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GoLive™ is formulated to be an optimal combination of complex probiotic strains and essential prebiotics.
GoLive™ products are freeze-dried and packaged in foil to keep our probiotics in stasis until time of consumption.
Moisture permeates cardboard, paper, and plastic packaging over time - activating bacteria and allowing it to die before it is consumed.
Say Hello to the Good microbes: Yakult, ProLife By Swagata YadavarWe always thought microbes were the bad guys, we thought they made us sick. The company claims that one bottle of yakult contains 6.5 billion lactobacillus casei which is greater than any other probiotics product. Yakult contains Skimmed Milk Powder, Water, Sugar, Glucose, Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota, added natural and natural identical flavors. However because it contains 18% of sugar makes it unsuitable for diabetics and those who are trying to lose weight. Curds and Ice creams: Curds and ice creams are another way of getting your dose of friendly bacteria. Ice creams are also good way to get the probiotics but one cannot have them every day as the sugar content in them makes them undesirable for those who want to lose weight and suffering from diabetes.
Capsules: Other than the commercial probiotic products, there are the probiotic capsules which can be taken for getting the benefits. People may think that taking a probiotic drink or popping a capsule a day will ensure that all the unhealthy things they do like skipping meals, eating less fiber in their diet, will be wiped away and they will have great immunity. Effective against many ailments: Probiotics have been proven to be effective against many ailments. Research unsure about effectiveness: A report in Food Standards Agency says that out of the probiotic products they tested in environment similar to that of the digestive system, most of the strains did not survive the acidic environment of the stomach. Another report in WHO’s (World Health Organization) bulletin has expresses doubts about the ambitious claims made by the companies regarding benefits of probiotics. Needs to be taken daily: For the probiotics to be effective, you need to consume them every day. Do consult a doctor if you are – pregnant, are giving it to child, suffer from disease of the pancreas or suffer from intestinal bleeding. You need to buy a probiotic product with at least 1-9 billion colony forming unit (CFU) in each dose of the product for it to be effective. Probiotics is an old discovery and many of us were eating it before we even came to know about its benefits.
So if you think you want the benefits of probiotics but don’t know where to start, the homemade curd and buttermilk will be a good place and consult a doctor before you start any commercial probiotic product! I have interacted with shashi and abhay and admire them both for their persistence and patience. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Pasteurized Cultured Lowfat Milk, Nonfat Milk, Organic Cane Juice, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Red Beet Juice for Color, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3.
No Substitutions (not recommended) Your shopper will make a substitution if the product is not in stock. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to healthy tropical drinks which can be with sugar or sugar-free or even with fresh fruits and vegetables or artificial flavors. The selection is so large that it can satisfy all tastes, and most of the times, the taste is the main criterion for the choice of drink. A spate of evaporated cane juice class action lawsuits have hit a federal court in California in recent months, alleging that food and beverage makers are mislabeling this ingredient in a way that violates federal regulations.

