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Description: Introducing Peeky L U X E by Peeky Toes, a high-end luxury pedicure sock made of Italian spun cashmere and silk. Description: Sophisticated and romantic, Fleur d’Amour, the new scent by Sylvie Beljanski, makes the ideal gift for any woman who wants to treat herself with distinctive elegance.
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The effect is much like a combination of a gently stair master and balancing on a BOSU board.
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Our clean, green and lean shower gel will hydrate and cleanse his skin, while the body polish will keep his skin smooth and supple. After his bath routine, he'll nourish and protect his skin with our organic body lotion named "energy" - with a necessary natural sunscreen of SPF 18, good for the entire body and face.
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Description: Yoga Paws were created to prevent any slippage of your hands and feet during your Yoga practices, and also are conveniently sized making them ideal travel or just to keep a pair in your car or gym bag. Description: The Andis Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer utilizes tourmaline, ionic and ceramic technologies to assure softer, smoother, shinier, healthier hair in less time. Description: Celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, whose WEN hair products have been revolutionizing beauty, brings his special brand of magic to skin.
If you’re taking an antibiotic and worry about possible side effects to your feminine health that could interfere with your Valentine’s night, RepHresh Pro-B restores and maintains healthy vaginal flora, which can be depleted with the use of antibiotics. RepHresh Pro-B can give women the confidence to focus on what matters most when the mood is right. Description: Va-Va-Valentine’s Day Gift Set includes VMV’s most popular tools for come-hither eyes and a vividly kissible mouth, plus a too-sweet charm of bright, ruby-hued (wish-fulfilling?) shoes, and a peek-a-boo jewelry box to hide even more treasures!
Did you know that a PH imbalance in your body is actually a leading cause in vaginal thrush infections! It is actually better to be slightly into the alkaline range than the acidic range, so that is why the recommended range is just above neutral. The reason most of us are probably sporting an acidic readout is mainly due to our “modern” diets. What we need to focus on here is “whole body pH” and not the pH levels of individual organs.
There are many ways to change your body’s pH level, and here at Thrush Crusader we’re gonna talk you through the best natural and medical solutions so you can find what is right for you. The first and most natural way to change your body’s pH is through your diet choices…the food you consume. A High Potency 4-in-1 Natural Candida Complex for Yeast Infection and Bacterial Vaginosis with Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil, Cellulase, Woodworm and Black Walnut.
This Candida Cleanse and Support Supplement offers what they call a “4 Stage Candida Cleanse Support”. This all natural supplement also supports menopause and PMS relief and is absolutely focussed on yeast balance support by restoring and maintaining vaginal acidity, or as we have already discussed…pH levels! By balancing the pH level and getting it into the optimal position (a neutral 7.0 or slightly above) you will benefit with no more female odor, smell or vaginal discharge.
RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic is a simple but super effective tablet based probiotic that balances yeast & bacteria to maintain feminine health.

It has been clinically tested and was developed by doctors and unlike some other tablet based probiotics, RepHresh only insist you take 1 capsule per day orally as opposed to some other brands who suggest up to 4! One little known fact which can have a LOT of impact on balancing your pH levels is to…breathe. Did you know that if your body’s pH level is reading too acidic (lover than 7.0) than your body will send you brain signals that it needs more sugar.
Once you have balanced your pH level back to neutral or slightly alkaline then you will notice your cravings decrease significantly or even disappear altogether.
Sometimes the signs that your pH level is out of wack are obvious such as a burning sensation when urinating or an acidic taste in your mouth, but most of the times it is very hard to tell! So now you know how important a healthy pH level is to helping you cure your vaginal thrush condition! Remember to measure your levels daily if you are not in a healthy range otherwise once per week is enough. In step with the philosophy of the Beljanski Wellness Center – a new center located in Manhattan that is devoted to achieving wellness and beauty through detoxification – Fleur d’Amour allows women to indulge in a safe, phthalate-free way with a combination of French sophistication and technological innovation. The TQR line of watches marks the first significant integration of heart-rate technology into the fashionable analog sport watch market.
It is the perfect tool to bring along on vacation if you can’t get waxed beforehand, to keep at home and use in-between waxings or if you get a last minute invite to your friends beach house.
Tone legs, build leaner muscles, burn calories, improve your posture and decrease lower back pain and cellulite with Body Forming Shoes by Orthotebb.
Most users find walking in Body Forming Shoes by Orthotebb becomes natural within 10-15 minutes of using them.
