for over 70% of your immune function! From the Latin word for glue, this protein is comprised of peptides gliadin and glutenin and when combined with yeast it gives bread its airy and fluffy texture, allowing the dough to become unnaturally super stretchy. It’s versatility in the baking world makes it a go-to ingredient for the vast majority of baked goods. Our gut consists of about 70% of our immune system, and when toxins enter our gut works to eliminate them to keep us healthy. When we are feeling crummy about our weight, we often make food choices that we will regret later, usually around the time that we are trying on our clothes and nothing fits. The gut has the power to control the vast majority of the functions in our body, and often times it is overlooked or neglected.
Our gut is responsible for all of our digestion, the absorption of minerals, elimination of waste… and much more! When you introduce toxic foods to your body (like those filled with gluten and deadly GMOs) your gut kicks into overdrive to eliminate these foreign toxins from the body.
Aside from this, gluten is a key stabilizing ingredient in many processed foods, like mayo and salad dressings. Gluten is a poison that confuses our body, and inflammation occurs because our gut’s defensive mechanisms go on high alert when it comes in contact with this strange substance. Click here to learn more about Probiotic America’s superior strains and health benefits. From the foods that we eat to environmental toxins surrounding us, this delicate ecosystem (microbiome) needs to be handled with care if we are to live the healthiest life possible. If your gut is working overtime to eradicate these toxic triggers, it will have nothing left over to fight off potential illnesses.

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