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New on the shelves is Babaderm, a natural (Paraben-free, SLES-free), biologically sensitive probiotic-based baby care range of skin and hair products, clinically proven to keep the skin balanced and germ-free. Suitable for all skin types – not only for babies, the product combines the very latest in science and nature with the patented probiotic essence Probiton™ (a formulation of the well documented and very hardy BC30 probiotic strain that is clinically proven to be resistant to temperature changes and to survive the production process). Probiotics are widely known to help protect and support the health of our digestive and immune systems and now studies have shown that topical (external) use is also beneficial. All five products are Paraben* (preservative) free and do not contain the potentially harmful foaming agent (SLES) sodium lauryl sulfate. The Babaderm™ baby care range is available at selected pharmacies and retail outlets countrywide, as well as at Kids Emporium, Medi+Rite and Baby City nationwide.
Laktofit (Probiotic + Prebiotic)Favors gastrointestinal microflora, cholesterol metabolism, immune system. Get a F R E E instant detoxification quiz and 10 steps to balanced hormones e-guide after you confirm your subscription. 10 March, 2014 by Melissa Malinowski 16 Comments Kefir pronounced kef-EER is an enzyme, beneficial yeast and probiotic rich fermented beverage that has been around for centuries.
If you attend your local Weston A Price foundation’s meetings, chances are someone there will have some kefir grains extra to pass on to you for free if they have extra or perhaps for a small fee. Order your kefir grains from a reputable source online. Cultures for Health has trusted starter kits for all your ferments. Note: Milk kefir grains can be cultured in coconut milk regularly but must be allowed to culture in cow or goat milk for 24 hours once every 4-5 batches to revitalize the live yeast and bacteria.
How do I take a break from making milk kefir? To take a break from making milk kefir simply place the kefir grains in the fresh dairy or coconut milk, place a tight lid on the container, and place it in the refrigerator. I’m a Paleo-ista, WAPF chapter leader, Naturopath, Real Food Nutritional Consultant, blogger and writer on a mission to empower and teach you how to take control of your own health and learn to become the expert in your own body to be the absolute best version of you.
Work directly with me: Click here to contact me for a free 10 minute phone consultation to see exactly how I can be a partner in your health strategy. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical doctor, I am a certified Naturopath and a certified Nutritional Consultant. Click below to get started to a healthier happier YOU with a comprehensive health assessment. Click below to get started to a healthier happier PET with a comprehensive health assessment. It is a fungus from which is made a fermented beverage, which you can safely consume it each day. The fungus is kept in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, in which it constantly reproduced by germination.
You can easily grow kombucha yourself, and with proper treatment you will have faithful companion throughout life.
Although it is considered for medicinal purposes, you can drink it as a refreshing drink while you’re healthy.

Kombucha is a natural probiotic that balances the intestinal flora while maintaining the useful and expelling harmful substances. Many people are replacing sodas and coffee with kombucha , thereby reducing calorie intake. It is believed that kombucha provides energy, because it contains valuable minerals and vitamins, and also helps at liver regeneration.
In our body kombucha converts into a powerful antifungal agent – caprylic acid, which nutritionists recommend for the treatment of candida. There are many testimonials that kombucha stimulates the growth and regeneration of hair and prevents gray hairs. At the beginning of Kombucha tea consumption you might feel worse because of the process of detoxification. In case of any side effects further reduce your intake of tea, and after the symptoms are gone again increase the amount.
Say Goodbye to Brain Hemorrhages, Diabetes, Hypertension and Even Alzheimer’s With The Use Of These Simple Leaves! Probiton™ has proven anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and with added natural moisturising properties and oils that help with skin absorption, Babaderm may help to soothe irritated skin, eliminate harmful bacteria, control and prevent fungal infections.
Natural products grown without pestitsitsi, GMOs, parabens and other stimulants that harm us all. This link is for live grains, which means you can start making your kefir immediately, no rehydrating necessary. This one is BPA free and contains no preservative, but has a grainy texture.) This organic brandcontains guar gum, but is very smooth and creamy. You will know when it is ready to be feed with dairy milk because the kefir will start to lose it’s tang.
The cold will greatly retard the culturing process and they can keep this way for up to several weeks.
Should you click on these links and purchase something, the price is no different for you and I earn a small commission. All information on my blog is for education only and should not be used as advice to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions. Also, we are having a fermenting class coming up on April 15th and you might be able to get grains and scoby’s.
I'm a Naturopath, Paleo-ista and WAPF'er with a thriving practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and long distance practice world-wide.
Click below to contact me to see exactly how I can become a partner in your health strategy.
Vaccine Questions-should you vaccinate, what are the possible side effects-what are your rights? Since it enhances the absorption of food and improves digestion, it facilitates weight loss.

Kombucha helps even with AIDS, and the latest research confirms the positive effect of the fungus in the prevention of cancer.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The result is a cutting edge peptide essence that is taking the skin care products – more specifically baby care products – to a new level. It has a tangy, creamy yet slightly sour taste, which tastes like whipped fluffy coconut heaven.
Coffee filter, flour sack or paper towel Rubber band Instructions Be sure your hands are clean. Dehydrated milk kefir grains should be rehydrated in dairy milk and allowed to become fully active before being used to culture coconut milk. If at the end of that period you require more time, simply repeat the process with fresh milk. Always consult with your medical doctor before implementing any new protocol. The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. I am happily sharing my experience and knowledge with clients and readers, so you can heal your body too. The capsules should be taken with some liquid after meals.Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component. Pour the coconut milk in a separate bowl first and hand mix or use an immersion blender to blend well.
I only suggest this because canned coconut milk tends to separate and the fat tends to harden and it's real hard to mix this and the grains in a little jar. Cover the top of the jar with a coffee filter or paper towel and secure with a rubber band. Be sure if you have other ferments on the counter to place them a few feet apart to avoid cross-contamination.
Store your kefir grains in a glass jar with some of the kefir milk in the fridge in between batches, if you are taking a break. If you are not taking a break, put the grains in a clean glass jar and pour your dairy milk or coconut milk over them and leave out for your 24 hour ferment cycle. You will know when it is ready to be feed with dairy milk because the kefir will start to lose it's tang.
Dehydrated milk kefir grains should be rehydrated in dairy milk and allowed to become fully active before being used to culture coconut milk.How do I take a break from making milk kefir?

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