The company had filed a motion to dismiss the Kefir yogurt drink class action lawsuit, and the hearing on that will now occur on Apr.
Many consumers may have bought products thinking that they were adequately informed of the amount of sugar in a product and been misled by the above claims. For the full list and more information visit the Evaporated Cane Juice Deceptive Marketing Class Action Lawsuit Investigation. Connect With UsFollow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Class Action Lawsuit Settlement News! Start a Class Action LawsuitIf you think you have a case for a possible class action lawsuit, get started today. Our proprietary blends consist of clinically-tested probiotics coupled with the highest quality prebiotic sugars and prebiotic soluble fibers necessary for the probiotics to consume, grow and nourish – therefore playing a key role in health and wellness by assisting and maintaining the body’s digestive, metabolic and immune functions. This preserves the bacteria until you are ready to consume them and ensures that the number of colony forming units we add at the time of manufacture are still viable (and, in fact, growing) at the time of consumption.
Therefore, all of our products use protective foil packaging to isolate probiotics from moisture and heat-generating light, both of which kill bacteria. But there are millions strains of micro organisms in the world and while some of them cause diseases, others improve our health. Companies in India, especially those selling milk products have caught up on the trend and many have incorporated probiotics in their products. Yakult contains fermented milk with probiotic bacteria of Lactobacillus casei strain, discovered by Yakult’s founder Mr. Shweta also agrees that though it can be taken by everyone without consulting the doctor, those who are overweight or suffer from diabetes should avoid yakult because of the high sugar content.
Since we are already used to eating curd, we have no problem accepting it but as for yakult it is different for our taste buds.
These capsules cannot be taken over the counter and only doctors can prescribe these for you.
Primary research shows that these products are effective against the diseases that have not been effectively treated through traditional treatments. It says that more solid evidence is needed to prove the actual benefits before companies sell their products as health products. The researchers in this suggested that probiotics cannot be considered as a harmless supplement to nutrition to those with acute diseases or weak immune system. Shweta Iyengar says, “Everyone can get the benefits of probiotics by taking a bowl of curd which also contains friendly bacteria. It transports nutrients throughout the body, a way to regulate bodily functions, the work of individual organs and the organism in general, eliminate harmful substances from the body and maintains body temperature.
Thanks to stimulus compounds (theobromine, caffeine) tea acts as a tonic for the nervous and blood system and it is ideal for fighting exhaustion.
Moreover, the difference between these drinks is that one cup of tea contains less caffeine (30-50 milligrams per 150 milliliters) than one cup of coffee (45-100 mg per 25 ml). While plaintiffs like Robert Figy, who spearheaded the Lifeway Kefir class action lawsuit, allege that the products are improperly labeled per the FDA’s current list of legal ingredients, the agency is clearly aware of the evaporated cane juice class action lawsuits and ongoing litigation. Evaporated cane juice class action lawyers are currently investigating the Sherman Law and related claims regarding those Kefir yogurt drinks as well as ZenSoy Soymilk, Zen Pudding, Soy on the Go, Kind Granola, Amy’s Kitchen, and numerous other products.
Top Class Actions is a legal news source that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. Our drink mix packets are lined with a protective foil, and the patented cap on our ready-to-drink bottles utilizes an embedded foil blister to keep our probiotics alive until consumption. In fact, without these good microbes called probiotics, we wouldn’t be able to digest many of our favorite foods and would instead get sick more often!

Amul started this trend with introduction of ice creams (ProLife) with probiotics and then Nestle (NesVita) and Mother diary (b-Activ Dahi) followed with curds with probiotics. Shweta says “Probiotics are not a quick fix, you have to take them every day to get best results, also they do not make all the diseases go away. But what you can do is take specific products or tablets to get the benefits of the one you need.
Best fruit juice is the one that you will prepare on your own with a combination of flavors that you like. In that case, he is alleging Sherman Law violations, a state statute which enables civilians to seek damages based on the lack of value of a mislabeled product that should be illegal for sale. Top Class Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the status of any class action settlement claim.
All GoLive® products contain a complex blend of human commensurate probiotic strains, coupled with a variety of prebiotic organic sugars and soluble fibers, to provide superior support for the body’s digestive, metabolic and immune functions. Yakult, the Japanese brand known world over for selling probiotic drinks has also made a presence in India with brand ambassador Kajol. The company is marketing Yakult to be consumed everyday for improving digestion, helping immunity and fighting infections. You must contact the settlement administrator or your attorney for any updates regarding your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are expected to be mailed out. Very importantly, all GoLive® probiotics are kept freeze-dried in individually-packaged, foil-protected servings to ensure the probiotics are delivered alive when it counts: at time of consumption. In 1986, our family made the first batches of Lifeway Kefir at our home in Skokie, Illinois - just 10 years after we came to the United States from our native Russia.
The luscious taste of kefir, long enjoyed in Europe, caught on quickly in Chicago - our early recipes of the probiotic yogurt-like drink got rave reviews in local supermarkets.
We've come a long way from the early days of our original plain kefir, to more than 100 varieties enjoyed today. Kefir History: Kefir is the cousin of yogurt and its roots can trace back more than 2000 years.
Originating in the Caucasus Mountains of Europe where people live well past 100 years, the word kefir is thought to have been derived from the Turkish word Keif for good feeling, probably due to the sense of well-being experienced after drinking it. Farmer pledged (Our Farmers' Pledge: We only use milk free from rBST and rBGH and is GMO free). Published research has shown the healthy probiotic cultures found in Lifeway Kefir may enhanced the immune system; balance digestive health; enhance & balance with Lifeway Kefir!
The Power of ProBoost: No matter who you are or how busy your life, Lifeway Kefir provides you with the best nutrition in one delicious beverage. With Lifeway's Essential 10 Live and Active Kefir Cultures, Plus Lifeway's Exclusive New ProBoost, there's nothing better for your health. Lifeway's ProBoost contains Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactic HN019; 2 powerful probiotic strains clinically shown to support digestive health and enhance immunity.
Kefir- known as the champagne of dairy, can be effervescent due to it's unique probiotic strains - this is 100% normal, look for a slightly rounded bottle.

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