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Have you ever wondered about the biological species living inside your stomach and intestines (so called Gastro-intestinal tract) ?
There are about 100 trillion microbes living inside GI tact and an average of 500 different species are existing there. Out of these microbes, 80-85% are beneficial, health promoting bacteria; 10% harmful bacteria and rest are yeasts and fungi. The beneficial bacteria should survive in the GI tract and the ratio should be maintained in order not to disturb the regular functioning of the body. Bene bac (beneficial bacteria – called as Bene Bac in this post) promote the synthesis of antibodies to destroy the pathogenic bacteria.
These bacteria absorb minerals and amino acids in intestines and eliminate toxins creating a healthy environment.
We can provide food to the Bene Bac in order to keep the body stable and metabolic activities unaltered.
Special type of carbohydrates which are non-digestible by human body can improve the growth of Bene Bac. Many processed foods are replacing fat and sugar with the dietary fiber in order to help the bene bac grow. In order to replenish the bene bac in intestines and maintain higher good bacteria to bad bacteria ratio; few micro organism are taken in our daily diet.
Everyone would be familiar with these bacteria as we all consume them in the form of yogurt or curd. Millions of bacteria in the probiotic food enter the GI tract and enhance the immune system.
Honey, yogurt and a mixture of fruits like banana, strawberries, oranges can form a wonderful synbiotic food which is healthy as well as tasty.
Now that you have known the benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics; do not try to skip yogurt in your daily diet.
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I just got my t shirt in the mail yesterday, from back when Culturelle was offering them as freebies! I liked Culurelle on Facebook (as Terry McPherson) and told them that A Few Short Cuts sent me. I subscribe to A FEW SHort Cuts and would really like to be chosen your winner of this really cool T shirt! I am a wife, mom of 3, coffee drinking, beach bum, chocolate loving, penny pinching, taker of short cuts. With all these tactics implemented though, some diseases or conditions related to the gut still persist and can prove to be a real challenge to deal with. Note that in case of a hard to treat condition, I would tackle the problem with a shotgun approach. We don't because, we have strayed away from the best way of living that fits our evolution best. Plus, its anti-inflammatory, antitumor, enzyme-inhibiting, antithrombogenic, antibacterial and antiviral properties make it a great addition to your diet.The taste of this exotic fruit can be either sweet or sour, depending on the variety.
The monounsaturated fats in it help keep your heart in good condition by reducing your level of low-density lipoproteins (LDL or the ‘bad’ cholesterol), while increasing your level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL or the ‘good’ cholesterol). I have even found that if I have an upset stomach after a meal and take one it helps tremendously!  I did switch over to Culturelle this week.  It works just as well as my other probiotic supplement!  There is no way to tell the long term differences yet. Granted, following a Paleo diet will often provide great relief and maybe even cure whatever ailment you’re dealing with. This article will dig deeper into the subject and I will recommend a general strategy to cope with most gut and gut flora ailments. This basically means that I would eliminate any possible offending foods at the same time as I would try and maximize my immune system strength, gut healing and good flora rebuilding. Also known as pitaya, this exotic fruit is very beautiful with pure white, yellow or red flesh and numerous edible, small black seeds.It is a superfood due to its high antioxidant content.
Also, other than being very strict with the diet, complete elimination of dairy, egg whites, nightshade vegetables, nuts and seeds and limiting fruit intake should be a priority, as discussed in my articles about dealing with autoimmune diseases and about the benefits of egg yolks. Note that each condition usually also requires a special approach, but the general ideas discussed here usually applies to all of them.
Forgetting a step or doing things only partially often leads to poor results unfortunately. It's definitely not exact, but I have found that it tastes better (and you will eat it slower) if you freeze it first. Its high vitamin C content along with fatty acids and phosphorus make this fruit very healthy in nature.Other nutrients in it are plant sterols, soluble fiber, calcium, iron, carotene, protein and several B vitamins like B1, B2 and B3.

The pulp is also used to make jams, purees, sherbets, fruit pizza and beverages.Also, its leaves can be steeped to make a very healthy tea.
Manages Blood Sugar LevelsThe fiber content in this exotic fruit plays a key role in stabilizing blood sugar levels.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.
I’ve been dealing with tough problems myself and it sometimes seems that even the stars have to be aligned to start seeing progress, so hang in there and make anything possible to regain health as soon as possible so you can laugh about it afterwards. In fact, it prevents sugar spikes in diabetic people that generally occur after eating high glycemic index foods. Mature adults had to do most of the hard work enable us to invest up to 25 years in our kids.
And we have lost touch with the circadian rhythms of the Natural World, and that has made us ill too.
I understand that sometimes you have to pay extra for quality, so I keep buying it, but I just cannot wait for the day that the price comes down significantly because of the competitors that are trying to make a product that is just the same. Its vitamin B1 content is also good for your digestive system.The fruit is also easy to digest. Being low in calories and high in fiber, it helps keep you feeling full longer so you’ll eat less throughout the day. Indulging in mindless eating is a key factor in weight gain.The combination of high fiber and low calories also boost your metabolism rate, which helps you lose weight faster. Supports Cardiovascular HealthDragon fruit aids in maintaining healthy tissues within and around your heart, which is essential for cardiovascular health. Boosts ImmunityBeing a rich source of vitamin C, dragon fruit can boost the body’s immune system.
The antioxidant vitamin C helps the white blood cells function properly and protects your body from infectious agents. Prevents CancerDragon fruit is loaded with beneficial antioxidants that help prevent cancer-causing free radicals.

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