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Probiotics for Dogs with Enzymes -Chewables (90ct) -Cats and Dog Tablets-Complete Digestive Remedy for Pets - Controls Gas - Loose Stool - Diarrhea - and More.
Probiotics for dogs with enzymes are a great way to help your pet maintain excellent health. Related ProductsProbiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics for Dogs (360 servings)Pet Probiotics (120 servings) - Complete Veterinary Formula for Canine & Feline Gut Health - Probiotic Miracle (R) Powder - Proven Probiotic Strains for Dog Diarrhea, Loose Stool, Yeast, Gas, & Digestive Problems - All Natural, No Animal Ingredients, No Fillers, No Flavors, Non-GMO.
Natural Nutrition Natural Nutrition to improve the to improve the Health and Longevity Health and Longevity of of Dogs and Cats Dogs and Cats. Raw Food Nutrition THE EVOLUTIONARY EVIDENCE IS CLEAR 38 million years of evolution on a raw food diet.
Advantages of Raw Food Nutrition Advantages of Raw Food Nutrition Evolutionary adaptation – a RAW diet eaten for 40 Million years must be better than a processed food that has been around for only 50 years Autolytic enzymes – raw food is easier to digest and requires less digestive enzymes Reduced obesity – animals on raw food do not get fat Improved dental health – animals on raw food have healthier teeth and gums. Common Conditions that respond to Raw Food Diets Allergies (atopic (inhaled), contact, food allergy) Chronic Otitis – ear infections Pancreatitis- great follow up diet (low in fat, easy to digest). Dr Bruce’s Skin Support Program This scientifically formulated, yet fully natural, diet and supplement solution targets the cause of skin disease - the immune and digestive systems! Premium Choice Contains all 76 macro & micro nutrients required for optimal health, in a perfectly balanced, 100% natural, raw food diet for cats and dogs Absolutely NO chemical preservatives, colours, flavours or additives.
Premium Choice Biological combination of raw meats, cracked whole grains, vegetable matter & natural vitamin and mineral supplements. Premium Choice Allerblend formula has omega 3 fatty acids & additional immune modulating herbs (like Astragalus, Perilla seed, Reishi and shitake mushroom, cats claw, Colostrum …) for stubborn allergic skin problems. Complete Mix contains all the essential ingredients for a natural diet, but without the meat portion. Complete Mix Once reconstituted & combined with meat (preferably kangaroo meat) it functions the same as Premium Choice & has all the same health benefits * Soaked Complete Mix + fresh Raw meat = Premium Choice Complete Mix requires a little more effort on the part of the pet owner, but is more affordable for larger dogs, or multiple pet households Choosing to use Complete Mix also offers the pet owner a choice in which meat to use (see notes on best meats).
Flax Seed oil is a pure natural source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (over 60% omega 3). Joint Formula The primary active ingredients are Shark Cartilage powder & Green Lipped Mussel extract (called glycosaminoglycans) which combine to provide repair to the cartilage surfaces of joints (similar to Sasha’s Blend) Joint Formula also contains mineral components to strengthen bones in ageing pets eg. Recently we posted on the pet emergency bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), a leading cause of death in dogs. These fun Mod Stripe Kitty Krackers from GEORGE are super-sized versions of the popular kitty krackers.
The pet supplement Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats has spent 847 days in the top 100 best sellers in Amazon's Pet Supplies category.
Dogs are sensitive to this whistling sound, so in conjunction with a command such as "heel", your dog quickly learns to walk calmly at your side.
This cute coiled Water Twister will stay afloat in the water, making it easy for your dog to spot and retrieve.
The Tommy Pet Bed was designed by Tommy Williams to remove the allergens where your cat or dog sleeps. Veterinary technology is advancing and becoming more expensive to the point where the cost of quality veterinary care often exceeds a pet owner's budget.
According to the American Pet Products Association, only 2% of all United States pet owners currently carry pet insurance and up to 6% of pet owners will by 2010. One affordable and practical type of coverage we have found is a high-deductible plan, such as the Trupanion Veterinarian-Approved Pet Insurance, recommended by PETCO. This American Animal Hospital Association guide will help you to prepare yourself for potentially expensive urgent pet care.
The New York Times has begun a weekly series, The Puppy Diaries, about "the challenges and satisfactions of raising a puppy through its first year of life". A Japanese toy company has invented Bowlingual Voice, a device that purportedly interprets the emotions expressed in a dog's bark then translates them into human words. This gadget "detects" sadness, joy, alertness to danger, neediness, happiness and frustration, plus has a recorded repertoire of spoken phrases such as "play with me", "leave me alone", and "feel sad". Even though the girls prefer to go "au naturel", they will wear their Let's Pawty Dog Tank Top for their celebration today. Miami, FL small animal veterinarian Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA writes the popular blog Dolittler.
Crypton Doodle Dog Bag Collection in the above colors Pool Blue, Gipsy Red, Kermit Green, Koala Tan, Persimmon Orange, and Twig Brown. South Korean customs authorities have reportedly cloned a pack of six Labrador retriever sniffer dogs.
