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The man is a font of fascinating information about health, nutrition, probiotics, gluten intolerance, and fermented foods. First of all, the real sourdough they bake at Bezian’s Bakery is probiotic, like kefir or yogurt, containing multiple strains of beneficial microflora. Phytic acid is a strong chelator of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, and can therefore contribute to mineral deficiencies in people whose diets rely on these foods for their mineral intake, such as those in developing countries. Jack told me that their ultra-slow method of making sourdough bread (fermenting it for several days and up to a month) is what breaks it down to the point that gluten intolerant people can eat it.
So clearly, not all sourdough bread is the same, and the fermentation time and process does matter. I wish I could tell you that Jack ships his bread all over the country but sadly, I don’t think he does. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, that live safely in your digestive tract.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found evidence of a relationship between “good” bacteria and the immune system.
Since we all have slightly different bacteria in our guts, the effects of consuming probiotics and prebiotics may vary from person to person. Kim Robson lives and works with her husband in the Cuyamaca Mountains an hour east of San Diego.
This recipe can be found on the CFH site, where you can find literally hundreds of recipes for all types of fermented foods.
Add celery, garlic, and chicken livers and cook, stirring often, until livers are browned on all sides. ShannonShannon is a mama to four small children, homesteader, freelance writer, and picture-taker. When it comes to foods that cause IBS, wheat products are most often cited by sufferers as being a trigger for symptoms.
In several studies, patients who took a probiotic supplement experienced relief from IBS symptoms.
Foods high in probiotics (like some organic artisanal breads) will help to stabilize digestion and relieve symptoms of IBS. What Costabile’s study set out to investigate was whether the fermentation process used in bread making can have an impact on the way it affects our digestive system.
Artisanal breads are long fermentations which ‘rest’ for four to six hours while the gluten is converted into digestible sugars and the bread has time to rise naturally. The study measured the effects of breads made using the Chorleywood process on IBS patients compared to the effects of artisanal breads which were baked using a long fermentation process and sourdough starters.

The study concluded that while a general consensus has banned bread from the IBS sufferer’s diet, what really seems to exacerbate symptoms are breads baked using the Chorleywood method rather than traditional long-fermentations.
What they found was that bread baked using traditional long-fermentation sourdough methods were less likely to aggravate IBS symptoms, especially bloating and gas. Welcome to the official blog of ShaSha Co, Canada’s leading artisan bakery who combines ancient techniques with innovative methods. Bezian’s Bakery has a very slow process of baking which allows the bread to ferment for several days up to a month. Contain uniquely balanced proteins, fatty acids, cellulose, minerals, and innumerable other nutrients our bodies need.
It also acts as an acid, chelating the vitamin niacin, which is basic, causing the condition known as pellagra. Dissolve proteins by producing protein enzymes, thus loosening multiple peptide bonds so that you can absorb more amino acids into your body. Inhibit the growth of bad bacteria by: (1) creating a more acidic environment (2) producing anti-bacterial agents, and (3) absorbing all the B vitamins from their surroundings leaving none for the harmful bacteria. Probiotics are vital for proper absorption and digestion of food, and for actively synthesizing various nutrients such as vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), and various amino acids and proteins. Certain gut bacteria influence aspects of the immune system, correcting deficiencies and increasing T-cells. The healthy bacteria there strengthen the bowel wall, improve mineral absorption, and aid in the regulation of hormone production, which has a range of essential benefits. Livers from pastured chickens offer abundant vitamins A and D, protein, and four of the B vitamins, as well as iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and selenium.
Just click on what youa€™re looking for a€“ yogurt, kombucha, cultured vegetables and tons more. A recent study by Adele Costabile and her team of researchers from the University of Reading investigated the effects that breads with different fermentation times had on the gut and found that for some IBS sufferers, bread may still be on the menu. From the University of Reading study: “Due to effects on modulating the immune function, motility, secretion and gut sensation, probiotics have been suggested to have the potential to exert a beneficial role in managing IBS symptoms. Patients who cut bread and wheat products reported an improvement or complete cessation of their IBS symptoms. ShaSha grew up spending much of his time in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother baking bread. It is a misconception that whole wheat is better than white flour for diabetics (the Glycemic difference is only 1%). When tested, people with gut dysbiosis always present with deficiencies of these nutrients.

Believe it or not, there are more microbial cells in your digestive tract than there are cells in your entire body. Our body does not digest this fiber, but the good bacteria in our gut, including the probiotics, do digest the fiber. Prebiotics fertilize these good bacteria and stifle production of disease-causing bacteria, and combat gut dysbiosis. When mixed with probiotic-rich lacto-fermented mayonnaise, the nutrition increases even more, making this a great snack to serve on homemade sourdough crackers. Studies have also shown that the modern diet, and its reliance on wheat products, promotes the spread of IBS and other digestive ailments such as gluten intolerance.
CBP breads rise in about 45 minutes and may also contain artificial chemicals and preservatives. Believed to be the cornerstone to every meal, these early teachings were the inspiration for ShaSha to expand his knowledge and creativity to open a bakery.
There are many advantages to eating naturally fermented bread instead of modern bread made with yeast.
This is because they have oxygen in them (not free radical oxygen ions) that feed your blood cells and not cancer cells.
More effective methods are soaking in an acid medium, lactic acid fermentation, and sprouting. For people with a particularly low intake of essential minerals, especially young children and those in developing countries, this effect can be undesirable. It turns out that the wife was not kneading her bread as long — and this was what made it impossible for the celiac to eat. It is a highly organized micro-world, where certain species of bacteria need to predominate to keep us physically and mentally healthy.
Her interests include the environment, dark skies, astronomy and physics, geology and rock collecting, living simply and cleanly, wilderness and wildlife conservation, and eating locally. Most plant proteins including grains, seeds, cereals, beans, nuts, and some grasses form gluten. Those who find it difficult to eat enough fiber, however, should consider a prebiotic fiber supplement, which is mild in texture and nearly tasteless, making it easy to add to water, cereal, or any other food.
However, sourdough microflora has all the amino acids available, without the protein that forms gluten.

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