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Soda water, seltzer, club soda, sparkling water, mineral water: there are so many different fizzy waters out there. Carbonated water — water into which carbon dioxide has been dissolved — is a broad term that encompasses all fizzy waters; it's used interchangeably with sparkling water and soda water (a prewar term for the same thing).
Seltzer and club soda have both been artificially produced by passing pressurized carbon dioxide through water, but while seltzer contains no added ingredients or flavorings, club soda contains additives such as table salt, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium bicarbonate to add a slightly salty flavor.
In contrast, an effervescent mineral water such as Perrier or San Pellegrino is water that contains naturally occurring carbonation and minerals. Fermentation time varies a little, but typically 24 hours is sufficient for the first fermentation; maybe 48 hours if the room temperature is on the cooler side.
Whatever you do, especially at this time of year, keep the jar covered with a cloth or paper filter to prevent fruit flies, ants, or other unwanted pests. Scroll down for printable recipe and directions for making your own basic organic water kefir, at home. Lindsey JohnsonLindsey Johnson is a freelance writer, food photographer and stylist based out of Salt Lake City. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Within this category, there are several distinctions: seltzer, club soda, and mineral water. Since it's bottled directly from a natural source, it tends to be pricier and has a more delicate effervescence than other carbonated waters. About a month ago I started making water kefir and it’s turned into a fun little hobby with health benefits. The culture readily consumes plain old white sugar, but requires more minerals to maintains the health of the kefir grains.

It’s important to keep feeding those grains, so anything beyond 1-2 days may actually injure them. An affiliate link means that I receive commission on sales of the products that are linked to in my posts. My family really enjoys the tangy, fizzy drink that is chockfull of probiotics and other nutrients.
The fermentation process is basically the same, except instead of lactose in milk, the beneficial bacteria uses sugar dissolved in water to create a delightful probiotic beverage. If you’re on the look out for kefir grains (water or milk) check local health food store bulletin boards, Craigslist, and through social media.
I know people who ferment for longer, but add a little sugar each day to keep the grains active. To halt the fermentation process for a short amount of time (less than a month), the grains can be refrigerated in the sugar water solution. She fell in love with vegetables after recovering from a childhood deeply entrenched in picky eating.
So if you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase, however the price does not change for you. Tap water often contains chlorine, fluoride, and even lingering pesticides which can harm the kefir grains.
I did leave some to ferment for 5 days as an experiment and the grains recovered, but I wouldn’t let that become a habit. For the second fermentation, fruit or fruit juice, herbs, or spices can be used to flavor it.
She has been gluten-free since 2010 and is head over heels in love with green smoothies and salad.

And milk kefir has way more probiotics and health benefits, but we like water kefir as a healthy alternative to soda.
Honey has its own enzymes and other things that may interfere with the fermentation process, so it’s best to stick with sugar.
I have a reverse osmosis filter in my kitchen, which works fine, but I do add a pinch of sea salt in with the sugar and water for the added minerals. Maple syrup and coconut sugar, or other natural sugars might be okay, but always let the grains rest and rejuvenate in plain sugar water occasionally or they might stop working or die off. The second fermentation is also 24-48 hours, but can be even longer depending on how fizzy you like it. I do know of people who have successfully used honey, maple, or coconut sugar effectively, but if you’re a beginner, start with sugar.
Allow to ferment for 24-48 hours; the water kefir will ferment more quickly in warmer temperatures and during the summer. Bubbles will be visible rising from the bottom to the top of the jar as soon as a few hours, but the longer it ferments, the bubblier it will become. Ours never lasts longer than 1-2 days because we are always drinking it, but it should last 2-4 weeks even. I have only had that happen once because I forgot to stick the bottle in the fridge at bedtime and we woke up to a GIANT mess.

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