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This information is supplied to assist our customers to select suitable products however products and their ingredients are liable to change at short notice.
MORE2U welcomes the Good Buzz Brewing Company Booch range of Kombucha full of healthy probiotic goodness, enzymes, B Vitamins, Acetic & Glucuronic Acid. All the benefits of the gut loving probiotic health drink combined with the benefits of cold brewed coffee (being markedly less acidic on the body then traditional hot brewed) in this indulgent tasting & refreshing brew!
It doesn’t get any more kiwi than this - and our freakin’ awesome feijoa blend will really surprise even pickiest of tastebuds. A source of vitality originating out of China and Northern India, the sweet jasmine flower combines with proven life-giving green tea to produce a truly balanced refreshing elixir.

MORE2U brings you Raw, organic, unpasteurized cultured vegetables - Probiotic Foods for Health Cultured foods have been an integral part of traditional diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long and vibrant life.
Apparently our ‘bubblegum’ kombucha, Feijoa Booch® is just-sweet-enough using Fairtrade Organic sugar and to keep things ever-pure, Te Puna Wai Ora artesian aquifer water. Booch® is made with only the purest Fairtrade Organic sugar and Te Puna Wai Ora artesian aquifer water.
Iconic taste and just the right amount of sweetness from Fairtrade Organic sugar, swimming in the crystal waters of Te Puna Wai Ora artesian aquifer. Go back to your roots with our smooth tasting Ceylon tea, just a minimum of Fairtrade Organic sugar and the healing waters of Te Puna Wai Ora artesian aquifer.

Just the right amount of Fairtrade Organic sugar and mineral-rich artesian water from the Te Puna Wai Ora aquifer.

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