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1billion Bifidobacterium lactis per serving of 100g, a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora. A representative from Naked Clean showed up before the cleaning to share some information about their Probiotic Cleaners, which eliminates bad dust mites and mildew.
The other cool thing is that they only use probiotic cleaners which is a lot better for children and dogs to be around. Whenever you are cooking with buttermilk, always add buttermilk towards the end of the preparation. The other important point to take care in pulissery making is about seasoning with salt.
InstructionsMix the coconut, water, green chilli, garlic cloves, cumin seed and turmeric powder in a blender.
I guess I just didn’t expect that from a cleaning service but it was very nice since I keep track of most things by email.

If you add buttermilk at high heat or to a high-temperature coconut paste, the buttermilk will curdle immediately.
Also keep the temperature very low while adding the buttermilk and continue cooking at low temperature. It was a really nice treat to have someone else scrub my dirty bathrooms and kitchen though!
Work with homemade yogurt which is better in taste and probiotic benefits than the store ones. In fact, I do make all the mistakes now also, either in a hurry or by the lack of attention.
You don’t need an expensive yogurt maker or high-quality yogurt cultures to start with. I love sharing bits and pieces of our everyday life, adventures and anything to do with food!

So when added to something at high temperatures or boiled to high temperature, it will curdle.
When you start seeing some steam developing  from the buttermilk-coconut mix remove the pan from heat. Add the buttermilk into the pan.Keeping the flame on low, cook the buttermilk with continuous stirring for 5 minutes or until you see some fumes start to appear.

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