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Stevens Johnson syndrome is a rare skin condition caused by adverse reaction to medicines or infection. Some of the signs of Stevens Johnson syndrome are swelling on the face, swelling of tongue, skin pain, and hives. Though it is skin infection, still it can produce life threatening conditions like meningitis affecting the soft membranes around the brain or spinal cord. This syndrome can cause inflammation to the eyes and dryness and in severe cases it may cause blindness. Your doctor will physically examine the skin condition and will collect your medical history. Often, people affected with Stevens Johnson syndrome should be hospitalized for continuous monitoring of health condition. Shedding of skin is a serious condition which will cause dehydration and hence replacing the lost fluids is the first treatment in this disease. It is not possible to prevent Stevens Johnson syndrome since no one knows what factors trigger it. The medication is marketed under a wide variety of brand names, including Gas-X, Phazyme, Maalox Max and WindEze.
It usually begins like flu which is followed by the appearance of red rash causing blisters on the skin. There will be fever and body pain followed by skin rash that spreads on the entire skin within hours. It can also produce sepsis creating huge bacterial infection on the blood which will rapidly spread throughout the body.
Further this skin infection can produce lesions on the internal organs like lungs, heart or kidney causing life threatening conditions.

In case if this skin disorder is caused by intake of any medications your doctor will advise you to stop taking it. Fluids will be given intravenously if conditions are stable or through tubing into the stomach if the condition of the person is unstable.
In case large portion of skin shedding is there, skin grafting is done by removing the skin from another part of the body and attaching it to the affected area. But people who are already affected with this disease should be very careful in not getting this again since it will be very severe. Simethicone was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a gas relief treatment in 1952. People who are using anti inflammatory drugs (non steroidal), penicillin, anti gout medicines, anticonvulsant (for epilepsy) drugs can have increased chance for getting this syndrome.
Since this disease can affect your eyes, you have to consult ophthalmologist for preventing any eye damage. It is available in many varieties, including liquid, tablet, chewable tablet, capsule, gel capsule and dissolving membrane forms.
Other infectious disease like herpes, HIV, typhoid, influenza, hepatitis and diphtheria can cause Stevens Johnsons syndrome.
Your doctor has to identify the underlying cause and treat the symptoms to avoid complications. Very often this syndrome produces flu like symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough and burning eyes. Some experts believe that individuals carry this syndrome on the defective gene of HLA-B12.
Instead, simethicone works on the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing smaller bubbles to merge into larger ones.

These larger gas bubbles may be passed much more quickly, and with less discomfort, than a series of small gas bubbles.There is such a low occurrence of side effects because the medication is not actually absorbed into the bloodstream. Although additional clinical trials must be completed to determine the precise effects of using simethicone during pregnancy, simethicone is presumed safe because it is not absorbed into the blood and does not cross the placenta. Consult your doctor if you have questions about nursing your infant while taking simethicone.Simethicone UsesMost patients use simethicone to relieve pain or discomfort caused by an excess of gas in the stomach or intestinal tract.
However, this is not the only use for simethicone; it is sometimes added to laundry detergents to prevent the production of excess foam. If taking the drug for self-treatment, be sure to read the directions on the package and take the drug exactly as directed. If you do not understand the prescription label, consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Do not take more or less than the recommended dose.Regular tablets and capsules should be swallowed whole. Do not take more than 6 tablets or 8 capsules of semithicone within a 24-hour period unless specifically instructed by your healthcare provider. Usually, simethicone is just part of a holistic treatment that may include diet and exercise plan.

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