To create the ideal customs dogs, a team of Seoul National University scientists, led by researcher Lee Byung-Chun, cloned a successful Canadian sniffer dog in 2007. Seven cloned puppies were born, and six completed the 16-month training program to become sniffer dogs.
One chore we kind of dread at Super Cool Pets is cleaning the bird cage, but it has to be done from time to time. We think the battery-powered Sonic Scrubber Bird Cage Cleaning Tool is a must-have to simplify the job and power away those tough bird messes easily.
Avoid toys with painted decals: the item may not have been tested properly, and we know that paint can contain lead. Toys that are inexpensive may be poorly constructed and disintegrate in a pet's mouth, leading to choking.

One solution is to make your own toys, as suggested in Make Your Own Cat Toys: Saving The Planet One Cat Toy At A Time. The new 2009 collection of beautiful bright Laurel Burch Latte Mugs features 12 of her signature whimsical cat designs. Patty Khuly VMD, MBA is a small animal veterinarian in Miami, FL and writes a daily blog for pet lovers at PetMD that is a favorite here at Super Cool Pets. This disease, also called torsion, gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), can kill a dog in a matter of minutes or become chronic.
At Super Cool Pets we focus on pet products that improve and enhance the lives of pets and the people they love. We wash off and hose down our pets a lot, but sometimes they just need a good scrub to soothe the various conditions that crop up, especially in the summer, such as itch relief, skin sensitivity, combating pests, odor relief, and coat conditioning. Earthbath All Natural Shampoos effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize pet dry skin. For dogs, a variety of Earthbath Shampoos are available--Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo, Clear Advantages Shampoo, Orange Peel Oil Shampoo, and Eucalyptus & Peppermint Shampoo.
For cats, Earthbath All Natural Cat Shampoo and Conditioner has gentle cleansers and conditioners with wild cherry essence to detangle and make your favorite feline's fur shine.
Painter, animal welfare philanthropist, and all-around animal lover Ron Burns will release his new book, Rufus Rhymes, on August 15, 2009. Also available only during the "pre-order period" is a copy of the book plus a signed, limited-edition Giclee print, measuring 11 x 14, of an image from the book. They are made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose material with a strong sewn-in loop tug handle for tugging. A new study has found that for some products, shoppers just won't risk buying the store brand. Shoppers will choose the store brands for food and household goods, but prefer name brands when it comes to their children and pets.
Healthy too -- made of apples, pear puree, banana puree, natural peppermint extract, and vitamin C. Up to 50 "pawsengers'' will travel in carriers in the main cabin in the care of a pet attendant. Probiotics for dogs and cats and Enzymes for pets are gaining awareness for their incredible health benefit. The digestive tract, teeth to bowel, organs and enzymes, all designed to digest & process raw meat and other raw food sources. The term “natural diet” refers to mimicking a natural wild dog or cat’s diet, by combining the most convenient individual raw materials and re-creating the natural elements.
RAW MEAT My preference is kangaroo - organic, lean, high protein, high in Omega 3 - make sure minimal or no preservatives are used. VEGETABLES Vegetables always best raw, but they must be grated or minced as dogs and cats cannot easily digest the cell wall of plants.
THE SUPPLEMENTS YEAST is added for B complex vitamins, chromium (glucose metabolism) &selenium (anti oxidant). STEP 1 – Premium Choice Allerblend (or Complete Mix Sensitive Skin & Roo) STEP 2 – Skin & Coat Formula (at recommended dose rate) STEP 3 – Omega Blend Oil (at recommended dose rate) All three steps are recommended however, for mild cases, conducting one or two steps only, may get results.
Designed to mimic the evolutionary prey diet of dogs & cats - a diet they have thrived on for 40 million years A diet free of heat processing damage, and all the un-natural chemicals used in modern processed pet foods The closest thing to what mother nature intended dogs and cats to eat ! Great natural shine to the coat, reduces “doggy odour” & gets rid of dandruff & scurfy coats. The Omega Paw Portion Pacer Ball is designed to slow your dog down at chowtime and can help your dog eat up to 8 times slower. The GEORGE mod stripe fabric is stuffed with organically grown catnip, and fashioned into sausage-like shapes.
We have featured this pet beauty product in a prior post--basically, to eliminate your pet's tear stains "from the inside out", sprinkle some into your pet's food. Never mind that clearing up tear stains in this way means you've got to offer your dogs a daily dose of antbiotic for the rest of his natural life.
When your dog pulls on the lead, a whistling tone (non-electric) is emitted from the Dog Tweeter. The premise is that keeping the air pure and allergy-free at the "source of the problem" will improve the air quality throughout your home.
Many pet owners are forced to choose between burdensome debt or medically neglecting their pet. Pet insurance tends to cost between $2,000 and $6,000 over the lifespan of the average pet. These generously sized Swimming Dog Glasses are hand-etched with a water dog paddling along a ring of waves. And for the dog owner who doesn't want to miss a thing, an answering machine function can also record your pet's feelings when you are not around.
