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Help maintain feminine health and balance with vH essentials® Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry Feminine Health Dietary Supplement. Take 2 capsules daily with a full glass of water for support of feminine and urinary health†. What are probiotics?Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that can offer a variety of health benefits including support of digestive, immune, and feminine health.
How can probiotics support feminine health?A healthy vaginal flora is comprised of many different species of healthy microscopic bacteria.
How can prebiotics support feminine health?Many lifestyle factors can disrupt your protective microbial balance including menstruation, sexual activity, antibiotics, contraceptives, smoking, stress and menopause, to name a few. The word a€?a€™bacteriaa€™a€™ certainly does not evoke a pretty picture and it is associated with all things bad like illness; but in reality, there are bacteria that offer many health benefits and these good guys are called probiotics.
Research suggests that using probiotic supplements may improve a number of conditions, though evidence for certain uses are stronger than for others; but, given that these supplements are safe for most people when used properly, it certainly cannot hurt to experiment. Along with diarrhea, using lactobacillus supplements may help alleviate symptoms of other issues of the intestines, such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohna€™s and ulcerative colitis. If you are taking antibiotics, taking probiotics along with them may be a good idea since these medications kill all bacteria in the body, not just the bad kind. When we think of probiotics, we tend to think of supplements, but lactobacillus is naturally found in many types of foods, such as yogurt, and fermented soy products such as miso and tempeh. Since probiotics naturally occur in the body, using them in supplement form or eating foods fortified to provide therapeutic amounts, is generally safe. If you choose to use supplements, it is important to pick quality ones that are certified to contain live bacteria; you also want to read storage instructions carefully since some require refrigeration while others do not. When it comes to the dosage, the optimal amount will depend on what condition you are hoping to address with lactobacillus. CLICK THE BOTTLE BELOW to see more info on Bio-5 Probiotic Blend – Awesome probiotics supplement for gastro health! Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness content; she is particularly passionate about natural health remedies and enjoys sharing information that helps people integrate it into their lives.
Probiotics are not a magic bullet, but those that contain live organisms may provide health benefits, like shortening the duration of a cold.
There’s a lot of hype in the marketplace, so you need to look for products that not only list a specific strain on the label but also offer readers easy access to scientific studies supporting the health benefit claims.
The types of foods on the market claiming to deliver probiotics have expanded greatly over the past several years to include granola and candy bars, frozen yogurt, cereal, juice and cookies.
Since probiotics are live microorganisms, when taken in large enough quantities, they can help improve and maintain the health of your gastrointestinal tract.
When we go to the market chances are you see several products marketed as “friendly bacteria” to help with your digestion.
In the United States, probiotics are available as dietary supplements (including capsules, tablets, and powders) and in dairy foods (such as yogurts with live active cultures). Sad to say, but few years ago, I used to underestimate the health benefits of probiotic drinks such as yakult which is very common in our place especially to children. I have been taking probiotics to help avoid colds but didn’t know that they could lower my cholesterol as well. Yeah…it is usually recommended for very extreme cases where they have tried every thing else and nothing has worked. When balanced, these microorganisms create an acidic, low pH environment that is protective and helps to maintain feminine health. The goal of supplementation with this product is to maintain an optimal bacterial balance and support urinary tract health.