The concept consists of a pair of WAGs packaged in an eco-friendly and re-usable WAGs Bag, a pewter handcrafted charm featuring an open heart, and a charitable contribution. The Reflexotherapy Applicator combines pressure (the Reflexology part) and Acupuncture (without needles to puncture your skin) by simply lying on the prickly points or applying the Applicator to the surface area of your body that hurts. The high quality products in this basket come from The Enterprising Kitchen, a fair-trade, nonprofit enterprise that provides workforce development and support services for women working towards self-sufficiency and economic independence.
You can burn EMBER as you would any other candle – the fragrance alone will set the mood – or blow out the flame and drizzle the oil directly onto the body. It’s time to indulge yourself as jane iredale presents a set of five luscious lip crayons that will hydrate and color your lips. We offer both an Instant Internet Printout Card and a Traditional Plastic Card and you can purchase an attractive Gift Card Box with a customized message.
The eye creme also contains ingredients to reduce puffiness and reflect light to reduce the appearance of undereye darkness. Auriderm features a special nanosome delivery system to help Vitamin K Oxide penetrate the skin and expedite the body’s repair process. Mistura’s revolutionary 6-in-1 Beauty Solution™ offers a SINGLE SHADE formula for all skin types and colors.
Thousands of happy customers have not only cut their beauty budgets in half but have changed the way they think about makeup.
Hundreds of thousands of people have put smoking and cigarettes in their past with the John Morgan Hypnosis Method and so can you!
Join the club of over one hundred thousand people who have used the John Morgan Hypnosis Method to successfully STOP SMOKING FOREVER! These generators emit more than 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and make you feel relaxed and refreshed.
Even when the temperature fluctuates to extremes, HydraQuench Cream SPF 15 restores the pH balance in normal to dry skin for deeply hydrated, youthful looking skin. This patented system includes a blue light mouth tray and disposable whitening gel foam strips.
The EL technology embedded in the iWHITE tray is powered by a 3-volt battery that pulses the light into the whitening foam strips—the catalyst that creates a brilliant beam. Its blend of tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood traditional Japanese incense ingredients--give it a mellow yet racy, smoky, appeal, not unlike that of a gentle, irresistible red flame. The natural antioxidants of pure cocoa help to flush out impurities, reduce cellulite, improve circulation and help stimulate cell regeneration.
The Wet Lounge is designed to relax the nervous system, enhance circulation and promote detoxification. Spritz yourself with the scent of love and cuddle close all night long with your Valentine. They are made from organic and natural ingredients and contain no parbens or synthetic preservatives. We offer three types of sugar scrubs, lavender-lemongrass, lemongrass-mint and cellulite smoother, all made with a blend of natural sugars, organic oils and Chinese pearl, to create an exfoliant that moisturizes and soothes. The Balance Skin Care collection empowers skin to regenerate cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Ignite your senses this Valentine's Day and treat yourself or your loved ones to Om Aroma's decadent Pearls & Diamonds Collection – a new duo set that combine's the award-winning moisturizer Creme Luxe with Elixir de Perle, a daily cleanser inspired by and containing powdered Mother-of Pearls. An anti-aging breakthrough from Om Aroma, this cream has a powerful antioxidant cocktail of seven vitamins, minerals, peptides, and omega fatty acids – all of which deliver results without harmful ingredients. Straighten your locks this Valentine’s Day with the Rose Edition Slik-Stik Freestyler to create sexy, straight hair. This new love and appreciation for your body creates an atmoshere of cooperation between your body and your body shaping goals. You may begin to get results with your weight loss or body shaping program, and then all of a sudden you get stuck in the mud.
This new approach called, Self-Acceptance Psychology® removes the roadblocks and gets your body in the shape you want.
Moroccanoil™, the signature product in the line, is a new type of weightless finishing, styling and shine product in one. That’s why there’s no better way to brighten up the holiday than with a sparkling set from iWHITE! This weekly special treatment soothes and calms—skin immediately looks less red and irritated. Weighing approximately one pound, The Body Bar Flex can be used for balance and stretching when straight, but offers resistance ranging from zero to 20 pounds when bent into an arc. Dab this unique and alluring blend of fresh floral and sensual ethereal notes on your wrist and neck to keep him coming back all night long! This great holiday gift idea is a simple solution for those men with hectic schedules looking for a clean and easy look. This completely new line of rotary shavers uses proprietary flex and pivot technology, which allows the three flexing heads to independently rotate a full 360 degrees – delivering a stellar performance every time. Yoga Paws are made up of two layers; the outside layer is made of an eco-friendly friendly material that is strong to keep you in place and also provides cushion for your wrists and hands.
