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The dog food advisor's unbiased dog food reviews and ratings searchable by brand or star rating. I called natural balance dog food company today and talk to a woman that works there about the dog food and how its making all four of my dogs sick with vomiting and. I called natural balance dog food company today talk woman works dog food making dogs sick vomiting .
The tlc life product line includes dry dog foods, claimed meet aafco nutrient profiles growth life stages. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Remember that other scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s mom calls his friend’s mom to tell her that Ralphie learned the F bomb from her son?  Remember her reaction?
After she calmed down and stopped accusing me of clogging my arteries, I tried to explain why that was not going to happen.  Of course, it fell on deaf ears.
As you can see from the ratios above, lard also contains saturated fat.  And cholesterol.  Gasp!
Unlike more saturated fats like tallow and coconut oil, lard’s combination of monounsaturated and saturated fats makes it a perfect fat for baking as it gives things like pie crusts, cookies, biscuits and pastries a very light, flaky and soft texture.
But lard also has a high smoke point too (about 370 degrees Fahrenheit) and is thus excellent for frying as well.
I paid $5 for about a pound or two of leaf lard at my local farmers market and rendered that into about 12 ounces of lard.
Compare that to a bottle of good quality, first-pressed extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil at your local health food store. Lots of traditional food cookbooks include little tidbits of information on rendering and using lard, but I’ve never seen an entire book devoted just to lard. Are you new to cooking with lard?  Is it still a four letter word in your family?  Any tips you’d like to share for lard-using newbies? Check out my FREE report with some basic but powerful tips to start healing your gut - today. I remember when i first got out on my own you would see lard in the stores, but now its all crisco or shortening, but not lard, and certainly never in my adult lifetime the quality you mentioned.

I will be glad to volunteer my expertise to people interested in this kind of information.,I have no relation with the sponsor but will gladly do what I can to help straighten out the tremendous amount of out right lies used to sell poor nutrition. We are what we eat and we have continually emphasized to people to support your local farmers, grow your own and stop eating factory farmed, gmo’ed crap! I remember as a child my parents, and our neighbor’s, always kept a can on the stove top for the old lard they had cooked with.
Do you think lard is high in Vitamin D because pigs don’t have a heavy coat of hair covering their skin?
Before you roll your eyes about that (though you probably did already), consider #6 and #7 below. The sight of creamy white fat is gross, but having excess amounts of it inside your body isn’t?
I am getting the bacon from a local organic pig farmer at market and I remember my family (also pig farmers)always did way back when. Is having it criticized by the uninformed especially since the cholesterol hoax was dispelled over 35 years ago, but still not totally abandoned. I have been making a traditional New Mexico Christmas cookie recipe the last 2 years and the first time I made it I was so appalled that it called for lard! I lived in Europe for a long time and Doctors tell you there that lard is the best for frying due to the size of the fat molecule.
Pie crust from the stores is crusty and doesn’t taste as good when you make your own and use lard.
Please note that I only ever endorse products that are in alignment with Fearless Eating's ideals and that I believe would be of value to my readers. Honestly, I think lard was framed in an orchestrated propaganda campaign for vegetable shortening.
Hydrogenated means trans fats which mean free radicals that cause accelerated aging and increased cell mutation leading to many health issues.
I have been studying nutrition (for myself) for about 4 years now and have realised how much rubbish we eat these days.
I never made great pie crusts until using lard, and don’t get me started about french fries made in lard.

In fact, there was a very famous clinic for stomach and liver problems near by, and they fed their patients fried steaks, french fries and lots of other things….ALL FRIED IN LARD!!! I have cut out processed foods and now only eat meat, fish, vegetables, the odd pieces of fruit and a liberal amount of eggs. After having seven heart attacks and a triple bypass I quit eating a lot of things and have gone back to what my grandparents were eating. Overall poor nutrition and lack of good sunlight (the main source of vitamin D) are certainly the big ones. I cut out milk which I personally think is a bad food and added butter instead of margarines and spreads. Now I have discovered that I have a dairy allergy as well and I have been leaning hard on things like coconut oil and vegan butter and crisco for baking. But I do have a butcher shop where I can buy the fat or , on occasion, buy their rendered Lard.
However, I’ve always been slightly put-off by the vegan butters even though I think they taste good. My homemade bacon (top round from tenderloin) is low in salt (pre-soak before frying) and there is so little fat that I have to add some lard to get it going lol. Now that I’ve read your article and some of the ones you linked to, I want to use up my vegan butter and switch to lard!
I have been making progress toward a refined-sugar-free lifestyle and all of this just makes sense. Maybe I should cut it out completely but what is butter without a thick, crusty slice of fresh bread?

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