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Everybody loves to treat their pets but it can be difficult to find high quality natural treats that are not full of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Feelwell's Probiotic Adult Treats are a super premium, totally natural, hypo-allergenic treat that you can happily feed to any dog and are especially beneficial to dogs that have food intolerances or a sensitive digestion. They are a naturally healthy, crunchy treat which are good for teeth cleaning and gum condition, they have high levels of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to help maintain good skin and coat condition and do not contain any beef, egg, dairy, soya, wheat or wheat-gluten, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, as these are known to cause digestive upsets in dogs.
To achieve the maximum benefit, we advise feeding Feelwell’s Probiotic treats for at least two weeks and to maintain the improvement, continue to feed every day.
Whole rice (min 41%), Lamb meat meal (min 35%), maize, refined poultry fat, beet pulp, brewers yeast, poultry gravy, fish oil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage. Be the first to review “LoveBug Probiotics ¦? Tiny Tummies - Probiotic for Babies 6 months to 4 years.
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Our mouths are lined with various health-promoting bacteria, some of which are integral to health and disease. The effects of BLIS K12™ are more significant with children who have recurring throat infections. If your child suffers from an immune compromised condition, please seek medical advice before using this product. China- This product is not available for sale to customers who have delivery address in China. Do a quick survey of your friends and family and find out how much they know about oral health? While it is known that illnesses of the oral cavity (mouth), throat and upper respiratory tract can have serious acute and chronic effects on human body, there is now emerging evidence that microorganisms implicated in inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity such as gingivitis, periodontal diseases and poor oral hygiene might also be linked to cardiovascular, preterm labour, pulmonary and diabetic diseases. The Surgeon General estimates 85 percent of Americans have gum disease — which make it one of the major risk factors for heart attacks and strokes.
The microorganisms in our mouth are the first line of defence against pathogens and an important part of our immune health. Changes in our microbial communities throughout life may be responsible for digestive disorders, skin diseases, gum disease and even obesity. In the past 60 years, antibiotics have been critical in the fight against infectious disease caused by bacteria and other microbes. Some 2% of people are naturally protected as they already have Streptococcus salivarius producing bacteriocins similar to BLIS K12™. Scientists have discovered that a few lucky people naturally have a much more potent strain of this beneficial bacteria, called BLIS K12™, that naturally resists several disease-causing pathogens including those associated with strep throat, ear infections, tonsillitis and even some of the bacterial respiratory infections commonly acquired with close contact. Instead of just crowding out the bad bacteria, which is the way most probiotics work, BLIS K12™ is a specific strain of S.
Human body is an amazing complex machinery that can naturally fight back against cold and flu virus.
The immune system is a complex system that protects the body against organisms or substances that might cause diseases. Imagine that you and a friend are in a crowded room and immediately notice two people coughing and sneezing. Consumption of BLIS K12™ stimulates production of interferon gamma, a cytokine that is critical for innate and adaptive immunity against viral and intracellular bacterial infections.
For the majority of people (85-90% of those who have bad breath halitosis), the single most frequent cause of bad breath problems are the bacteria that live in their mouth.
While volatile sulphur compounds are the main causative agents of bad breath, the bacteria that live in our mouth may produce other waste products too. Some of the smells associated with these waste products are the smells we associate with corpses (Cadaverine), decaying meat (Putrescine), smell of human faecal matter (Skatole) and the smell of sweaty feet (Isovaleric Acid).
Having bad breath at work can put you in a difficult situation with your co workers and your boss. BLIS K12 ™ Fresh Breath Kit also contains a high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash which is designed to kill the odour causing bacteria.
BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit will help to restore the balance of bacteria to that found in the mouths of people with healthy breath.
Watch how a New Zealand Interviewer gives himself bad breath to see the reactions of shopping mall patrons.
This inflammation often begins with infections that cause sore throats, colds or other respiratory problems, and spreads to the middle ear. Young children with otitis media may be irritable, fussy, or have problems feeding or sleeping. The build up of pus within the middle ear causes pain and dampens the vibrations of the eardrum (so there is usually temporary hearing loss during the infection).
