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Daniel Henney was chosen as the face of the premium Italian fashion brand Pespow last year and here he is modeling selections from their SS 2015 collection for Luxury magazine.
On our way home from the temple on New Year's Day, we happened upon a Lion dance performance in Chinatown. Most people commonly associate probiotics with yogurt and you should look for ones that contain live and active cultures. People decorate their homes because it is festive and also to encourage good fortune and abundance.
Decorating the home with flowers is believed to have a positive impact on the family's fortune since it is based on the belief that fruits cannot be beared without flowers and they are thought to be good decorations since they are full of meaning.
Families gather for reunion dinners to feast on a bounty of traditional dishes which are rich in symbolism. There are a number of superstitions centered around activities that are considered unlucky and should thus be avoided during the New Year.
My post on the Health Benefits of starting your day with a cup of lemon water was selected for IFB's Links a la Mode.
We've also included this information in a more linear format for those who learn better in this manner. To name just a few of the benefits, probiotic bacteria are integral to fighting cancer, preventing cavities, reducing allergies, reducing blood pressure and helping you get better sleep!
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You may be tempted to double ferment kefir and this can add a really interesting dimension.
Some people like a second fermentation on their milk kefir because it adds additional bacterial content. Stir through any stubborn milk and you should be left with the reusable grains in the colander.

Crew's Fall 2015 collection was one of the most buzzed about during NYFW because it was just that good.
This traditional dance is an integral element to Lunar New Year celebrations around the world.
Getting that preview of everything that will hit the streets in six months feels like a little trip to the future. There are also some dairy free yogurts that contain added probiotics made from coconut milk, rice or soy.
Anything broken should be repaired or discarded and all cleaning implements are to be stored away out of sight. The red color of the envelopes symbolizes good luck and the tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits. But surprisingly, few understand how important probiotics are to our health and preventing disease.
InstaNatural is an leading online and global distributor of nature inspired beauty products. Their trademark smart tailoring, sophisticated details, luxe textures and cool styling were all present along  with a punchy color palette that included a a brilliant pairing of dusty blush pink and vibrant canary yellow. There are usually two lions that dance along the streets to the sounds of a rhythmic drum beat and clashing cymbals. This holiday begins with the first new moon of the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival lasts for 15 days. This tradition is founded on the belief that a thorough cleaning of your house will "sweep away" all the stagnant energy that has built up over the past year and prepares you for a fresh start.
New notes in even amounts should be given as odd numbers are associated with cash distributed at funerals.
Their product line was developed with a focus on premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without the use of harmful parabens, sulfates and alcohols.

The collection has been talked about all over the place and you can see it in it's entirety here. They will go around to visit local businesses to bless them with good luck and good fortune for the year. This happy occasion is celebrated in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam as well as Korea and Japan. People use items like red lanterns (good luck), mystic knots (protection) and plants (good luck).
Avoid washing your hair on the first day because you don't want to wash away any good luck.
Many Chinese communities in major cities around the world also carry out their own festivities.
They also commonly place nine oranges or tangerines with the leaves attached to guard against bad luck and attract prosperity. This week we look at what's been happening, and how to give yourself that little treat to keep you from the winter blues. The Big Hero 6 actor (he voiced Tadashi Hamada) recently joined a new spin-off of the CBS show Criminal Minds along with Gary Sinise, Anna Gunn and Tyler James Williams.
I wonder what this might mean for Tyler James Williams' character Noah on The Walking Dead.
Daniel has previously appeared on American television in Revolution, NCIS Los Angeles, Three Rivers and Hawaii Five-O.

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