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The growing list of NBA Paleo dieters includes Lebron James, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, Chris Kaman, Luis Scola, Manu Ginobili, and Dwayne Wade.
Obviously, her food sensitivities don’t extend to coconut.Why had I not thought of coconut milk yogurt before!?
This is a simple recipe, and the red coloring from the purple cabbage and red beets is just beautiful! This recipe is super flexible, and can be changed-up to reflect what ingredients you have on hand. Scoop the ingredients into glass jars and press down firmly with the end of a rolling pin until the juices rise to the top–really pack the mix tightly into the jar. Cover jars loosely with a lid and let sit at room temperature for 4-7 days, until the taste becomes sour.
I love to eat this plain, or as a delicious addition for baked sweet potatoes, salads, or as a topping for flax crackers or flat herb bread. Take the FREE 3-Day Juice Cleanse when you sign up for updates from Kristie Rosser Wellness!Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. I’ve been getting more and more into gut health as I venture into the paleo diet adding to it tidbits I learn from the West A.
When friends and family ask me how to improve gut health (advice from me as a friend not a medical professional), I always say I’ve read that probiotics (you can find professional grade probiotics here) is one of the first things you need to do (plus the all-mighty bone broth, you can find a recipe here). For this snack I was out of SCD Legal Yogurt and used organic yogurt that was ensured with a live bacterial culture. Idea: You could also add 4 raw egg yolks & raw honey to this, then place it in an ice cream machine and make ice cream! DISCLOSURE: Not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice.
Test if cake is ready with a skewer, pierce the middle and if it comes out clean it’s ready. Blend frosting ingredients using tamper until smooth and creamy (it will go smooth when it hits the right temperature).
Spread frosting over cake and place in fridge to semi set coconut oil to give a butter frosting consistency. When serving, remove from fridge about 30-45 minutes before to allow butter in sponge to soften, if you can wait use a blow torch to warm sponge on the individual pieces being careful to only soften sponge. Served above with Cacao nibs and fresh strawberries.  Toasted coconut flakes go down a treat too.
Just wanted you to know that a friend found your best ever chocolate mud cake and sent it to me! I just found your blog through a link on Facebook… it’s nice to find an Australian blogger on GAPS! Just a quick question regarding the oven setting: I cannot turn my fan off, so do you suggest I reduce the temp by about 10-20degrees?
My husband made this for me for my birthday (per my request) and while he was wary of the avocado in the icing, he admittedly really enjoyed the cake as did I and one of my children (the other is not really a fan of coconut but did like the icing.) I froze some individual slices and it was so good I had to defrost one already. My grandmother that loves pastry and eats horrible stuff (Little Debbie, twinkies, dunkin donuts) said this cake was wonderful! I just find anything I make with coconut flour turns out dry any suggestions on how to make them more moist?
A common criticism of the paleo diet is that it doesn’t provide an adequate amount of dietary calcium.
Calcium is the 5th most abundant element in the body, residing in our skeleton as well as blood and tissues.
Calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis – weak and brittle bones –which is caused by the body using the calcium from bones when it notices that not enough is circulating through the system. Most people don’t get enough calcium, and not because they don’t consume enough dairy or other calcium rich foods or supplements, but because their bodies lack essential supporting vitamins and minerals for proper absorption.
Calcium works best when combined with other nutrients that work in synergy to build and maintain strong bones – I call them calcium friends.
One thing to keep in mind is that calcium and magnesium can compete for absorption with one another if taken in doses higher than 250 milligrams each.
Other factors that can reduce calcium in your bones include high salt diet, too much fibre, too much caffeine (more than six cups per day), excessive alcohol, smoking and low levels of physical activity. It’s always better to get calcium from real food than from supplements because you will consume other nutrients along the way and the dietary calcium is more easily digested. Dairy products are without a doubt the highest source of calcium and often contain other nutrients required for better absorption, such as vitamin D. However, it has also been reported that consuming too much calcium from dairy alone can reduce its absorption, and often only 25-35% of the mineral is used by the body as a result.

