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Elizabeth Stein – author of new cookbook Eating Purely, and founder of natural food line Purely Elizabeth - was kind enough to give us six killer recipes packed with probiotics for spring. Peruse above for six amazing recipes, easy to make at home, that are packed with probiotics! 10 Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen It’s The Most Important Room In The House. August 20, 2015 By Cindy Facebook Share Leave it to a mom and a nutrition expert to come up with this tasty solution!  Brooke Alpert has has created the below 4 Probiotic Popsicle recipes that will bring a smile to your kid’s face and to make their tummy happy too.  Each recipe includes the flavorless, sugar and gluten-free Culturelle Kids Probiotic Packets, trust me, your kids will never know! These are tasty and fun ways to give your family the probiotics they need – without them even knowing it!

We’ve used the Culturelle probiotic brand for years and can’t believe the difference they make for kids and adults alike! Culturelle offers probiotics in both a chewable tablet and packets that dissolve in liquid and food. About CindyCindy is the top Akron Blogger with her own take on awesome brands for families, where to vacation for families, a beat on local activities and family fun , a knack for getting moms to share , and a house that is always 2 weeks away from a complete remodel!
Get the Hottest Back-to-School Styles at Kids Foot LockerEnjoy Zip Lining, Bungee Jumps, and St. This is a delicious way to restore the balance of good bacteria in our guts, after all, 70% of our immune systems lives in our digestive tracts!

I like providing my kids with the benefits of probiotics in a tasty way like these Popsicles and I hope you’ll try them too!

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