With dual voltage for worldwide use, the Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer is ideal for travel. But worrying about yeast, bacteria can sure zap a woman’s self-esteem and make a romantic Valentine’s Day, or any day, unthinkable. If you’ve been playing along at home you will already have figured out that this is slightly alkaline (with 7.0 being neutral). For example, the stomach needs a higher pH to help break down the meals we stuff our faces with as a high acidity level will do exactly that.
After all, when your whole body pH is showing slightly alkaline then all the systems of the body will have a MUCH better time of functioning as they should!
We are so busy that it becomes very tiring, stressful and hard to continually have our diets at the forefront of our minds.
What this means is that the elimination process of Candida (thrush) is supported through 4 necessary phases with this supplements own balance of herbal, probiotic and enzyme formulas.
This book highlights great diet choices to keep your thrush under control and is a great value addition.
This is a supplement that effectively balances bacteria, yeast and pH levels to maintain your health. I have tried everything out there that is on the market and have taken every antibiotic available. After your first week cut back your dosage to one teaspoon every few days, this is just for maintenance. It is quite sour to the taste (hence why most choose to chase it with water) but it will bring your pH levels into a good balance range very quickly. What we’ve done is put together a chart that shows which foods form more acids and which alkalise better.
It must be known that thrush thrives on sugar, so this can become a very debilitating and harmful circle.
Here they can choose from a Mixer (Vitamin E, Oil-Control or Anti-oxidant), choose a Garnish (Gold, White or Bronze Shimmer or Glitter) and a Nose (Peppermint, Lavender or other Essential oils). Created for today’s woman, Fleur d’Amour is a light, refined and subtle floral fragrance containing Mediterranean citruses, luxurious woods and rich musk.

Blue has designed a great offer to get you looking your most fabulous in time for Cupids visit this year. This moisture protection, coupled with a natural SPF 15 protection creates the perfect marriage between science and skincare for dehydrated skin.
Here is one beautiful, feminine fragrance that is not based on flowers, but on seductive spices and woods that convey the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check but barely so. The aromas encourage serenity and mental wellness while the cocoa will soften, tone, nourish, moisturize and protect your delicate skin. Expertly blended therapeutic grade essential oils support hormonal balance for a perfect women's formula. A fresh, bright complexion evokes the purity and innocence of morning accented by lips that glow with the soft, tender shine of dew.
This mini tourmaline straightening iron provides precision detailing and features the latest in heat straightening technologies. Its patented formula absorbs into the hair instantly, leaving a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine.
A blend of pure plant extracts—including tamanu, amla, boswellia and saw palmetto—infuses our plant formula.
It has an ergonomically tailored flexibility to allow full joint range of motion and works the entire body in simple or compound movements to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. The non-drying and creamy texture of HydraQuench Cream-Mask is a true oasis for the skin and is gentle enough to be applied to the eye contour area. Meant for a man on the go, the cordless and portable Flex360 is minimalism at its finest– no shaving cream, water or after shave needed, so airport security is a breeze. The flexible neck pivots in all directions to create a more ergonomic shaving platform, as well as serve as a shock absorber to provide comfort and ease around sensitive, contoured areas like the chin and neck. The inner layer is made up of a cloth liner made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon, which provides additional support and absorbs perspiration, dirt and oils that would typically cause you to slip on your yoga mat.
By eliminating the harmful detergents in soap and conventional body washes and concocting a blend of nourishing ingredients, Chaz shows how WEN can do for your skin what it has successfully done for hair.
Volumizing Mascara creates massive, come-hither lashes, building “sleeves” around each lash to plump every strand up to perfection. Grains, coffee, eggs and meats as well as processed foods such as sodas, cereals and pastries are all leading causes of an acidic readout. The small intestine on the other hand has its own recommended pH level as does the large intestine! So to help us all out there are supplements which are wonderful at filling in the gaps in our diet.
In normal speak, this winning combination helps break down Candida cell walls and purge the thrush causing cells from the body.
Other pH balancers and supplements may cause harsh irritating side effects, whereas the addition of anti-fungal herbs, enzymes and cleansers will reduce the unpleasant side effects that may be encountered in other brands.
TRAVEL TIP: Wear Peeky toes thru airport security so you don't have to walk on that dirty floor in bare feet! Created by Sylvie Beljanski in conjunction with the noted French perfumer Jean Pierre Subrenat, Fleur d’Amour is distinctively French and is created for today’s most demanding and sophisticated woman.