Vitamin D: besides sunshine you can get vitamin D from such foods as liver, cod liver oil, oily fish such as salmon, herring and sardines, caviar, oysters, eggs, mushrooms, prawns and even salami and sausages. Logistically, it’s a lot easier to use a combination of dairy and non-dairy food sources to get your daily intake of calcium as it’s easier to mix things up. 1) Cooking vegetables will remove any present phytates that can prevent calcium absorption, which is important for tubers and some greens like broccoli and green beans. 2) Nuts and seeds are high in calcium but they are also high in phytates so it’s best to soak and roast prior to eating, especially pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds and brazil nuts.
3) Canned sardines and salmon are very high in calcium but most of it comes from the bones.
Including dairy in your diet is a personal choice and depends on your sensitivities to lactose (sugar) and casein (protein) in milk and whether you have gluten intolerance as dairy cross-reacts with that.
Having said that, you can get most of the calcium without dairy but you have to be very good at planning to make sure your daily intake is always adequate. This may not be the best place to ask this, but, I’d like to see Atlanta dentists and I have no idea how to find them… has anyone ever heard of this Atlanta dental care? Hey Sonia, from the research that I have done myself I can say that bone broth is definitely rich in minerals, including calcium, but I don’t think that 1 cup would cover daily calcium requirements. Kefir makes me feel so good, strengthens my immune system, and floods my gut with good bacteria.
Almost everything, including the kefir you buy in the store has been pasteurized.  This means that its nutrients have been altered and some completely destroyed, because during pasteurization all of the good bacteria, enzymes, and more are killed. Does making Kefir with Kefir Grains in Pasteurized milk make the Enzymes come back to life after you ferment it for 24 hours or are the Milk Enzymes dead unless you use raw milk? FarmMatch connects you with local farmers, consumers, buying clubs, farmer’s markets, and restaurants that buy and sell food you care about. Of course I wished that the answer to perfect health lied in the right diet for me because it was something tangible, something I could control.
However, I was so over the top about what I ate that it actually ended up causing MORE stress. After going through my fourth pregnancy where I went way the other direction and ate whatever the heck I wanted and gained more weight than ever the pendulum has finally come back to center. I will always be the girl known by family and friends as the health nut, the natural one, the green smoothie lovin’, fermented food eating crunchy gal. If you’re like I was, and stuck feeling obsessed with eating healthy, take a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself, is it doing me more harm than good? Sometimes when she tells me what she’s just whimsically whipped up, I feel really stupid for not having done it before myself.
Native Forest is a good brand because they don’t use BPA in the linings of their cans. That combo has a really nice consistency and the applesauce gives it that sweetness I’ve always associated with yogurt.
At Paleo Plan she sees clients, writes, answers people’s Paleo questions, and does marketing.
For example, replace the purple cabbage with green, add more carrots if you don’t have enought beets, omit the beets entirely if you dont love them as much as I do, and so on. It will be perfect for grain free birthday parties as it is so similar to a normal choc mud sponge in density and texture no one will know any difference. However, I find that many people can start having it occasionally on the Full GAPS Diet, once the digestive symptoms are gone. I made it with coconut oil for my friends birthday and she liked it even though she’s not a big fan of coconut. It supplies the strength to our bones and teeth and plays a crucial role in other functions of the body such as the nervous system, heart, muscles, blood clotting and enzyme function. Consuming enough is especially important for growing kids and teenagers while their bones are still forming, and older women who lose bone density quicker after 50. That means you should ideally take each mineral at a different time or split the doses into smaller portions. Phytates or phytic acid is an anti-nutrient found in grains and legumes (not a problem for paleo folks),  seeds, nuts and some vegetables. The health of your gut lining and how well you absorb nutrients will also have a lot to do vitamins and minerals absorption.
You need plenty of fruit and vegetables high in alkaline-forming minerals such as potassium (basically to maintain a neutral PH level)  to enable bones to hold on to calcium. You have to work a little harder without dairy, legumes and soy products but it’s possible.

I consume some dairy because I do believe it’s highly nutritious, my body is cool with and it’s easily accessible. As a safe guard, I take a little bit of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D supplements on days I’m too busy or lazy to think about what foods I need to have on my plate to get the right amount of each. Please let me know if you need a list of references as I’ve used quite a few sources of information and this is already quite long. You understand, lots of persons are hunting round for this information, you could aid them greatly.
My sensitive front tooth would hurt, unless I’d give it extra calcium via fermented dairy. If you’re working with the probiotic capsule, just open it up and dump in the powder. She’s seen amazing health and athletic improvements in herself since she started eating Paleo in 2009, and has passionately endorsed it since then.
Kristie’s goal is to assist her patients to achieve and maintain an exceptional level of health and life-balance. Find pure organic cocoa powder.  After trying it for the first time, observe your patient for any reactions. We can’t do egg whites in our household so I simply doubled the number of egg yolks, which worked a treat. You need around 1000-2000 milligrams of vitamin D, which you can get from sun exposure and certain foods like liver and oily fish. Again, this is not an issue with food as most of the time you will be getting under 300 mg of each from one single meal. The body binds phytates to calcium as well as other minerals, which prevents their absorption. I am Maori and our ancestors pre-european time, which is about 160ish years ago were eating Paleo and to me it makes sense that we need to change the way we eat.
My raw kefir will explode out of the jar after sitting for weeks because the bacteria are still alive.
It’s not necessary to heat up either dairy milk or coconut milk before letting it incubate. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, where she rock climbs and enjoys the mountains on a regular basis. She successfully blends prevention, optimization, hormone therapy, and age management with balanced and healthy living into her progressive wellness and integrative medical practice. In this post I want to go over calcium basics, why we need it, where we get it and how we make sure our bodies make the best use of it.
Well you should of course, but you really need all three for optimal absorption and utilisation. Magnesium and vitamin D are also responsible for maintaining many other body functions but we will save that for another post.
In fact, your body has a hard time absorbing large amounts of calcium all at ones so it’s always better to split your daily dose between meals rather than trying to get most of it from one dish.
Soaking, aslo known as ‘activating’, nuts and seeds and cooking vegetables removes most of the phytates, making the calcium and other minerals more available to the body.
And based on a few recent studies, there is a chance of calcification of coronary arteries in susceptible individuals. My favourite dairy foods are natural, unsweetened yogurt with beneficial probiotics, kefir, butter, hard cheese (especially aged), a little ricotta and a little cream every now and then.
Today Maori are overly represented in those groups with the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Otherwise, I agree that homemade kefir is far superior, and I love to make it with raw milk.
Most of these have a much lower level of lactose, which is the most problematic component of milk. By the way, the amount of yogurt you get from this recipe is equal to the amount of coconut milk you use. We make this cake for Birthday parties, because it actually tastes like a wheat based cake and All the kids at the party enjoy it.

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