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As long as the shampoo you are using is gentle, natural, and nontoxic you can bathe her as often as you'd like. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. I asked about pain medication, because some pain medication for limping could cause these symptoms.You can post the pictures on the Internet, and send me the link. With this much vomiting and diarrhea, I would be worried about things like pancreatitis, or some internal disease.He could be stumbling and swaying from weakness, low blood sugar, or an imbalance of his electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride). Can you please be more specific about the tests he should take to rule out internal disease like cancer or pancreatitis and also parasites.What food should I give him, yoghurt, water, and boiled chicken broth only? To check for parasites, you look under a microscope at stool samples, to look for the eggs of different parasites.The blood test for pancreatitis is called cPL. Mambo was surrendered to FBRN in a vet’s parking lot, suffering from his second rectal prolapse in three weeks.

For the first two weeks after surgery, Mambo had to eat a bland, canned diet, and was on antibiotics and medication to keep his poops liquid so that he wouldn’t tear his sutures.
Natures specialties sells a good tear shampoo, but other than keeping it as clean as you can manage now, I would not worry overmuch about some tearing at this age.
Should I keep him off food for a day or 2 as some people suggest?I can get both lomotil and Imodium.
After the first prolapse, his owner had opted for a purse-string procedure, but the cause of the diarrhea that had precipitated the prolapse was not diagnosed, so it continued unchecked and the prolapse recurred. Abbie My Girl Had Her Spleen Removed in July And Is Going For Just A Couple Chemo Treatments.
She has had 3 real baths and ive been wiping her down with baby wipes in between bc shes a pretty messy eater and her face and paws were beginning to yellow. Some use a little hair dye applicator (beauty store) to apply and cotton balls or pads to clean.

What id like to know is how often should she have a full bath at this age and what is the best thing to bathe her with?
As of now I use contact lense rinse or warm water in a cotton ball to wash and then dry really good but I dont want her to become sore from me doing this almost daily. The Surgeon Who Worked On Abbie Said That When He Removed Her Spleen, Her Liver, Bladder And Kidneys Looked Great.

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