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Thankfully I had a heap of girlfriends that owned horses and they suggested making changes to my dog’s diet and feeding him turmeric.
With the majority of Scooter’s feed being dried biscuit based I decided to research this further. I can’t say the positive results of Scooter’s change of diet happened overnight but it certainly became apparent over the following weeks and months.
As I learnt more about turmeric and got to meet Doug English in person I discovered better ways to feed turmeric for dogs. It was then that I realised my dog was very healthy and summer was no longer an issue for us. Now the whole family (fur and non-fur babies) are taking golden paste morning and night and I can happily report that all of us seem fairly resistant to those nasty bugs that drag most people down on a regular basis.
I feed Scooter a heaped teaspoon of turmeric golden paste on his dinner every night now. In the morning I coat a small handful of raw meat (or something similar) with a teaspoon of Turmericle Powder and place the meat into a Kong. Turmericle is a blend of turmeric, powdered coconut oil, black pepper and Resveratrol and the combination of these ingredients help my dog absorb the natural turmeric benefits (without me having to create the special mix).
I prefer using the Turmericle powder with the Kong as it’s not as messy as dealing with the golden paste. Ultimately, the improvement in my dog’s health and the popularity of my blogpost on Turmeric for Dogs spurred me on to help create this Turmeric Life website. I will keep you all posted on Hector’s progress and how the turmeric mix is helping him cope. I cannot remember the full latin name for it, but it is NOT obsessive compulsive disorder as in humans it is osteo something something can be googled.
I took my dog off of Atopica for her Atopy dermatitis she was on a low dose for about 2 years 35 mg one a day she had started to become itchy a lot I knew the vet derm.
I have a basset hound who continues to develop sebaceous cysts that become infected and I am considering giving her turmeric to see if this can help.
You may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files, photos, blog posts, and documents downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner. Brief quotations may be used, with proper attribution.
We are not responsible for the content of external links, nor for infringement of copyrights in content of comments. DISCLAIMER* Turmeric Life advocates the use of Turmeric for humans and animals we must stress that if you or your animals are on any medication, or suffering from any acute illnesses or conditions, you MUST check with your medical practitioner prior to embarking upon a course of Turmeric. I’ve tried many probiotics and done a lot of homework and learned that not all supplements work for every dog. A 7 day test of a new supplement may not be enough for many dogs, but for Rodrigo, who’s tummy is so sensitive, this was pretty impressive.
I love this statement and I added it to a blog post for my A to Z Challenge (gave you credit, of course). I was looking at the website for this product and it said had this description “Highest concentration of probiotic to help fight pathogens.
I’m a little confused – is this just a probiotic or is this a combination of probiotic and prebiotic? I give it to our dogs with In Clover; Rodrigo and Scout have sensitive systems and really need both. Long story short, if your dog doesn’t struggle with a sensitive gut, you can stick to one and see how he or she does.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the choices out there and reading your blog has been a great help!
I’m also doing the A to Z challenge this year and you are welcome to visit if you have time!
On the other hand, spending the time and doing the right things will result in better rankings and more visibility for your business.
Authors and publishers – writers and bloggers – often have a symbiotic relationship that allows them to build authority and increase traffic for both. Actually, they are all part of the same “monster” and they’ve been around a while, lurking under the bed waiting to come out of their dark corners. This work by Countersurfer & Nana Nishigaki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Scooter suffered from a nasty skin complaint that made him scratch and rub his belly red raw during those hot, sultry tropical months. They had experienced successes with their own horses skin complaints (Queensland Itch) thanks to a local Veterinarian named Doug English who was actively promoting turmeric for animals.