Each watch showcases a range of stylish analog design that makes the TQR series the most fashionable members of the company’s range of fitness watches. Our exclusive Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub, Chocolate Truffle Hydrating Body Milk, Chocolate Silk Bubbling Milk Bath, Chocolate Truffle Handmade Soap and Chocolate Truffle Lush Lip Balm. Mistura’s mineral-based “magic powder” can be used as a foundation, concealor, blush, bronzer, lipstick AND eyeshadow. Experience the wonderful, refreshing and energizing effects of negative ions being created in much larger abundance through these environments. As with all Eve Organics products, the Balance Skin Care line is free of chemical preservatives, phthalates, parabens, and synthetic fragrance and never tested on animals. Adorn your eyes with striking shades in aquatic hues of blue and embrace the boldness and femininity of Clarins Nature Temptations 2009 Collection.
Use this sexy and stylish Rose Edition Slik-Stik Freestyler while getting ready for your romantic night out.
It softens thick unmanageable hair, restoring shine and softness to dull lifeless locks and helping brittle hair to become more supple. This is more than the average electric shaver; the Flex360 is the tool that every man will want. Indulge in a super hydrating exfoliation treatment with the organic sugar scrub and lock in the moisture with the ultra-rich body lotion. WEN Lavender Cleansing Creme is a latherless formula with marine collagen, lavender oil and rich botanical extracts thoroughly but gently cleanses skin without stripping away vital skin moisture work to keep it hydrated while stimulating natural collagen production that promotes skins firmness and elasticity. RepHresh has developed a daily probiotic supplement that blocks and reduces yeast and bacteria. A body in complete pH balance will regulate all of these different areas all by its lonesome. An ideal diet for conquering your pH level would be something like 3 servings of cooked veg with a little fruit. It needs to be deep, measured breaths where you really focus on bringing the breath right down into your body. The difference between saliva and urine ranges is because your urine will naturally tend to be more acidic as it is eliminating waste accumulated in your body. Sportline created the TQR lines as a way to provide wearers with an ability to monitor their heart rate throughout the day or during a workout, but in a way that matches their professional taste and style. Benefits include: convenient, can be used as a lipstick or as a liner, great for all skin types, non-irritating formula, contains ingredients such as ethylhexyl palmitate, an emollient from palm oil, and tocopherol-vitamin E, a topical antioxidant and natural preservative and castor oil which provides a soothing effect for lips. Also, the pressure from the tray onto the foam strip creates a customized impression on the teeth—the whitening solution has no place to go, but directly onto the teeth. It also nourishes the hair and scalp, promoting healing and repair and relieving dry, itchy conditions. WEN Lavender Lotion is the ideal supplement as a weightless formula that provides unbeatable moisture as it's smoothly and easily absorbed by the skin while exuding a calming lavender scent. It’s calming nature does wonders to a persons pH level and you should practice deep breathing whenever you have a spare few minutes.
Every watch in the new TQR line features next-generation heart rate technology specifically designed for analog watches. With each step you increase circulation and gently use more muscles in the entire leg, hips, buttocks, lower abs and back. Lip Crayons are available in 5 beautiful shades: Naughty, Tasty, Luscious, Juicy, Tempting. These tried and true remarkable dermal fillers are safe, virtually painless and require no down time. This long-lasting formula comes with a handy retractable brush and carrying pouch making it ideal for travel and all day use.
This eliminates excess solution from spreading onto the gums (which causes teeth to become sensitive). It coats lips richly in the season’s must-have vibrant scarlet, has long-wearing staying power, and exudes an oh so Hollywood Glam vibe. The only reason I gave it four stars is because of the cost, but they are well worth it for eliminating my pain and suffering! Among other things, this unique technology delivers ECG-accurate heart rate readings in three beats or less and without the use of chest straps or belts. Used by celebrities, professionals and busy moms, The 6-in-1 Beauty Solution™ is the hottest new beauty product of 2009. All products are paraben, sulfate and phthalate free and made with pure, expeller pressed California grape seeds in Santa Barbara.
Wrapped in a hand-made, plushly textured, crimson fabric jewelry box with a peek-a-boo removable platform, it can be used to store her favorite things. Topped off with a keepsake, red stiletto shoe charm that is a gift in itself and can be added to bracelets, chains, or bags, VMV’s Va-Va-Valentine’s Day Gift Set is sure to delight any woman this February 14th.
Prior to styling, apply a small amount into your palms and work through clean, damp hair from roots to ends.
In salon, you can even massage a small amount throughout the hair before a color service to enhance the hair’s ability to absorb color. It comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle to protect the oil from UV rays, which can cause oxidation.

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