This is a 6" plush golden (of course) cake with white icing and 6 candles in pretty colors.
Choose an established company that provides educational materials for veterinarians and other consumers.
Companies that support clinical research and have their products used in clinical trials that are published in peer-reviewed journals to which veterinarians have access are more likely to have a quality product.

A lot identification number indicates that a surveillance system exists to ensure product quality.
This eco-friendly reusable bag is made of Crypton's signature super fabric with the same print on each side.
Lee was a former colleague of Hwang Woo-Suk, the scientist who was disgraced when his claims about his work with human stem cells were proved false. As we have learned in recent years, we cannot rely upon corporate America or watchdog agencies to keep our pets safe, but our own best judgment when purchasing pet toys. These hand-finished ceramic mugs hold a generous 16 oz and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Dr Khuly recommends the use of bowls that reduce eating speed, such as the Brake-Fast Pet Bowl pictured above, and recommends against using raised feeders.
These shampoos are soap-free and pH-balanced for pets' sensitive skin--also non-toxic, 100% natural, entirely bio-degradable, phosphate and paraben-free, enzyme-free, and animal cruelty-free. The lyrics of popular nursery rhymes have been rewritten to be dog-centric, and are illustrated with his signature paintings.
All copies ordered during the "pre-order period," unitl August 15, will be autographed by Ron Burns. They have a muffled squeaker that is quiet for us but plainly audible to your dog's sensitive ears. The study found that just 23 percent chose the store brand over national brands for pet care products. These low-fat summer snacks are only 33 calories per serving and are wheat and rice gluten free.
It’s crazy to think dogs & cats will have better health on a cooked and processed diet that & they have had less than 50 odd years to adjust to (one millionth on the evolutionary time scale) Does it take a scientist to see the answer – no, this is just common sense Why are zoo animals still fed raw food?– because they thrive on raw food, and get sick and even die when fed processed food How long can a wolf live – over 20 yrs, so why do most dogs only live 10 -14 yrs – because of diet. Rabbit is also a good meat source, and green tripe Organ meats (eg liver, kidney, heart) twice a week, or 10% each feed. Vegetables provide vitamins & minerals, as well as roughage to helps proper bowel motions & anal gland function. Patricia Khuly at vet blog Doolitter, who argues that the underlying cause of the staining is being ignored: "Never mind that tears run down faces because eyes are misshapen.
Never mind that Angel Eyes is illegal in Europe and other places where antibiotics are not readily allowed in products like this.
There is the special puppy smell, much like the distinctive scent, better than perfume, of a new baby's head. Foster and Smith's email series: Puppy Care Today -- Everything you need to know about a new puppy through each stage. The classic double old-fashioned shape is made of sturdy crystal that resists chipping and breaking. It should be easy to calculate the amount of active ingredient administered per dose per day. These durable Sqwuggies from Katie's Bumpers squeak and float and are perfect for tugging and fetching games.
Bones supply natural source of readily absorbable calcium in correct levels relative to meat intake Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate I advise clients to feed raw bones at least twice a week.
Meat requirement decreases with age; 80% pups, 70% adults, 60% senior, 50% weight-loss Dogs can eat less meat and more vegetable matter Cats are obligate carnivores & require higher meat diet.
LECITHIN is for choline - brain power, liver, fat metabolism CALCIUM is to balance diet relative to phosphorous – added calcium creates an ideal balance. Soaking grains at room temperature “germinates” seed & turns off enzyme inhibitors increasing bio-availability & digestibility by 40- 50%. Shark liver Oil has Alkyl glycerol's & squalene which both have immune boosting & balancing functions Omega Blend Sunflower oil contains omega 6 fatty acids Wheat germ oil contains natural vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant, and also helps to stabilise the oil Omega Blend oil is particularly indicated for stubborn allergic skin disease, and works best in combination with a raw food diet (eg. It's called MiracleZyme because our customers reported miraculous results in their pet's health, and so will you!
Eliminate Diarrhea, Loose Stool, Yeast Issues, Poor Digestion, Excess Shedding, Stomach Issues, Constipation, PLUS Improve Skin & Coat, Bad Breath, and Body Odor. There is the singing of lullabies to sleep, lying next to Scout's crate as if it were a cradle.
It’s natural for carnivores to have grains in the diet, but not large amounts of refined grain (flour) like in most processed foods Should average 10 - 20% of the diet. Scientifically researched for safety and efficacy.A TRUSTED BRAND FOR YEARS - NO BYPRODUCTS - NON GMO - GMP CERTIFIED - GLUTEN FREECOMPLETE PET DIGESTIVE REMEDY!
Most important during pregnancy, puppy growth, during illness, disease or recovery from surgery or trauma, or when under stress of any kind (see later).
GARLIC is for taste and aroma, to discourage parasites, stimulates digestion, lowers flatulence, powerful antibacterial properties.

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