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The composition of nectar consists of varying proportions of fructose, glucose, water, oil and special enzymes. GreenVet Natural Supplement Rich in Highly Concentrated Live Cultures including probiotics.
Also recommended to use when treating with Ivermectin (also use Apasyl to detoxify the liver, as Ivermectin is metabolised by the liver).
If you do not have Adobe® Reader®on your computer,you may download itfree by clicking onthe icon below. KEV WRITES: "It is now a year since I started using Avi-culture probiotic for my exhibition Gloster Fancy Canaries.
I started using it as part of my pre breeding season programme, in place of the product I normally use. Things progressed as normal, and my hens in general set about their tasks as I would expect. The difference that I have noticed however is with the usual 4 or 5 hens that inevitably lose condition during the winter.
Much to my surprise and delight I am able to report that having continued giving them Avi-culture, all of them have now built nests, laid eggs, and either have chicks or are sitting.
I cannot of course be absolutely sure that it is the Avi-culture that has brought about this occurrence, but given that nothing else in my husbandry has changed, it is highly probable that this is the reason for my good luck. Robert McGuire - Champion Exhibition American Singer Canary Breeder located in Arizona, USA. We have been using Avi-culture in our bird room this year with a marked improvement in our birds. Tony Ruiz - 2009 Champion Exhibition Yorkshire Canary Breeder from Illinois, USA who has won more awards for his Yorkshire Canaries in America than any other breeder in the history of exhibitions here!
I thought I would send you this note, to thank you for your help with my birds and my web site!
I use it on my birds on a regular basis to keep them healthy, like I said in our last phone conversation!
The birds I imported last fall were held at the quarantine station for an additional 8 weeks due to the out break of NewCastle disease in a few of the states. After about 8 weeks of treatment some of the hens came into breeding condition and I produced youngsters from them. As you know, I have used Avi-culture for a long time and I would highly recommend it to anyone keeping any species of birds and in any type of environment. I have found that as recommended the best time to use the Avi-culture is at time of stress.
I also attribute my winning 3 Kellogg’s and 6 Best at the National not to mention, numerous local shows, where my Yorkshires have won Best in Show, to the use of Avi-culture helping me keep my Yorkshire in peak condition and in good health. Jim Schwall - Champion Exhibition Canary Breeder from Michigan, USA who has been raising Canaries of all types for quite a few years and is very involved with avian organizations all around the country. To answer your question about probiotics, I'm still very happy using them, (I have to say because of a few, I receive no compensation from Don or anybody else for this statement), just a good product.
Barry Benson - Is a "Good Ol' Southern Boy" in the USA as well as a Champion Exhibition Canary Breeder who has been involved with raising canaries for a good many years, focusing on Colorbred Canaries.

Chris Chrystal - Has been raising Canaries for some time in the USA and from some of his e-mails, he certainly enjoys the hobby! Finally concluding (after much trail and tribulation) that a bacteria infection had caused this "plague", I found an anti-biotic that seemed to "stop the bleeding". Then, after much research, I came across the Internet site for Avi-Culture, a probiotic developed just for birds.
Neil Riveron - And his entire family have been raising & enjoying Canaries for too many years to mention in California, USA!
I was having a real problem in my birdroom this breeding season as have others I talked to who breed and show color canaries.
I feed the best foods and give my birds a great environment as you can see from the pictures on my website.
I had heard lots of good things about your live, avian-specific probiotic that I said to myself, I was going to try this for the molting season.
I don't know what else to say other than it looks like Avi-culture is a great product for birds! I just want to say thank you to Don, who out of good nature helped me out with a bottle of free Avi-Culture Probiotics..
I am very new to raising canaries so I've personally been hesitant to recommend anything but I can say that one of my glosters had dark spots where I guess her nose is, & I gave her some Pedialyte & also used the Avi-culture.
Currently, Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center has four full time and 1 part time veterinarian.
It is produced either by the flowers, in which it attracts pollinating animals or by extrafloral nectaries, which provide a nutrient source to birds and butterflies. Floral nectaries are generally located at the base of the perianth, so that pollinators are made to brush the flower's reproductive structures, the anthers and pistil, while accessing the nectar. Although its main ingredient is fructose or natural sugar, our nectar composition is a mix of many ingredients.
Avian Nectar will provided you with an easy-to-make water-soluble solution which will give you a time-saving and problem-free diet. Sunbird Nectar is suitable for a lot of types, such as: sunbirds, sugarbirds, honeycreepers, spider hunters, tangers, chlorophonia,s and bulbuls. Avian Lori Food contains all necessary nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and amino acids required by your birds. On a scale of one to 10, only ratings of nine or 10 have significant positive impact on your company. These types of hens as you will be aware, do not display any definable symptoms of disease but inevitably never come into breeding condition and do not react to antibiotics or any other treatment. I had an earlier problem with loose feces in my Canary flock that The Avi-Culture solved quickly for me. Our current clientele of over 20,000 ranges over many states and with approximately 60% of the patients being avian, reptilian, rabbits, small exotic mammals and birds of prey.
In the Avian world, nectar is a form of juice which can take a range of forms, depending on the style in which it is made. It contains fructose, glucose, sugar, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements but also several volatile aromas to attract our birds.

Nectar exists mainly from carbohydrates, which provides these birds for an important part of their energy needs.
Mixing with other supplements is advised against, because Avian Lori Food contains all necessary nutrients.
Companies that are measuring customer satisfaction as a predictor of sales growth are barking up the wrong tree, says Frederick Reichheld, director emeritus of Bain and coauthor of the study "Net Promoters." While happy customers are a good thing, they are not the primary driver of sales growth.
Beyond just personally satisfied, this customer is willing to go out on a limb and promote your good or service to another. These customers are not just dissatisfied; they are the kind who are likely to complain and to pass on their complaints to other potential customers.
Walker - Champion Exhibition Colorbred Canary Breeder, Judge, Exhibitor & Author located in the UK.
I have Bronze that had feathers one day, three - four days later the cage bottom was full, with the new ones right behind. Since it's in dry powder form, it worked well in both water applications and in the nestling food. His work and research in immune response of dogs to canine heartworm disease was used to develop a diagnostic test still used today in the detection in occult heartworm disease in canine and feline patients. Although our special interests continue to evolve in non-contemporary companion animal care, we still love our canine and feline patients.
Nectar is an nutritional important sugar source for nectar.Hummingbirds, sunbirds, lories, fructivoren and nectivoren feed on nectar. Nectar is a rich and refreshing food for our nectivores and fructivores birds and contains relatively few preservatives, and provides an excellent source of several important vitamins and minerals. These carbohydrates are complemented with fats, high-quality biological proteins, vitamins, minerals, high quality amino acids and natural spirulina.
Bain research showed the willingness to recommend is a far more important predictor of sales growth than ordinary customer satisfaction. Lower ratings, while they may seem okay, are not generating benefits to the firm, Bain research shows.
While working toward his Masters Degree, he worked as a teaching assistant, which lead to his position with Auburn University as a General Biology instructor. With a color that is a cross between yellow and green, nectar can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other ingredients as fruits to create a different treats. When it comes to feeding your birds nectar, it can be an excellent means of giving that bit of extra. Lafeber developed a friendship and personal mentoring relationship which continued through Dr. Sakas's graduation from vet school in 1983, which led to the acceptance of a staff veterinarian position with Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center.

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