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Eating fermented foods have long been known to be good for your health, although it seems to have been forgotten by the majority of people, most have never heard of it.  Fermented foods have been a part of people’s food culture in Eastern and Northern Europe for centuries, – it’s an excellent way of preserving foods and extremely nutritious, a welcome added bonus! Your gut is home to a wealth of bacteria, both good and bad, – which outnumber the cells in your body by at least ten to one. Just one quarter to one half cup of fermented foods, eaten with one to three meals a day, can have a dramatic, beneficial impact on your health—including potent detoxification from toxins and heavy metals. While you can do wild fermentation, which is allowing whatever is on the vegetable or fruit that you’re culturing to just naturally take hold and culture the food, this method is very time consuming.
Although you can use a crock pot, Caroline Beringer recommends culturing your veggies directly in the glass Mason jars, which eliminates the need for a crock pot and eliminates a transfer step in the process. 3.    Pack the veggies and celery juice along with the starter culture, such as kefir grains, whey, or commercial starter powder like our Complete Probiotics, all of which can be used for vegetables) into a 32 ounce wide-mouthed canning jar. 5.    Seal the jar store in a warm, slightly moist place for 24 to 96 hours, depending on the food being cultured. Instead, always use a clean spoon to take out what you’re going to eat, then, making sure the remaining veggies are covered with the brine solution, recap the jar. 3.    You can use red or green cabbage, but make sure they’re hard and heavy, with densely packed leaves.
7.    When adding aromatics, such as onion, garlic and ginger, remember that fermenting increases the flavor multiple-fold, so a little goes a long way.

8.    Onion tends to overpower, no matter how little is used, so Caroline doesn’t use it in any of her blends.
For those of you that are unfamiliar with Kombucha, it is an ancient Chinese brew made by fermenting tea with a live culture of yeast and bacteria.
Although there have not been any scientific research studies performed on humans, Jay and I figured that if it has been around for over 2000 years, there must be something to it. Jay really wanted to take a stab at making his own, so he ordered a Kombucha starter kit from Amazon just to see how it all worked. The instructions that came with the starter kit were very straightforward, and we had our first batch brewing in no time. Our second attempt was successful, and after around 10 days we had Kombucha that actually didn't taste half bad!
We bottled our Kombucha in some plastic PET bottles that Jay had on hand from an old beer-brewing kit, and they are currently sitting at room temperature for the next 24 hours to increase carbonation. The foundation of great health, physical and mental as well as emotional, is to maintain the perfect balance between the good and bad bacteria. Inoculating the food using a so-called starter culture speeds up the fermentation process, so that you can start eating your fermented foods soon! This also allows you to make smaller batches, and it eliminates the presence of wild yeasts which can occur when using a crock.

This is used as the brine, as it contains natural sodium and keeps the vegetables anaerobic. Follow me as I explore new recipes and ideas to live a happy, healthy life and kick cancer's butt!
A few medium-size cloves is enough to infuse a dozen jars or more with a mild garlic flavor.
Wakame and sea palm, which do not have any kind of fishy flavor, need to be presoaked and diced into desired size.
Mercola) hope to have our new starter culture which is optimized with strains of bacteria that will make high doses of vitamin K2 sometime in early 2013 assuming our testing goes well.
And as for the laundry detergent- I've been thinking about making that exact recipe for a while now. The key to healthy digestion is maintaining the proper balance of intestinal flora, the live bacteria that reside in your gut.

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