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Many people want to live a long-healthy lives, but what does it take to stay fit and healthy?
Amazingly, in 1900s, Noble Prize-winning Eli Metchnikoff hypothesized long, healthy lives of Bulgarian peasants were due to their consumption of fermented milk products.  These fermented products such as yogurt are referred to as probiotics, which contain beneficial bacteria that protect the “gut” from the harmful bacteria. Probiotics literally means ‘for life’, are micro-organisms such as bacteria that have health benefits in humans. Goal of the study: To identify genes whose expression patterns are altered in the stationary phase in comparison to the late logarithmic phase. During stationary phase, where there is depletion of nutrient (glucose), there are certain genes that are up-regulated while others are down-regulated. In the stationary phase, there are 87 differentially expressed genes in the stationary phase compared to the exponential phase.  Of the 87 genes, 61 of them are up-regulated and 26 are down-regulated. Several of the up-regulated genes are involved in carbon metabolism and energy production.  These up-regulated genes encode for transcription, inorganic ion transport, chaperones, and proteins. Genes that are down-regulated are those that encode for nucleotide transport and metabolism, inorganic ion transport and metabolism, and energy production and conversion. A good approach in understanding the way L.casei Zhang grows and survives in the late stage of milk fermentation, is to know the effects of glucose depletion on the transcriptome. Understanding which genes are up-regulated and down-regulated during the stationary phase can influence the ability of the probiotic to survive in the product during storage and it can also have economical benefit in industrial applications. Phagocytic receptor signaling regulates clathrin and epsin-mediated cytoskeletal remodeling during apoptotic cell engulfment in C.
According to the National Institutes of Health, 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Laura Donlon, 48, of Monroe had been dealing with lower back pain for five years before she found out about a back pain study at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.
The treatment uses radio frequency energy to disable the targeted-nerve responsible for lower back pain. Patients eligible for this new procedure typically are candidates for more invasive back surgery or take strong pain medications, like opioids. The nerve-ablation procedure and technology was developed by Relievant Medsystems, a California-based medical device company. The idea of a home gym sounds great, but it can be very costly for just a few pieces of equipment.
Fermentation is the process where, in the absence of oxygen, a glucose molecule or other carbohydrate sources are converted into cellular energy and the metabolite lactate. The bacteria start to grow at the time of 3h and grow from the logarithmic phase into the stationary phase at the time of ~16h. In fact, chronic lower back pain a€” lasting 12 weeks or longer a€” affects nearly one-third of the nation's population. People can do physical therapy, take pain medications or have major surgery, such as spinal fusion. Under local anesthesia with mild sedation, through a small opening in the patient's back, an access tube is inserted into a specific bony structure of the spine, called a vertebral body.
Those research participants that had the radio frequency ablation procedure noticed significant improvement in their back pain within two weeks of surgery. During fermentation, there was gradual decrease in pH in the fermented milk which could be explained by sugar in milk being converted into lactic acid by L.casei cells.

Gene expression profile of probiotic Lactobacillus casei Zhang during the late stage of milk fermentation. Seeking relief from her pain, caused by a degenerative disc, she contacted the orthopedic research team at Beaumont for details. Research teams in the United States and Germany recruited 225 participants, with 150 receiving the minimally invasive, ablation treatment and 75 receiving the placebo. Because she did not know if she received the minimally invasive trial procedure or a placebo, she had to guess based upon results. Radio frequency energy is transmitted through the device, creating heat, which disables the nerve.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), may give some people with chronic lower back pain a new treatment option. I'm extremely grateful for the care and treatment I've received through my participation in the lower back pain study," said Donlon, 19 months after her minimally invasive nerve-ablation treatment. Helps in the relief of anxiety and depression (enzymes play a huge role in gut-serotonin production!). Reduces symptoms of lactose intolerance- breaks down sugars, starches, and lactose for easier digestion.  Most importantly, it keeps your digestive system fit and active!

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