Children younger than seven are much more prone to otitis media due to shorter eustachian tubes which are at a more horizontal angle than in the adult ear.
Internal pilot studies of children with recurrent ear infections indicated that children taking BLIS K12™ had reduced numbers of ear infection recurrences compared to a control group (67% fewer) and to before treatment (56% fewer). Published studies have shown that it is possible for BLIS K12™ to transfer from the oral cavity to the nasopharynx, which is the bacterial reservoir for ear infections (Power et al 2008). Recurrence of childhood ear and throat infections such as glue ear and tonsilitis could be reduced by about 40% and 90% respectively through using the Blis K12 probiotic, an independent research study has shown.
The findings of a study by an Italian research team were published this month in the International Journal of General Medicine. Italian research team demonstrated that they could prevent the reoccurrence of common childhood ear and throat infections, such as otitis media (glue ear) and tonsillitis by around 40% and 90% respectively. Conducted over 3 years, 82 children aged between 4-5years with a history of recurrent ear and throat infection, were recruited for this study to determine the effect of 90 days of treatment with either the BLIS K12™ probiotic or a placebo. Dr Richardson said that in a week where the New Zealand Government was urged to address the causes of childhood poverty because of the increasing number of children being hospitalised for poverty-related conditions such as tonsillitis, BLIS Technologies is pleased to be associated with The Salvation Army in New Zealand. Scientists have discovered that a few lucky people naturally have a much more potent strain of this beneficial bacteria, called BLIS™ K12, that naturally resists several disease-causing pathogens including those associated with strep throat, ear infections, tonsillitis and even some of the bacterial respiratory infections commonly acquired with close contact. Instead of just crowding out the bad bacteria, which is the way most probiotics work, BLIS™ K12 is a specific strain of S.
If you are planning to travel, long or short haul, taking a higher dose of BLIS™ K12 immediately before, during and after travel can boost your immune system and protect your throat from any bacteria circulating through air conditioning in aircraft, cruise ships, trains, buses and cars. For full long-term protection, BLIS™ K12 should be taken daily, just as you would a multivitamin.
The mouth is a constant battleground where, on a daily basis, billions of invading bad bacteria attempt to displace the natural and beneficial bacteria of the mouth, teeth and gums. This strain was originally selected for its ability to protect children against sore throats caused by the pathogenic bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes during a large trial on schoolchildren conducted in Dunedin, New Zealand. Additional studies have shown that Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS™ K12) can help prevent bad breath in people who have severe halitosis and is now also likely to help prevent oral thrush (supported by animal studies) and influence the immune system to enable it to better clear up infections as well as reduce inflammation such as that present in gingivitis.
This strain was selected for its ability to kill Streptococcus mutans which is the bacteria most commonly associated with dental caries (holes in the teeth). Blis Technologies Limited was formed to commercialise bacteriocin-producing probiotic bacteria. Blis Technologies Limited then acquired the rights to this unique collection of BLIS producing bacteria from the University of Otago in New Zealand and in July 2001, the company was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.
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Your dog or cat’s gastrointestinal (GI) system is the foundation of its health and its first line of defense against disease.
Categories: Cats, Dogs, Litter and Housebreaking, Litter and Housebreaking, Odor and Stain Removers, Odor and Stain Removers, Pet Supplies. By Rita SleimanAs it is said ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and if you have miserably failed to shed those extra pounds from your body, there is actually a way out.

From its definition itself- ‘pro’ meaning promotion and ‘biotic’ meaning life, probiotic affirms life and health.
You must ensure that there is regular supply of good bacteria in your digestive system because 80% of your immune system is located here. Scientists have recently discovered that Ghrelin and leptin the two important hormones responsible for sending hunger signal to the brain stop functioning properly when your body contains inadequate levels of probiotics. It has also been observed that supplementing with probiotics after gastric bypass help patients lose nearly 15% of weight than non-probiotic users.
