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Danone has launched Actimel, a fermented milk drink with fruit containing a natural source of vitamin C. I first said "yeah" to Yakult because I love saying the word "Yakult." I also love probiotics to promote healthy digestion. Yakult isn't a yogurt; it's a "fermented dairy drink" first produced in Japan and contains live, probiotic cultures to help boost your immune system and the good bacteria in your tummy.
I was surprised by how sweet Yakult tastes; it has a tart, almost fruity flavor that, believe it or not, reminds me of Sweet Tarts. My mother takes a yakult before a big pill or something like that, Her doctor told her that.
Dude, I used to OD on that growing up (I have to drink that every day because I LOVE the taste).
Lechita (meaning little milk) from Santa Clara is a small carton of ice cream-flavored milk for kids. Lechita is made from reduced fat milk and contains vitamins A, D3, B1, B6, and B12, calcium, iron, zinc, and folic acid to promote healthy growth in children.
Santa Clara was founded in 1924 in Pachuca, the capital city of Hidalgo, beginning as a milk delivery business for homes in the area. This editable Main Article is under development and not meant to be cited; by editing it you can help to improve it towards a future approved, citable version. The genome of Lactobacillus casei ATCC 334 comprise of a circular chromosome with 2,895,264 base pairs and a circular plasmid 1 with 29,061 base pairs.
The cell structure of Lactobacillus casei is typically straight, rod-shaped, and arranged in chains. DANNON the worldwide leader in fresh dairy products, began producing a probiotic drink called DanActive. Since 1955, the Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain has been used by Yakult Honsha a Japanese food company to produce a probiotic milk-like product called Yakult. Lactobacillus casei have been found to be helpful to people with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) called Crohn's disease.
The goal of this experiment was to examine the effects of Lactobacillus casei DN114001 intake from fermented milk on the immune response capacity in middle-age participants. Plus, this probiotic drink comes in cute little bottles about the size of a shot glass, so it seemed like a fun way to drink healthy. Sold in packs of five, the 2.7-fluid-ounce bottles can be downed as drinks, but I also enjoyed it poured over cereal in place of milk. Thankfully, I poured it over a cereal that wasn't sweet; otherwise it might have been a bit much.
Each tiny bottle — enough to cover your cereal — contains 50 calories, 11 grams of sugar, and zero fat with just one gram of protein.

There's a factory that we went to visit as a school trip once and I drank everyone else's free sample as well as mine. I only ever have it in HK as it's cheaper there (way too expensive in the UK for daily consumption, methinks), so it's a rare treat. However, this product line has a difference — along with the three regular flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, Lechita also comes in capucchino [sic] flavor, once again reflecting the Mexican love of coffee.
The company expanded its line to the ice creams it is known for today in 1985, and the first store opened the following year. According to US DOE Joint Genome Institute the strain contains a total of 2,924,325 nucleotides, 2,771 protein genes, and 75 RNA genes. The bacterium bears a resistance to both gastric acid and bile enabling it to endure the harsh conditions throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Not only is it generally considered to be harmless, it is well recognized as a beneficial microorganism and a nonpathogenic. Yogourmet a probiotic yogurt starter includes Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidus, and Acidophilus. This research purpose was to demonstrate the in vitro inhibitory effects of Lactobacillus casei DN-114 001 on adherent-invasive E.
This case consisted of 45 healthy subjects between the ages of 51 to 58: 24 women and 21 men.
A delicious milk product available in eight variants and in a unique and convenient format: ideal to start the day. So while it's packed with probiotics, it doesn't offer much in the way of protein or calcium. I buy huge packages of these at a Korean store and keep it in the freezer then take out when I want to drink it. In 1988, Santa Clara further extended its line of products to yogurts and cheeses, and today produces a wide range of dairy products. Some are used in the production of cheese, yogurt, fermented milks, fermented Sicilian green olives, and other products. Unfortunately, the ingredients aren't all natural either: water, sugar, skim milk powder, glucose, artificial flavors, and lactobacillus casei shirota (the cultures).
Lactobacillus casei dwells in environments such as the intestinal tracts of animals and fermented dairy products.
This means it is an organism that is able to grow under both aerobic and anaerobic environments but develops better and more rapidly in the presence of oxygen. The natural end product of fermentation for this microbe is lactic acid, which inhibits the development of other organisms as well as decreasing the pH level in the food or beverage product. One group received three cups per day of the fermented milk with the bacteria and the other group received a placebo for a period of eight weeks.

One group received the fermented milk containing the probiotic daily and the other group received a placebo daily. For that reason, I probably won't make Yakult a habit, but it was a nice change from yogurt or milk. Unlike heterofermentative lactobacteria which can produce either alcohol or lactic acid from carbohydrates, L.
However there was an increased in oxidative burst capacity of monocytes and an increase in tumoricidal activity of NK cells seen in the group treated with DN114001 strain.
The researchers recorded the NK cell activity in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells before and after the intake.
The organism is mesophilic, which means it has an optimum temperature range around 30°C to 40°C. The mechanism involves creating an acidic habitat that restricts the growth of other bacteria that may be detrimental or cause infections.
According to the journal the natural killer cell activity in participants had an inverse relationship with the number of cigarettes smoked. The production of bacteriocins (a toxin) by L.casei inhibits the growth of similar or closely related bacterial strains preventing overpopulation. The results revealed that there was no significant difference in the proportion of natural killer cells between the two groups.
Some varieties of Lactobacillus casei can produce lactic acid utilizing galactose, fructose, or even mannose.
The averaged natural killer cell activity adjusted by the numbers of cigarettes was significantly higher for the individuals in the L. The probiotic was able to inhibit the adherent-invasive ability of LF82 to undifferentiated Intestine-407 cells by 62%. Some strains of the bacteria help control diarrhea, while other strains have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut.
It also was able to inhibit E.coli LF82 from adhering to undifferentiated Caco-2 cells by 47% and differentiated Caco-2 cells by 43%.
Other advantageous effects include reducing lactose intolerance, alleviating constipation, and even modulation of the immune system. The inhibitory effect on LF82 invasion was only found for undifferentiated cells, but the effect was slightly higher than the effect on adhesion. These results illustrates that the strain can be effectively used to inhibit the interaction of those pathogenic bacteria with intestinal epithelial cells.

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