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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Setting the coconut down into a sink, so "cone-shaped" head nestles firmly into drain makes this easier. Or wash your hands well and dipping your finger into the coconut water, test for the right temperature. Add Body Ecology's Kefir Starter or Body Ecology's Culture Starter to the heated coconut water.
Once fermented, coconut water will become cloudy and lighter in color (left jar is fermented).(After fermentation is complete, you will want to refrigerate your kefir to extend its life.
The coconut on the left has a nice white color to the meat, whereas the meat on the right is turning gray in color and should be discarded. Lace in a blender and puree with enough water to create the consistency of a creamy pudding (you may use water or coconut water).
Dissolve the kefir starter in warm water (you may add EcoBloom if using regular water to aid in fermentation).

So after attempting to make coconut kefir five different times, I only had success on one occasion; however, I must side with Helen on this one regarding the immediate headache, and overall worsening severity of candida symptoms thereafter. I'm from Denmark and have just read the Body Ecology book and for me it makes so much sense that we must keep our colonsystem healthy! It is VERY expensive for me to order on the body ecology website and have it sent here - so luckyli i've just found a shop that sells organic coconut water and another that sells the kefir starter - my question is - how many grams of the starter do I need for 500 ml of coconut water? ATT Maraleta on your milk grains I have some that were used in goats milk now I do a QT at a time .
I made my first batch of milk kefir from the Kefir starter I got from Body Ecology and it was very thin.
Further, now that I said the above, if anybody interested on purchasing a fair amount of small plants maybe said person and I can explore the possibility of exporting it from Belize to your country. Ideally, Microflora prefer that the liquid be 92° F (31° or 32° C), so be careful not to overheat. The culture starter contains plantarum, an antiviral bacteria, and the kefir starter contains lactobacillus and beneficial yeast. Then strike the end of the cleaver repeatedly, driving it almost all the way through the husk.

Note that pink coconut meat has not gone "bad" — pinking in coconut water and meat is not harmful or related to hygiene, bacteria, or contamination. I am careful not to contaminate it and each time have gotten a white mold on top so I have to throw it away.
I have several plants and drink young fresh coconut almost everyday, but just became aware of this famous kefir and will try to make it. Phenolic-antioxidant compounds, naturally found in plants, may react with the enzymes in the coconut to turn water and meat pink, in some cases.
For me It simply tastes too sweet to be consuming even after fermenting, and it is difficult to determine if it is really helping or hindering- the later for the most part in my experience. Here in Amsterdam, Netherlands you can buy young Thailand coconuts (not particularly organic, usually good quality) in oriental food shops or (oriental) wholesale markets. I use milk (not water) kefir grains purchased locally that are normally used for dairy milk.

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