It has also been found that probiotics benefits metabolic syndrome which is closely associated with obesity. You can use probiotics in different forms, including foods, powder supplements, tablets, capsules. However, if you regularly eat these fermented foods which are not properly pasteurized, the healthy gut bacteria will thrive again. However, if you are not sure whether you are getting enough probiotics from your diet you can use daily supplements such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.
Rita Sleiman is an expert health consultant and is associated with  Texas Weight loss Center and anti-aging clinic. During the above well-produced and illustrated public service announcement and infomercial, much information is disseminated that anyone concerned about maintaining correct weight and ridding the body of numerous health problems ought to take seriously, I think. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: Rather recently, I had the opportunity of speaking with a licensed doctor in a healthcare specialty field who told me about her inability to lose weight and stomach pouch no matter how much and how strenuously she exercised daily or weekly. The importance of probiotics and the physiology of fungal growth in the human gut have been overlooked for far too long, I do believe, since most of our immune system resides in our gut. There are numerous strains of Candida, as articulated in the Resource item at the end of this article. Probiotics and vitamin D3 are essentials in maintaining a healthy immune system and, I also contend, for disease prevention and management.
In my opinion, any probiotic of choice ought to be one with as many colony-forming variants as possible; the more the better – such as various strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus, and Lactococcus. Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s.
Vic Bishop – Within 10 years orangutans will be completely extinct, warns international organization.
Alex Pietrowski – Fires started by illegal loggers are threatening to wipe out uncontacted tribes. Alex Pietrowski – Big Agra and Big Food companies aim to keep their practices secret. Christina Sarich – How can we activate the same technology that the cabal so perniciously covets? I have 1 15 year old and a 10 year old and it has definitely improved my 15 year olds appetite.
30 Day Supply of 15 Billion CFU Probiotic Powder Packets” Click here to cancel reply. University of Otago’s research shows that children with recurring throat infections had less healthy bacteria in their throats.
You would be surprised how little we know how important our mouth and throat is and the consequences that we may be faced with if we neglect the health of our mouth and throat. Whilst the scientific basis for the linkages between the oral cavity bacteria and the development of these diseases is not fully determined, it nevertheless raises important questions about the role of "microflora" and how this may be manipulated with bacterial replacement therapy. If a healthy balance of oral bacteria is affected by stress, exposure to disease or antibiotics, it can quickly lead to problems such as throat infections, ear infections and bad breath.
Babies ingest mouthfuls of bacteria during birthing and pick up plenty more from their mother's skin and milk. All this killing may actually cause diseases like eczema, irritable bowel syndrome and even diabetes. Pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria make up, at most, about 30 percent of the total bacteria in the body.
However, disease-causing microbes that have become resistant to antibiotic drug therapy are an increasing public health problem.
The mouth is an entry point for most infections because the mouth comes into contact with billions of bacteria; while the vast majority are quite harmless, occasionally we are exposed to bacteria that can do us harm.
Only certain bacteria produce BLIS, which are natural antibacterial agents that can be used to help control the undesirable bacteria implicated in illnesses. It is the world’s first bacterial replacement probiotic derived from the oral cavity for specific application in the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract. However, for the large majority that do not have this natural protection, BLIS K12™ may offer significant benefits. It is characterized by gingival inflammation (red swollen gums and bleeding) and the loss of connective tissue and bone from around the roots of the teeth which can lead to eventual tooth loss. It's a network that can help us avoid illness, or sometimes become the underlying reason we get sick. The one with the immune system functioning below base-line normal has an increased risk of getting sick," says Woodson Merrell, MD, director of integrative medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Bad breath is caused by volatile sulphur compounds (VSC's) excreted by oral bacteria as waste. Fortunately, however, at low levels these odorous compounds cannot be detected by the human nose.
Nearly half of those surveyed by the British Dental Association say that having bad breath can lower the odds of getting a promotion. It's only when the amount of these compounds becomes elevated that others can detect our "bad" breath.
BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit is unique as it promotes and maintains fresh breath, rather than temporarily masking the problem odours. The infection may also be present in the throat and areas around it, causing inflammation of the pharynx. If your system is not operating at maximum capacity, you are more likely to get sick, and less likely to have a speedy recovery. This causes common problems such as dental cavities, bad breath or gum disease and results from a change or imbalance of the normal bacteria within our mouths. It has also been shown to reduce the build up of plaque and reduce inflammation in cell lines representative of the gums - meaning that it is likely to prevent gingivitis. Professor John Tagg of the Microbiology Department at the University of Otago gathered and extensively catalogued a collection of more than 2000 BLIS producing bacteria over period of more than 36 years. BLIS takes no responsibility for goods not reaching the destination identified by the customer.
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Bacteria seem to be booming with the phrase ‘Probiotics which are so called good bacteria similar to organisms that naturally occur in the digestive tract’. The decreased level of probiotic results in decrease in leptin production which increases the urge to overeat and gain body weight. Even women supplementing with probiotic immediately after child delivery can lose about 25% of their belly fat than women who are not supplemented with probiotics. One of the most important bacteria is called H.pylori that interacts with Ghrelin and Leptin to shed excess pounds. Abnormal metabolic syndrome happens due to diet high in sugar and unhealthy fats which leads to insulin resistance. If these foods are not a part of your everyday diet or if you have recently taken antibiotics, a high-quality probiotic supplements will provide the gut bacteria the healthy boost it require. If you are also interested to write for HealthResource4u, Please check our guest posting guidelines at write for us.
Back then—in the 1980s, I recommended a dietary protocol as best could be implemented without the means of a probiotic supplement as discussed in that public service announcement.

Humbly, I have to admit that I was ahead of the curve—as I’ve been during most of my professional career, which endeared me to vested interests as a ‘quack’, a badge of honor for many of us of my vintage. My automatic response to her despair was that she probably was overwhelmed by candida in the gut, so I talked with her about probiotics and the physiology involved. Conversely, once fungus gets into the bloodstream (candidemia) of a cancer patient, it becomes a very serious complication for the patient. That information ought to emphasize the importance of healthcare consumers taking probiotics as a daily supplement for optimum health, even if one does not suffer with a disease. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. Between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, the number of different microbial strains in a baby’s tummy increases 10x from 100 to 1,000.
Your mouth is normally teeming with billions and billions of bacteria that are mostly beneficial.
45% of Americans consider themselves very or somewhat knowledgeable about the benefits of probiotics on digestive health, compared to 36% in 2009, according to results of an annual benchmark survey by The Dannon Company. Probiotics are live bacteria that, when consumed in adequate amounts, provide health benefits, which can include supporting the immune system, helping regulate the digestive system, and helping maintain oral health. Wound infections, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, pneumonia, septicemia and childhood ear infections are just a few of the diseases that have become hard to treat with antibiotics.
The microorganisms in our mouth are the first line of defence against these infections and act as an important component of our immune health. They may also experience fewer inner ear infections (the most common bacterial infection in young children and a primary reason for doctor’s visits). The term "volatile" simply describes the fact that these compounds evaporate readily, even at normal temperatures. It is only when the amount of these compounds becomes elevated that others can detect our "bad" breath.
They normally help to filter out bacteria and other germs to prevent infection in the body. At the direction of a pharmacist they started taking one BLIS K12™ lozenge a day back in June and to date, they have remained symptom free. They may also experience fewer inner ear infections (the most common bacterial infection in young children and a primary reason for doctors visits). If more than 1 in quantity of a product was purchased, then BLIS will refund 100% for the first used product, and will refund the rest after the customer dispatches the unused products back to BLIS. Have you ever thought that your weight problem can actually crop up from unhealthy digestive system? Usually these unhealthy bacteria cause low-grade inflammation in the body thereby contributing to obesity.
However, adding with probiotics  demonstrate a noteworthy influence on the production of body’s fat burning hormones ghrelin and leptin  thereby helping you to lose weight drastically.
One instance of inadequate probiotic is the overuse of antibiotics especially in the developed countries. If you eat a lot of processed and junk foods your gut bacteria gets compromised because these processed foods destroy the healthy microflora and feed yeast and bad bacteria.
