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Probiotics are as timeless as Abraham and his sour goat milk, yet these therapeutic food additives are a relatively new field of study for most nutritionists.
Part of the problem has always been the mystery that is the unplumbed depth of the intestinal tract.
Now that you have an inkling as to the role of intestinal bacteria, let's move on to the explanation of therapeutic intestinal probiotics for pets. Manufacturers, however, are quick to point out that theirs are safe, effective, quality-controlled, and subject to the same rigorous standards we’ve come to expect from their other products.
Then there’s the other issue my clients have asked about: If this probiotic works, am I just masking the symptoms of a larger disease process?

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In all cases, these symptoms are accompanied by changes in an animal’s gastrointestinal bacteria. Just as our vast oceans are unknown to us at their most unfathomable depths, the lowly intestinal tract is teeming with populations of creatures that outnumber our own cells ten to one. Suffice to say, bacteria aid in more than simple digestion and absorption of foodstuffs and nutrients, respectively.
In this way, the entire balance of the intestinal flora will be shifted toward the beneficial bacteria.

Many are recommending probiotics for any pet showing symptoms of a bacterial imbalance that is associated with unhappy symptoms of the aforementioned irregularities: diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and sometimes vomiting. For others with more chronic or chronically intermittent symptoms, however, probiotics may serve well as a lifetime stop-gap for whatever underlying intestinal malady is ailing the animal. And now that more companies are stepping forward with their own versions of probiotic supplements, the pet food reps are out in full force with their explanations and exhortations refined to make sure that all veterinarians consider their routine use.
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That’s why probiotics are often recommended for these pets as a way of boosting good gut bacteria to counteract the bad. While their populations and diversity astound us, it’s their complex biological machinations that really find us scratching our heads in amazement.
That’s why I stick to the most well-distributed ones, whose manufacturers have a long-held reputation to protect.

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