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Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and is a life-long relapsing-remitting intestinal condition in which the colon and rectum become ulcerated and inflamed. UC has no cure but there are a range of effective treatments to treat the condition when sufferers experience a flare-up, these include steroids, immune suppressants and biologics. Probiotics have long been considered as the mainstay of symptomatic relief and 51% of patients with ulcerative colitis take probiotics in a bid to help manage their condition. New research on a multi-strain live liquid bacteria drink Researchers from King’s College Hospital in London and Darent Valley Hospital in Kent found that after a daily dose of a live liquid bacteria for just 4 weeks, 76% of patients with ulcerative colitis had significant reductions in faecal levels of calprotectin – a protein released by white blood cells in the intestine when it is inflamed.    The research suggests that the live liquid bacteria drink, Symprove, may help patients by reducing gut inflammation.
Independent research at UCL recently analysed 8 popular probiotic formulations (including Symprove, Actimel, VSL#3 and Yakult*) and found that Symprove was the only one where live bacteria was proven to arrive in sufficient numbers, survive the transit through the stomach and to thrive in the intestines.  Previous studies have also shown Symprove to be effective in relieving the symptoms of IBS in 60% of sufferers within 12 weeks.
View on FacebookNatural Health 9 hours ago Natural Health shared 106 BOB FM - Home Counties's photo. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that has a major effect on the large intestine (colon). It is estimated that around 10-20% of the UK’s population will be affected by IBS during their lifetime. The signs and symptoms of IBS differ from person to person and can sometimes resemble those of other diseases.
These can range from mild to extremely painful and debilitating symptoms that interfere with the sufferer’s day-to-day life. Stress – Those with IBS find that their symptoms are worse or more frequent when they are under a great deal of pressure or stress. Hormones – Women are twice as likely to have IBS and as such researchers believe that hormonal changes play a role in this condition. Some patients may be given a colonoscopy, where a small camera is inserted into the large intestine to look for abnormalities.
Ask your GP about medication – Anti-spasmodic medicines can reduce abdominal pain by relieving the pressure on the muscles in your gut.

Try probiotics – These live bacteria and yeasts are good for your health, and more importantly your digestive system. The water-based, multi-strain priobotic supplement contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria: L. Unlike its counterparts, Symprove doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth and is gluten and dairy free. Clinical trials have shown that Symprove can reduce IBS symptoms in just 12 weeks, meaning that it is more effective than tablet and dairy probiotics.
A study by King’s College London found that Symprove improved the symptoms of patients with IBS using a validated symptom severity score.
Research by University College London (UCL) found that the vast majority of UK consumers are wasting millions on bacteria that just die in the stomach.
UCL concluded that live bacteria, including Symprove, offer new hope for long-term sufferers because they outperform all other probiotic drinks and supplements that they tested. If your symptoms persist, we would strongly recommend that you seek the guidance of a medical professional. For more great products like Symprove, click here; or for more information, leave a comment in the section below. However, in most probiotics, the bacteria doesn’t survive long enough in the digestive tract to provide relief.
IBS commonly caIrritable Bowel Syndrome: The Symptoms and How You Can Control Themuses cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. The condition is most common in those aged between 20-30, but it can affect people of any age.
However, research shows that a number of factors play a significant role and that triggers vary from person to person.
The list is vast – chocolate, spices, fats, fruits, beans, milk, carbonated drinks and alcohol to name but a few.

Most patients presenting the symptoms of IBS are placed onto an exclusion diet by their doctor. Without medical training it is very difficult to recognise the difference between symptoms caused by IBS and those caused by other disorders.
There are other medications on offer, so if that doesn’t work talk to you GP about the alternatives.
In fact, most popular priobotics products do not deliver what they promise as they are simply not robust enough for the human GI tract.
See MoreSee LessAthletes from the Home Counties are back in the UK following their best Olympics in more than a century! They will normally rule out other bowel and stomach complaints such as coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease before giving a diagnosis of IBS. Try eating smaller portions more often to avoid your stomach becoming too full to process the foods properly. Make time to exercise regularly and allocate pockets of time to relax; this will help reduce your stress levels. It maintains a healthy bacterial culture in the gut as it has been designed to arrive, survive and thrive in your intestine. A healthy gut ordinarily contains samples of each of these, but a deficiency or imbalance can leave you feeling bloated, nauseous or in pain.

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