It is not intended to replace a physician's diagnosis or advice and should not be construed as individual medical advice. They naturally reside in various areas of the body, such as the intestines, genitals and urinary tract. The treatment of diarrhea is the most well-established use of Lactobacillus, both acidophilus and GG, for treating diarrhea in both children and adults. Milk and s other products that have been enriched with lactobacillus are also readily available. It seems that the recommended minimum is at least one billon CFUs with some healthcare professionals recommending up to 15 billion to treat conditions as well as maintain general intestinal health. They can also help with common intestinal symptoms and decrease urinary tract infections in women. Most of the valid products contain bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium that already live in your gut and help keep you healthy and digest your food.
If you boost the populations of good bacteria in your gut, it makes sense that you’re not only improving your gut health, but also benefitting other aspects of your health linked to the gut – including your immune system.
Now, more research shows that a reliable source of healthy bacteria may be healthy people’s feces to help restore the balance of bacteria.
Do these products truly have health benefits or is it more hype in order to sell their products? Ideally if we are not getting enough through our diet we should be on a supplement such as Healthy Bowel Support. This is the first I have heard of fecal transplants and am not really sure how I feel about it.
Unfortunately, many factors can disrupt a healthy balance and render a woman vulnerable to unwanted vaginal symptoms.
These a€?a€™friendlya€™a€™ bacteria fight off the bad guys, promote healthy digestion and protect the immune system among other things.
It may also work well for treating yeast infections, either by suppository or oral ingestion. You can also get substances called prebiotics through the diet, which support the growth of lactobacillus and other probiotics. Taking more than one to two billion may cause side effects such as gas, upset stomach and diarrhea; if this occurs, cut back on your dose and gradually build up to more to give your body time to adjust. We still need to determine what are the best bacteria strains and doses for particular situations.
This is because the gut encounters foreign substances every day in the food we eat, making it a major line of defense against potentially harmful pathogens.
This certainly has the “ick” factor, but fecal transplants can have almost instant results in the sickest patients, like those who have experienced the gut infection, C.
Although probiotic products are more popular in Europe and Japan than in the United States, the U.S. Then I realized that probiotic drinks can aid in better digestion and prevent constipation so after that time I made sure that I consume probiotics regularly. Lactobacillus is one such bacteria that comes in many strains and is the most popular type of probiotic supplement; here is some important information to know about it. If you are interested in giving probiotics to your children, you should check with your pediatrician about proper use. There are trillions of strains of probiotics, and some are becoming more common in beauty products like lotions, skin creams and cosmetics.
Irritable bowel syndrome, with its range of unpleasant symptoms including bloating, flatulence and diarrhea, is a condition often treated over the counter with probiotics.

Now, with this article, I’m more informed that probiotics are really great for us to maintain not just healthy digestion but healthy whole being as well.
Probiotic Synergy™ is formulated to survive these barriers with cutting edge technology that uses the most advanced patented delivery and shelf stability technology available to ensure maximum potency and viability.
The link between the gut and our immune system has also prompted great interest in the benefits of probiotics in treating a range of allergic and autoimmune conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s disease. It is this Probiospheres tableting technology and shape that protects fragile probiotic organisms from harsh stomach acid and delivers the highest number of live organisms to the intestinal tract. Not only do they not actually have an OB but I always get the same doctor who tells me I have BV and always sends me home with antibiotics that don’t work. The end result—higher potency, superior delivery, and minimal waste.Made with non-GMO ingredients.
Once the feces are diluted with a liquid, like salt water, it is pumped into the intestinal tract via a colonoscope, a tube run through the nose into the stomach or small intestine, or an enema.
Details Assist in digestion and prevent gas, bloating and bad breath Enhance the function of the immune system Promote regularity Buy product Category: Pet Supplies DescriptionProduct DescriptionProbiotics are really helpful microorganisms that lend a hand keep an eye on the critical balance in the digestive system. I don’t think there’s a particular reason for that, I just always figured natural remedies weren’t as good as medicinal products somehow.
Balance within the digestive system is very important to care for a healthy intestine, give protection to against disease, fortify digestion and Reinforce overall health. Current price and availability information are displayed on Amazon sites at the time of purchase.
To promote good vaginal health, the balance of this type of bacteria along with other elements of your vagina needs to be healthy.
By taking acidophilus pills you are supposedly rebalancing the elements present in your vagina by using good bacterial to overcome the bad.I bought a bottle of about 60 caplets for less than $10, so it’s fair to say that this is a very economical solution to your feminine problems. Instructions will usually say to take 2 caplets once a day with or without a meal, however make sure that you read the directions correctly as it may vary from one brand to another.According to my research you want to make sure to purchase acidophilus with more than 1 billion live bacteria, as these are more powerful and will offer better results. The first bottle I bought didn’t need to be refrigerated, but my second purchase had to be refrigerated for better conservation of the bacteria.
It was just rather thick, looked a bit too yellowish to my taste and I had to change my pantyliner once a day to feel comfortable and dry down there.I started my acidophilus journey with caplets that didn’t need to be refrigerated. Many online reviews will tell you that the refrigerated kind works better, so I just had to try. I’m religiously wearing pantyliners because I want to be able to see the difference and notice changes. Even after the first few days I started noticing a decrease in the amount of discharge I had to deal with within a day. There’s less and less discharge, the color is much less yellow than it was and the texture has also changed to something less thick.
The brand doesn’t even matter; the articles I read online all featured different brands and the product I am using is some sort of obscure no-name brand only available at my grocery store. And though I don’t see it in my underwear I feel it when I wipe and of course when I have sex (its embarrassing). I’m going to try the refresh tabs first (even tho no one in the reviews had the same symptoms).

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