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Below I have given 8 examples of specific conditions helped by specific probiotic strains (stay tuned for why the specific strain is important).
A meta-analysis of 34 double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized studies that included 4,138 people, concluded that the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG,  when given at the same time as antibiotics, had a greater than 60% reduced risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Below are further examples of common conditions — and the probiotic strains tested to be effective in treating them. This all too common, “normal” condition is anything but normal and is a sign of distress and imbalance in baby. If you want to learn more about specific strains and conditions…and why the specific strain counts, OR if you need help with selecting a probiotic brand, matching up probiotics strains with your specific objectives, with tips on dosing for kids and adults, I recommend you pick up a copy of my ebook, the Mother’s Guide To Probiotics.
You can ferment veggies anaerobically (submerged in brine with water sealed crocks) or aerobically (submerged in brine with drop lid crocks) – you can even ferment veggies in mason jars on countertops.
I'm not expecting you to do this yourself, Adam, just talk one of your neighbors or friends into doing it for you – then be a Mensch and go out buy them enough ingredients so they can make plenty a batch for themselves too.

If you can't get homemade then ONLY buy UNPASTEURIZED living yogurts and living, raw lacto-fermented veggies.
Injection of protein IL-33 reverses Alzheimer's symptoms and cognitive decline in mice, restoring memory and cognitive function in a week. Secreting Beneficial ChemicalsProbiotics produce and secrete molecules like bacteriocins (a protein produced by bacteria of one strain that is active against those of a closely related strain), hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics and more, that control the growth and survival of surrounding microorganisms.
Positive Stimulation of the Immune SystemProbiotics “chat” with the immune system part of the gut (epithelial cells, Peyer’s patches M cells, and immune cells) encouraging them to have a response to pathogens and to contribute to the mucosal barrier, among other beneficial activities.
Probiotics, rather than harmful prescription drugs with their many, dangerous, and even life-threatening side effects could become common and be used effectively by both mothers and health care practitioners alike. Brain function, poor chewing, poor bile flow from the gallbladder, insufficient dietary water causing the colon to re-absorb what little water there is, to name a few. It is typically a multi-faceted approach (internal healing and external lifestyle changes combined) that often does the trick.

Mastitis is painful, and usually comes when you are at your most vulnerable — breastfeeding a little one.
As consumers and patients let us be asking, no demanding, these kind of solutions for our family! Probiotics play a part in stimulating motility (movement), and secretions that help bowel movements proceed normally and regularly.
Right now there are only a couple of probiotic strains tested for effective use against mastitis, and the one probiotic product that contains it is only available in Australia.

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