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Dona€™t let your problems get worse… especially if nothing youa€™ve tried to date has helped. You need to replace bad bacteria by replenishing the good bacteria… and fight off the bad yeast with probiotic yeast.
There’s an overwhelming number of nutrients our growing children need in order to stay healthy.
I’ve done some good research in order to figure out what I absolutely need to give to my two youngsters to strengthen their immune systems. So anyway, here are the four supplements that I give to my boys to keep their immune systems strong as a ox. Most food, especially the food served to kids in schools, is not really providing the nutrients a growing body needs. Supplementing your child’s diet with a quality multivitamin that also contains minerals is a good idea. My favorite (and my boys favorite) omega supplement is the Total Omega Barlean’s Oil.
So putting some extra good bacteria in your child’s gut can only help ward off the bad bacteria that leads to sickness and disease. One other thing that you could give your child as bonus #5 during the school year is some extra vitamin C. Here’s a checklist for boosting the immune system infographic that you can use to help get your kids set and ready to go this school year! If you liked this post, subsribe to our blog free at the top right of the homepage so you never miss an article.

Ultimately, taking a daily probiotic can make a genuine difference in your health… even if youa€™ve suffered intestinal imbalance for decades. Some popular brands offer as little as 1 or 2 billion CFUs per capsulea€”which is woefully inadequate. Probiotics are living organisms that must be handled with the utmost care to ensure their viability.
A quality probiotic will get you results quicklya€”often within a few days and most certainly within a few weeks. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. So offering these extra nutrients to your kids, especially during the school-year is only going to help. Many nutrient imbalances can lead to symptoms that mimic ADHD or other auto immune disorders. Thankfully, I work at Natural Healthy Concepts and know the brands I’m buying are made with good ingredients and are non-GMO.
Not getting enough D3 could lead to mental disorders as well as a handful of other health issues. Since 80% of our immune systems are housed in our guts, the healthier our guts, the stronger our immune systems. The probiotics, or good bacteria, are like the good guys fighting off the bad guys, or bad bacteria, like parasites and yeast.
It’s loaded with antioxidants and has antibacterial properties and can help shorten the length of the common cold.

While you’re there – subscribe to the NHC newsletter to get weekly sales and coupons sent straight to your inbox! You want a formula that ensures a broad range of support for both the small intestine and the colon.
Far too many probiotic products on the market contain less than 1% of the live microorganisms advertised on the label. Plus, certain foods we eat everyday are even depleting our body of some of the most important nutrients we might be getting. The Nordic Berries and Alive Gummies have been my usual go-to for a multivitamin with minerals.
There are all sorts of good reasons to get essential fatty acids into your child’s diet. But when you have the proper amount, it helps keep things like your hearing, mood, sleep patterns, weight and immune system in tact. In fact, have you seen the ingredients in Flintstones vitamins? They are downright terrible.
It promotes healthy skin and a fatty acid deficiency could even be one reason your child is suffering from eczema.
It helps with memory, concentration, depression, mood swings and can even prevent chronic diseases like cancer.

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