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Probiotic beauty: They're the bugs that boost digestion - but can they also clean up your skin?
Now for the skin: A study found that patient's eczema and itching improved after using a probiotic creamProbiotics and prebiotics, the a€?friendly bacteriaa€™ in your Yakult or Activia, have become buzzwords in intestinal health over the past few years.
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You might not even know that your skin contains beneficial bacteria, but skin microflora, as they are known, have an essential role to play in preventing undesirable bacteria from developing.
They insist that as well as maintaining healthy skin, probiotics can help protect it from ageing.

The problem comes when their equilibrium is disturbed, for example by using skincare that strips the skin. When this happens, bad bacteria, such as those that cause acne and eczema, are able to take hold. Conventional treatments for these infections use antibiotics or antibacterial agents that not only attack the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria.
Given that collagen is essential to young-looking skin, the last thing you want is to destroy it.a€™ She argues that probiotics and prebiotics not only help to maintain the correct balance of microflora, thus avoiding these sorts of issues, but that they also help to keep the skin hydrated. Do not use this product if you are at risk of or are being treated for high blood pressure, kidney, liver, thyroid, or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, herpes, or stroke. This is where probiotics and prebiotics can help, restoring the balance of the good bacteria so that the skin can heal itself.
Nude might be the only major brand exploiting the value of prebiotics and probiotics, but a number of smaller, more niche brands, such as Cleo Q, Verattiva and Sk1n Probiotic Systems, also incorporate them into their products.

But Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist and spokesperson for the British Association of Dermatologists, cautions against getting carried away with the promise of such products.
Last year, research published in the British Journal of Dermatology suggested that eczema and the associated itching improved after patients were treated with a probiotic cream.
And, just this month, the Journal of Dermatological Science devoted coverage to a small study that seemed to show that, using prebiotics, it is possible to reduce the levels of acne-causing bacteria without harming the good bacteria. All this is great news if you suffer from eczema or acne, but is it really beneficial for the rest of us to buy into probiotic skincare?

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