The biscuits I had been using were mainly grain and wheat based, not great apparently for a dog with sensitive skin. Gradually the inflamed areas around his stomach and neck area calmed down and he stopped constantly rubbing his tummy on our lawn. I went from sprinkling turmeric powder over his biscuits, to making up a turmeric gravy paste each night for my dog, and then finally began making up batches of turmeric golden paste to keep in the fridge. He may get a bit pink around the tummy region during the hot months BUT nothing to the degree we had during his younger years. I love Turmericle powder for its convenience – its also great for premixing into his dog biscuits when I need other people to feed him. Hector is behaving quite badly just now, nipping and being a horror, normally a placid well behaved dog I can only put it down to the anisthetic and the lack of free time as he normally likes to sit in the backyard and talk to my horses, he is giving me a heart attack as he tries to run and jump on the lead, even although he is sedated and really sore. A lot of people mention their animals having an extra zest for life (& naughtiness) after starting on the GP. But because I had to look out for yellow stains I make bonbons out of curcuma, coconutoil and a sniff of fresh grounded black pepper.
Best to wait until the pregnancy is over before adding turmeric GP to the dog’s diet. They are both over weight one has cyst issues and licks paws constantly thinking this is allergies.
My first dog was fed Darwin as his first solid food from the breeder so he has been on a raw diet his whole life. Panda's main aim is to remove content that's thin, low-quality or spammy from rankings so that the user gets the highest quality results. At times he’d lay and chew at his paws, because they too got inflamed and red raw between the toes. After speaking with his breeder at the onset of the problem she indicated that the use of turmeric,coconut oil and black pepper would be beneficial, and I have started him on the golden mix proper today.I lost my 3yr old Dane last year after he was on nsaids and epilepsy treatments since 5 months old not to mention sedatives to keep him quiet as he had 2 knee ops before he was 1 yr old. A bit of infection being dealt with by antibiotic, and having to sedate him to stop him hurting himself more as he is really high energy and still only a baby at 2 weeks under 1 year old. If the dog is already taking GP prior to the pregnancy most have kept adding it to the feed BUT if the dog hasn’t been introduced to it prior its best to wait.

The other dog i am looking more for joint pain but is on very low dose of steroids for skin Disease called Sterile Nodular Panniculitis. My second dog is a rescue that transited very smoothly to a raw diet when within days of adoption. The world of supplements is a little intimidating and I tend to shy away from products with ingredients I have difficulty pronouncing. Our aim is to help digital marketers, content creators and bloggers create quality content, increase traffic and improve sales.
Since the legs have sharper bones than other parts, a soup would have been easier on the belly than a RMB.
The breeder thought I may have over exercised him, but he got his first wee walk at 6months of age as Danes have to be treated carefully when young because of their rapid growth.
My question is : as he is acting up so much, should I discontinue the GP until he is better and out of his crate in 12 weeks time. She is better but what doesn’t seem to go away are these dry skin bumps on her she has had staff infections before this maybe that .Does Turmeric help with Staff infections? Neither of them have any digestive issues but I think it’s high time I start them on a supplement. Sometimes, all you need is one powerful graph, chart or image to instantly convey the big picture. I wish I had known about turmeric as the extended use of nsaids and other drugs killed him at age 3yrs.
It manifests in a strange rear end wiggle and full lameness after minimal exercise Very pronounced straight legged tight to chest walk after the walk on a lead. I recently bought Malaseb shampoo after I read Dr English tell someone to use it on their dog for a skin problem not to use it full strength I can’t seem to find it now.
My yogurt is super lo-fi like all my other stuff (I am inherently lazy): I put in a few table spoons of yogurt (usually previous batch) in a jar and fill it with fresh milk.
After CAT scan and MRI scan wobblers was ruled out thank God and OCD was found to be he problem. At this point they get raw beef, raw chicken and (Fromms dog food Pork and Applesause mix.) which has grains in it? Then, it sits in my little oven with just the light bulb on for—oh, I don’t know—like 7-10 hours. So I now have an 11 month old Gt Dane pup who has high energy levels and cannot be walked other than out pee, pooh to be kept quiet for the next 14 weeks and on strict rest for the immediate 2 weeks.
Poor baby has no idea that I am restricting him from his usual rambunctious behaviour for his own good and future well being and I feel very guilty. I have put a 6ft memory foam mattress in his crate and he has calmed a good bit, but still does not understand.

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