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The gastrointestinal tract consists of everything between the mouth and the anus, and it is the first line of defense in a healthy body. Researchers have successfully treated autistic-like symptoms in mice, and while they have not yet recommended widespread use of probiotics for the treatment of autism, they are hopeful. It is also important to make sure that the formula you choose contains not only the beneficial bacteria, but the medium in which the culture was grown.
There are many products out there claiming to offer probiotic benefits, so it’s important to make an informed decision. Performix SST Glow is a new dietary supplement that promises to work as a thermogenic weight loss aid. You’re advised to take one serving of Performix SST Glow in the morning to support your weight loss goals. There’s a difference between the ordinary Performix SST supplement and the Performix SST Glow variety. Some of the key ingredients in Performix SST Glow include caffeine (there are 170mg of caffeine in each serving) as well as vitamin B12 and herbal “beauty complex” ingredients.
That ballistic energy complex is actually a key reason behind why Performix claims to work so well: it’s a unique small capsule that comes coated with stomach acid-fighting ingredients.
Then, as your tolerance grows, you can increase it to the full morning service of 2 capsules.
The manufacturer recommends that you do not take more than 2 capsules per day, and that you should not take Performix within 6 hours of going to sleep. Keep in mind that each 2 capsule serving comes with the equivalent caffeine content of about 2 cups of brewed coffee, or about 1 really strong energy drink. Performix is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that currently sells 10 different supplements.

The manufacturer displays very little information on its website about itself – it doesn’t list its address, for example, or describe its manufacturing conditions. Multiple Performix supplements use the “Terra Pod” coating technology we mentioned above, which protects the active ingredients inside multiple protective layers before they reach their intended destination in your body. Other popular Performix supplements include Stimfree, Super T, Pump, Iridium SSTi, and Iridium IONi. Ultimately, Performix SST Glow makes a lot of big promises about its weight loss ingredients but never provides clinical evidence reinforcing those benefits.
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These little microorganisms are credited with improving our immune systems, helping to keep us regular, and even with easing the symptoms of developmental disorders like autism. In the meantime, many parents are trying probiotics in the hopes that they can make a difference for their children. Many parents have reported that a quality probiotic has made a tremendous difference for their child. It started with a photo-op at the Empire State Building with Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby and Bob and Suzanne Wright, the co-founders of Autism Speaks. The researchers are working closely with Apple in hopes of improving how autism is diagnosed in children today. The supplement promises to help you achieve your weight loss goals by promoting thermogenesis (which basically means it heats your body up to literally burn away fat). However, the manufacturer has listed 8 of those ingredients as being particularly important. Caffeine is purported to act as a metabolic stimulant, increasing alertness, energy, and caloric burn.
It primarily contains ashwagandha, which may protect adrenal glands from the negative side effects of stimulants. The manufacturer claims that niacinamide can have a soothing effect on your body that’s similar to Valium, although it’s unlikely that the 8.5mg (43% daily value) of vitamin B3 in Performix SST Glow will have a major effect on your body.

Many of the ingredients are listed behind proprietary formulas – like the Lipo Beautifying Skin Complex and the TERRA Pod Ballistic Energy Complex.
You’re advised to take two capsules per day, so each box is a monthly supply (see below for specific usage instructions).
If you’re caffeine sensitive, then you may want to limit your dosage (or even try a stimulant-free diet pill). Probiotic supplements are available at health food stores, specialty shops, and mainstream grocery stores, and are even being infused into popular foods such as yogurt. This general explanation makes sense for many non-medical laypersons, but some parents require more information before deciding whether or not to offer these supplements to their children with autism. These bacteria produce enzymes, which identify, digest, and deliver nutrients where they need to go.
It calls itself a “female beauty thermogenic” that supports body energy, enhances mental focus, and burns away fat. Your body should eat away at these layers as the capsule passes through your body, and then by the time the ingredients arrive at your target destination, they should be ready to be digested. Each pill also contains high levels of caffeine (170mg), which may or may not be a good thing depending on your sensitivity.
These enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process in the human body, and are essential for optimum health. Many healthy bacteria are quite delicate, and heat and moisture can cause them to die off quickly, which is why it’s recommended that most probiotics be kept in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator. Despite the promises about revolutionary capsule technology, these promises don’t mean much until Performix can give us clinical evidence to show these capsules work better than traditional delivery systems.
Beneficial bacteria are also responsible for cleaning up cholesterol, manufacturing B vitamins, cleaning out the lower bowels, destroying bad bacteria, and eliminating toxins from the body.

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