My strategy was “eliminating the fungus among us,” what the video refers to as the “Vampire fungus” or Candida albicans. Although it may seem as though I’m bragging, I’d like to remind readers that now even allopathic medical professionals support and recommend probiotics, especially during antibiotic use. Probiotics, plus cleaning up one’s diet—no GMOs or chemicals, preferably organically-grown foods—should be considered the prime mechanism for reinforcing and maintaining a healthy immune system.
Insuring your child has the best possible bacterial exposures from birth throughout early childhood could be vital for your child for the rest of their life.¦? SUGAR FREE AND MADE IN THE USA. All yogurts have live bacteria because yogurt is produced by the fermentation of milk by bacteria. When we take antibiotics, we destroy the 70 percent that is good, just in order to kill the 30 percent that is harmful. One part of the problem is that bacteria and other microbes that cause infections are remarkably resilient and have developed several ways to resist antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs. The toxins stimulate a chronic inflammatory response in which the body in essence turns on itself, and the tissues and bone that support the teeth are broken down and destroyed.
The extreme volatility of VSC's explains how these compounds have the ability to offend those around us, instantly. These symptoms are often associated with signs of upper respiratory infection such as a runny or stuffy nose, or a cough. Well, probiotics are ‘friendly bacteria’ and have been linked to all sorts of health benefits including weight loss. Study reveals that gut bacteria actually varies significantly between the obese and the lean.
These antibiotics decreases the probiotic level especially H.pylori in the body and such reduced level of probiotics results in low leptin production. So, besides eating foods rich in healthy bacteria, you should definitely avoid foods that encourage the growth of bad bacteria.
Powder, pills and liquid shots are also effective but the success of these products has more to do with specific microbes it contains. She could not thank me enough for telling her about probiotics and how she finally was able to lose weight after all her previous efforts obviously were to no avail.
Personally, daily I take a probiotic that contains 50 Billion CFUs (50 Billion Colony Forming Units) during flu season, but only 20 Billion CFUs on a normal daily basis at other times. Non-GMO, Yeast Free, No Gluten, No Sugar, No Lactose, No Soy, No Wheat, No Nuts, No Chemicals or Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors.¦? #1 MOST CLINICALLY STUDIED STRAIN, LACTOBACILLUS GG AND 4 OTHER STRAINS OF GOOD BACTERIA. This problem is due to increasing use, and misuse, of existing antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine and in agriculture. Gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums) that become infected.
BLIS™ K12 balances the microflora in your mouth, helping to eliminate the halitosis-causing germs while leaving room for more good bacteria to thrive. It has been discovered that overweight people have 20% more of ‘bad bacteria’ called firmicutes and 90% less of good bacteria known as bacteroidetes when compared to lean equivalents. To make it simple, choose a lifestyle that do not necessitates the use of antibiotics, antibacterial soaps, agricultural chemical, pollutions and chlorinated water as your gut bacteria is sensitive to these factors.
Also, she told me that she was so satisfied with the results and feeling so much better that she purchased a supply of probiotics and gave them to her son and his girlfriend to take back with them to college. 100% naturally sourced Lactobacillus GG – the #1 most clinically studied probiotic in kids¦? FLAVORLESS PROBIOTIC PACKETS.
In 1998, in the United States, 80 million prescriptions of antibiotics for human use were filled. Easily mixed with cool food or drink.¦? REPLACE FRIENDLY BACTERIA AFTER ANTIBIOTICS – Children under two receive more antibiotics than any other age group. A recent study published in a renowned Journal of Nutrition links probiotic strain to fat loss. Taking probiotics during and after courses of antibiotics helps restore the friendly bacteria that get wiped out from a course of antibiotics.
Probiotics, as experts feel, are especially useful when your body’s normal bacteria are interrupted.
Well, with an increased level of leptin production the body’s ability to lose weight also gets enhanced. Nowadays, about 70 percent of the bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are resistant to at least one of the drugs most commonly used for treatment (2011 Kenneth Todar, PhD).

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